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Is "the Following" The Last?

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I was just wondering if The Following was the last big leap for the Dying Light game. Yeah, it had a huge leap with new maps and big patches, coming in all at once.


But is this the last? Of course (I hope) you won't just say "The Following" is enough, no more patches, you'll obviously do some here and there, but is "The Following" The Last map we'll get?


If so, understandable, 2 small maps and 1 big one the size of the last two. But I was thinking more like adding more to do after you beat the game(killing zombies is a bit dull after beating game),adding better zombies, and no I do not mean like the resized Demolishers. I mean zombies as different and new as the Volatiles, demolishers(when they were new), and chargers(I think is the name?). Was wondering if there'll be new zombies like:


Crawling zombies(crawls on floor, appears dead at first), 

Jumpers(cannot run, only slowly walk, but can jump very high and far)

Spider Zombies( zombies that mainly stick to walls and stay in high places, primarily alone and has 2 arms with 4 legs)

Camping Zombies(They usually camp under pot holes in cities, waiting for you to come by, as you approach, you'll probably see a pot hole lift a tiny bit with green eyes glaring at you, you could avoid it, or jump on top of the pot hole to push it back down) -- This would be a great zombie to add

Stealth Zombies(they HATE to be seen by their prey, if they do, they run away temporarily, but you can spot them by turning around and seeing them(if your lucky) or use survival sense every so often to see if there's an eyeball behind youeyeball symbol means a zombie is stalking

Launcher Zombie(Sticks it's tongue out a distance and wraps it around your body and drains health, you can get out by pressing X and stabbing tongue, or completely avoid it by dodging or slicing at it with a sharp object while tongue is coming toward you.)


Anyone else agree with these zombie ideas?


Volatiles and the big zombies are great and stuff no lie, but they're kind of limited things that aren't much of a threat and easy to get away from (besides volatiles of course, but they're only a threat at night). I suggested these zombies to keep people from getting bored of the same old zombies. These zombies will add a bit of challenge to the world.


And I was wondering if adding more to do after finishing game is possible? Killing zombies are boring. I don't want to suggest everything, hopefully Techland comes up with a great idea of their own.


Final question(and most important) -- Techland, do you listen to our suggestions? (Just wondering)

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