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Wildlife Zombified

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I become a big fan of this game since I killed my very first zombie in the game, I bought season pass mainly because the ninja outfit and ever since that moment techland hadn´t stop surprised me with all the dlc content, and now with the big expansion of "the following" my hype is out of the charts, but when I watch the gameplay I noticed there is no wildlife even in the country side, imagine the following: You are in your boogie leaving all low zombies behind, and then a pack o 3-5 rotten wolves start chasing you at boogie speed! or listening the roar of a mighty zombie bear at 10ft away, mount caguars, spiders, crows that cant shred you at night if you are not in the boogie or in the light, I really hope to see some wildlife in the dlc to add more challenge, or at least another dllc of new enemies in the future, what do you guys think? (btw this is my very first post so if Im in the wrong place I would apreciate if someone copy and paste the suggestion in the right forum) thanks for your attention.

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