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Virals Night Hunter

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I love playing as human against the Night Hunter but when I'm SOLO I have 4 Virals on me annoying the heck out of me.

I try to throw my flare but every time they hit me it cancels the throw, while this is happening the Night Hunter already recovered all of their energy, so the Night Hunter has an opportunity to pounce on me.


What also enrages me is the effing Grappling hook. I'm tagged by Horde Spit; quickly look for a roof, grapple on to it and it just DOESN'T WANT TO GRAB the damn ledge as I hold R1/RB and fall down back to the ground with the entire Horde under me.


Tackling is BS right when your mid-air after the Night Hunter has successfully knocked you back from a Ground Pound. Tackling should only work when the human is on their two feet.


The UV Spit Explodes too fast to be able to pull out flares and defend yourself.

I think they should rebalance the game if you're on your own.

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those zombies wouldn't become virals if you would camo up and simply walk around snapping necks BEFORE attacking a nest. you can even kill them with one hit of your grappling hook. don't worry though that's a common noob mistake. dodge backwards before throwing a flare, you wont get smacked by a zombie. usually you can tell if a hunter is moving in for a UV, just throw a flare first and always be UVing,  even while they are in UV block I like to be tapping my UV. your problem with the grappling hook is bad aim, aim higher.

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