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On 8/17/2018 at 4:46 PM, Renfur said:

These are not bugs or exploits. The game does not force you to get all skills. It is just using game knowledge instead of blindly purchasing every skill you see  

:lol: Yeah, that's why so many of us have been doing this since launch and why its been posted numerous times over the years, right? Wrong.

Their status as exploits depends on context: with some players/friends as hunter that have the experience to adapt and reply appropriately, no problem and you're right.

Is it knowledge available in hints or accessible to ALL players in game or in public? Can every experienced hunter adapt and reply? Was this use intended by developers and the community at large? I would say the answers here are less clear, which is why other players see that as another exploit and why - for now at least - it should be posted. It's questionable so thanks for sharing.

Note that I post today in more spamable short form for everybody here that has difficulty with long or full sentences. :huh:

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