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6:13 AM 2/9/2016


I figured Id stop by Techland forums too after playing the new DLC reading the messages during the loading screen.  I didn't even know Dying Light had DLC to it till like 3 hours ago.  I don't know who made this game but I thought it was another game company in UK like Rebellion and Creative Assembly so I will say whats up to all of you in this part of Europe too (Poland).

The story is pretty obvious to see.....   for me it is.  I will probably be up all night for couple days trying to vet up my character while watching the story play out in this.  I already killed off Bozak or whoever that was in campaign.  Wasn't he in a side mission or challenges at the top of a tower?  Maybe it was someone else but I just found the other DLC on STEAM The Whorde of Bozak.


If you guys want to know a little about me just ask.  I don't do anything anymore and retired (former US Army infantry air assault 1-503rd when it was 2nd Infantry Division in South Korea) at age 31 (birthday is March 25th... HINT HINT HINT) you should already know the "story".  I didn't find out about this going on with media till after I got out of the US Armed forces and went through my own thing.  It feels like I woke up to a zombie apocalypse in the USA.  THIS IS JUST COINCIDENTAL so everyone reading this in the forums needs to atleast understand why Im like this towards the USA.  I didnt know Prince William and Prince Harry and the other Royals in Europe and Middle East are blood relatives to me till I got older and left the military.  Im liking the story to Dying Light and cant wait to see how The Following turns out and hope more is still coming.  Right now Im going through all kinds of chupacabra in the USA and I know they are lying to me out in public in the USA.  I don't talk to those guys in the military anymore okay?  I had this weird feeling they were on tv too behind my back and no one wanted to say anything.  Like I said Im not in uniform anymore or under contract I don't work for GRE.  Yes a lot of those guys are Special Operations and I think one of them switched over to SAS (he use to be 5th Group Special Forces) because of all of this chupacabra in the USA with me.


What do all of you call them?  4 Horsemen of the apocalypse?  Yeah I don't talk to those guys anymore but I know they can hear me talking.  The Payday group?


Im not going anywhere anytime soon.  Im staying here till this happens or might actually move up to Canada or go on vacation to Europe and never come back to USA who knows what will happen.  Prince William knows what I said out loud.  $100,000.00 a month for rest of my life part of a Royal Inheritance as a Royal Pension and the crown (power and authority in Govt) recognizing me as a Prince in Govt.  Theres a bunch of things going on with me behind my back in the USA and around the world.  Just be yourself if you see me online or downtown I don't look at myself as a celebrity either but it kind of happened.  NO IM NOT A HEROE so don't look at me like that I didn't do anything to be a heroe.  I was setup by "GRE".


I wanted to say thanks to all of you in the game corporations I just sit here and think about the first time I played a Nintendo as a kid you were there with me.  I didn't believe it either but yeah its me.  Its just a coincidence.  Im older now SO BE YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!


- HRH Prince Nicholas Samoan Prince of England

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