Nightmare Mode Has Breathed New Life Into This Game!

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Now I am with the folks that still feel it should be tweaked a bit more, and it's not perfect. I would have like a option menu like Far Cry to turn off or on what I wanted...




I have to say the stamina, the fact that the zombies can take a lot to kill - the harsh penalty for death losing all XP etc.... For the very first time I felt the thrill of finally breaking a sweat, feeling like I was truly trying to survive, and brilliantly..... Finally...... Actually finding myself running away from zombies.... First time!!


Thanks to Nightmare Mode - I'm finally getting the experience I craved since this game came out!! SURVIVAL !!!


It really has changed the game .....



Oh and THANK YOU that ammo is now purchasable in shops!!!! Ahhhhhhhh.... I like to vary the combat by playing with guns! And finding ammo on HARD MODE was Just impossible!!!! How many Police vans did I loot to find NO ammo... Rubbish!

Maybe make ammo a bit more expensive?



On a side note tho --- //

I just wish they would tweak the bandit AI which is simply ridiculous... They can take inhuman amounts of punishment, bullet or arrow to the head, surging being dropped kicked off a 3story building!! It's needs to be updated...

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Right it's a great way to level up your legend levels although u have to be very cautious as to not die mid game- it will reset current exp collected back to 0. 


I love that u can't just do what u want and can't roam freely without a proper plan. I'm half way through the main story but i will focus on side quests and unlocking things in the game before completing it and yes, all while in the nightmare mode! Thanks Techland :) 

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I love that there's loads of Virals and even normal zombies change into Virals during the day!!


Because it's so much fun when you're under pressure, chased down by a pack of zombies.


I love that zombies take some serious punishment before they go down. I almost would like a mode where anything less than a head shot or cutting the head off will kill zombies....



This game is such a kick a$$ game. Bravo Techland Bravo!!

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