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Could someone please let me know or tell me (aka the developers hopefully) or anyone else if there is mouse enabled Steering for the buggies!! I am a disabled gamer and I am severely lacking fine motor dexterity in my hands (think flippers) and I use the keyboard in combination with a Kensington optical 4-button trackball mouse it works on GAMES amazingly as long as the developers use their brains and make games that the mouse can be implemented with. Unfortunately most developers don't give a damn chupacabra about disabled gamers because we are a very limited minut minority market which gets me really pissed off. Because let's be honest it's really damn use the word chupacabra simple to make a game that has a vehicle in it and steer the damn thing with a trackball mouse. Yes I am looking at the developers that made Arkham Knight great game even though there was a lot of chupacabra bugs but you didn't use your brains and you can steer and control the Batmobile when it's and tank mode with trackball but as soon as it goes into pursuit mode Year SFOOL!!!! Which means they made close to $80 almost $100 on me and unfortunately I can't even play the game properly. So as you can see I am going to be extremely angry and disappointed and probably will start boycotting Techland because let's face it this will be their third game technically (when you include Dead Island, Dead Island Riptide, and then dying light the following that does not care about its disabled gamer market. Now I know we are in a huge market but that doesn't matter what matters is it is a simple fix that no one thinks about I am letting you know right now it is easy and it helps a lot of people please for the love of Gaming everywhere be the good company that does it!!


Thank you and my apologies for swearing,



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