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[Suggestion] Once Humans Reach The Rank Of Ultimate Survivor, They Have A Small Chance Of Getting Any Of The 189 Other Gold Weapons As A Reward

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When I was ranking up my human, I initially thought my above idea was how I thought it worked, but I was saddened to find out that ranks are just superficial and meaningless. You know how many of the same 8 gold weapons I've gotten? Easily over 200 of the same useless weapons that immediately get thrown out. Give players a reason to keep playing the mode after they've maxed out their rank and gotten all 8 weapons available in this mode. They could have a rarer chance to drop and I would love to start collecting them. Lockpicking vans on hardmode is VERY tedious and grindy. No one wants to do that and I'd most likely just get a weapon I've already gotten from friends. The only real way to get gold weapons is everyone dupes them and passes them around. I want to earn them by fighting night hunters!


Also, I don't know this is a problem on any other platforms, but when I have connectivity problems trying to use matchmaking on PS4, my rank gets reset to prey. I've literally had to regain Ultimate Survivor 7 different times. Please fix that. I think it happens when I can't contact the Dying Light servers or PSN or something like that. Not really a tech guy but maybe your rank should be stored in your save data rather than on some server if that's how it works. I've never been reset on my Apex Predator so try to set the ranks to work like they do there.

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