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Frame-Rate Spikes (To 16Ms) Still Not Fixed On Ps4

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So I'm covering Dying Light again and was hoping I'd be surprised and find this issue fixed, but it's still there.


If any developers are reading this, I would love to hear from you on this matter.


The issue can be observed upon reaching the roof during the tutorial but mostly occurs indoors.


Basically, when the rendering load drops enough, the game starts spiking to 16ms (or 60fps) in short intervals. Looking towards the sky or exploring any of the indoor locales tends to cause the issue most often. The result is that the frame-rate appears to skip and stutter horribly when, in reality, it's not actually a loss in performance at all. 


A simple hard cap at 33ms should be all it needs, right? It's an issue that makes many sections of the game (such as the school) feel absolutely awful on PlayStation 4.


You can emulate the effect on a PC by using a double buffer v-sync setup on a GPU that isn't strong enough to hold 60fps. The game will ping-pong between 30 and 60fps (halving the refresh rate, basically) resulting in a jerky experience just as on PS4.


There's so much good stuff in here and I feel like this ONE fix could make the PS4 version a nearly perfect console version of the game.

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