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Techland Really Needs To Tweak Rais Men / Bandits

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This is in the CORE GAME - I haven't played the Following yet...



Seriously a bullet or an arrow straight to the head should kill them...


They take as much punishment as the zombies. I dropped kicked a guy off a 3 floor building in old town and he simply got back up when he hit the ground and started shooting at me....



It's simply ridiculous

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No I like Nightmare mode fine....


It's simply the human enemies are NOT realistic.... I shoot a guy in the heat with a bucket of with an arrow he SHOULD die.... Period.

From the footage I've seen - they do in the Following..... One shot to the head from the crossbow.



I mean I've seen bandits have a fire fight with Night time Volatiles and it took ages for the Volatiles to kill them..........?

It just isn't consistent with the rest of the game....

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