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Opportunity Sadly Wasted For Nhs

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Like a week ago I suggest this cool skill that makes you explode and cure cancer and sh*t, and one of the main usage would be to make a loud noise to attract virals or volatiles (buffed), then in the same thread SomeOldDude (actual username) told me  toxic bitters and hazard zombies when they explode they attract virals, so that seed stuck into my head and ask to myself "do they,...?", So I was playing last night and this player went total AFK and when I was about finish him suddenly remembered my doubt about attracting virals,  so I tackled him on higher grounds and spit on him the horde goo, as usual the hazard zombies came out and without killing him they explode, so after all the noise did something else came out? NOPE, I would have tasted with toxic bitters but couldn´t find one near, BUT there was a wooden roof, and you know what happens when you destroy one, so I destroyed the roof, and heard the noise of virals coming, BUT NO VIRALS APPEARED in the zone, you can make the test and you will get the same result at least on xbox one, so sadly as the tittle says hunters cannot call other zombies as a strategy even basic game rules (like noise) doesn't apply for them and it feels just so unfair that something that could turn into a good use of strategical environment gameplay went to "useless you get nothing good try boy".


I hope as I see this flaw does Techland and do something about it, so please if you agree with this post and want to improve BTZ gameplay share this post or up vote it I don´t know whatever it takes to at least it shows to devs, I really think this opportunity shouldn't be wasted, thanks for your attention.

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