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Ammo Of Various Types Disappears

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Good day, love the game, have been playing for quite some time. But there are two (3?) issues I would like to address.

1)I've recently unlocked Bozak Bow and have experienced such parts in the game where no arrows are left stuck in enemies at all. I was doing the escort salesman quest and all of the arrows that hit the zombies just vanished. They disappear throughout the entire game on regular basis, just not THAT often.

2) The entirety of my firearms ammo disappeared after going to Bozak. And it's not the firs time it's doing it. The same happened before I started doing Bozak too. I've been doing some challenges, yes. So ammo for that weapon type could have been wasted, But pistol ammo disappears too. Really annoying.


3) On PC arrow inventory doesn't always come up when you hold R. Same goes for quick arrow change. It's really inconsistent.


Also how the heck are we supposed to get electric arrows from Bozak? I get one regular arrow pack spawn per 10 runs.


Sorry if this is a double, I searched "arrows" first.

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