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100% Completion The Following

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You mean totally 100%? So you have done:

All main stories, all side quests (includes finding missing persons) and also deliver letters to people you find in post quest thing.


Have you cleared all volatile nests? Explored whole zone and rock?

Have you jerk off in middle of field while standing on haystack?

Done all safe zones, even ones from quests

Have you fully upgraded your buggy, you need military experimeny recipes for the best ones.


Etc etc :D

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I wonder if collectibles count? I don't think they did for the main campaign (the zombie statues and the flags).


I'm at 100% Story, but only at 98% Completion.


I'm only missing 1 Note/Letter (the one after Doctor's Note #4 and before Survivor's Note #1). And for the other collectibles I have 46/50 racing trophies, 20/20 masks, and 43/50 flags.


I've been holding onto the hope it's collectibles, since I've been all over the map and cannot find anymore side quests (except for the mysterious rock Easter Egg thing...but like others I'm stuck on 14/15 rocks).

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Well, for completed quests/challenges this is what I have listed on my character:


(I'm sure I've also completed all the "Missing Persons" objectives that do not get listed on the Quests tab)


Finished Story Quests


The Following

At the End of the Tunnel

The Gathering

Stranger in a Strange Land

Gaining Credence

Kaan & Able

The Way Out

A Time to Scatter Stone

The Fate of the Fool

An Unfinished Story




Finished Side Quests


Run, Bolter, Run

Buggy Grail

The Mechanic


The Thrill of the Chase: Wishing Well

The Thrill of the Chase: Sea From Way Up High

The Thrill of the Chase: A Rocky Riverbed

The Thrill of the Chase: Six Feet Under

The Thrill of the Chase

Rocket Waggoon

Secret Project

The Great Train Robbery

Crash Boom Bang

Burning Rubber

We Don't Go There Anymore


Well That's a Cave

Strange Noises


Exercises in Futility

The Ties That Bind


Radio Boy

Power to the People

Two Roads Diverged

Ascend Over Flesh

A Letter to Eylem

A Letter to Sera

A Letter to Polat

Down the Rabbit Hole

Heart of Darkness

Going Postal


Completed Challenges

Burning Rubber

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Can't get 100% too. I'm stuck at 98%. Did all Side missions, Story missions, racing challenges, missing persons, i don't know what to do else :/


Is there a guide for collectibles like notes alfready ? That's maybe the only thing left.

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Also stuck at 98%. Done all the main quests, side quests, missing persons, unexplored areas, volatile hives, races, legend 250, driver level 24, all safe houses (to my knowledge). I don't know what else to do. Collectibles never counted toward 100% in the main game.  

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