!spoiler! Found A Drawing In A Safehouse In The Following

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Traveling through the Country side and found an odd Drawing in one of the safehouses. It's in the attic of the safehouse. Someone helped me saying that it needs Glowing Rocks. Went and found one of them at the Dam and you can place it on it. Anyone know anything of this? I cant find anything to do with this online.


Any other further information:


-My gamertag is: bushcatcher on XBOX ONE.

-Made a video of it on youtube: https://youtu.be/prq-RIl91hc

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You need 15 unknown strange rocks. I have found 3 its so goddam hard


OMG 15?! i found one in the hive u need to clear out for Ezgi and her GF.

its in the very end of that tunnel.

Lets exchange information,guys.

Where's that safehouse?



*just so not to ruin everyone's fun for a surprise,we can exchange info through forum MSG.

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