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Too Many Problems

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Every time I get on this game, there's something else wrong. I was about to get into doing multiplayer stuff since I beat The Following, and yet I can't have fun when I'm not getting XP. My whole thing with games with online is I level up before playing, so to get good at the game and have a fighting chance. It seems that every time I don't play the game for a day or sumn, less and less things give you survivor points, that are supposed to give you survivor points, because since ya'll added the annoying Lose Points for Dying feature, and its really easy to beat the game and still not be leveled all the way up with the main skill tree's. 


First it started off as Bilar or whatever the quartermasters name is, will not give points for turning in drops... Literally the only point drops are still in the game.


Second; Small things started to not give points, like saving survivors sometimes won't reward you at all


Now Third; I was just getting on literally just to drive the buggy at night and level up my survivor points by surviving the night, the main way to get survivor points in the whole game, survive the night, and guess wtf happened. I went out in my car for the majority of one night, I ran over zombies and volatiles without dying once, escaped several level 3 chases and one level 4 chase, and even leveled up my Legend once, got to the safe house around 4:30am in the game and figured it wouldnt be worth losing all the points, so I slept to gain all the survivor points, and got no such points or even Legend points. Nothing. Nada. No chupacabra what so ever. Just the feeling of being chupacabra on.


This is just one of several problems, I've made other posts about bugs, and haven't heard about a patch yet. Thus I'm not gonna play the game at all until I see Dying Light Update Installed on my PS4. I love the game, and its probably the best game on modern consoles, I've said it several times, so not to sound like I'm coming down or anything, but I don't see a point in continuing playing until these simple, basic functions of the game are fixed.


List of problems encountered:

1. No survivor points rewarded in The Following from basic functions of game listed above

2. Survivor Points lag and sometimes don't get rewarded at all or not until 3 hours later

3. Must deliver drops in OG game to get Drop points

4. AI Character glitches in movement and appearance (only seen when playing in multiplayer)

5. Mission Going Postal is not complete-able considering when I try to unlock the van, every, single, time, I open it just to find another set of the same doors, with the same license plate, except you cannot open the door, so you can't get the package and complete the mission. I picked up keys from the store and from the dead guy behind the van, and still this happened.

6. Controller to game doesn't work sometimes Ex:Trying to jump up a building and Crane either won't grab the ledge or doesn't jump to grab it, really can't say if its the game or the controller though


These problems are essential to me not playing the game because they all relate to the game's main functioning, level all the way up, and then do multiplayer stuff

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* PS4 Version *


The mission "Going Postal" is indeed bugged! The part where you leave the main town area and have to search a van on the highway. Opening the back of the van makes the doors open but there is another set of doors which remain in place and cannot be opened.


* Workaround - Going Postal *


There is however a workaround. If you kneel down and sneak round to the rear right wheel and look under the wheel arch you will get the option to grab the package hiding in the back of the van. Using your survival skill will highlight where you need to look and where the package is.


As for the rest of the game, I can confirm this is the only mission I had problems with during the campaign. However, the multiplayer (pvp) part of the game is where the vast majority of Dying Light's problems exist. Most notably, crashing of the client and also serious frame rate issues. The frame rate issues become so severe at times that it is literally a slideshow. I am of course refering to gaming with others at night and during the Be The Zombie gameplay and zombie invasions.


* Controller Issues? *


No issues for me, the parkour can be a bit wonky at times but by and large it works quite well.


Still a great game but is severely hampered by the above problems.

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