So... Why Is Duping Still A Thing In This Game?

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The are moderators on the forums and I've seen MANY people get warnings for telling how to use exploits, just be careful.

Copying files is not an exploit.


Exploiting is using holes or errors in software algorithms to your own advatage like log in into someone elses account or computer, modifying memory, injecting executables, stealing data, trolling or just do anything else.


Restoring unmodified save states does not involve any byte of DL code nor modifying any of DL data files. It's just a generic function that exists since first file based operating systems.


The only case when you can call tampering with save states an exploit is when you modify it in a way that will allow you for e.g. to run included code (often used to hack consoles) or glitch the game (and gain access to unaccessible content or broke game mechanics - you name it).

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