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Stealth Not Possible - Bandit Ai Needs Patching Man!

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Techland so need to tweak the AI of the human enemies.... Stealth is almost impossible.



It would be so easy to dial down there vision radius and tweak the Ai to something more realistic. It just feels unfair at present.



Once Ai enemies go into ALERT mode they simply KNOW where you are in a cheating computer game kinda way....

It makes it not fun, and given that there's so much emphasis on fighting Bandits in the Following, this problem become far more pronounced than the base game.


Also I've noticed enemies just focus on you both Bandits and Zombies. They don't attack each as much.. Where as in the base game, you could lead a load of vitals into a base of bandits and they would start fighting!

This Bandit fell off the wall of the compound and was trying to attack me, but the zombies that were around him didn't attack him but simply focused on me...

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