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Rabid Squirrel

Map Sizes

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Hi all,


So I noticed Yesterday, while I was putting together a build for a map I am working on, that groups using base game assets actually take up space in your map folder.

As far as I can make of it, these groups scale in size depending on how many assets are contained in the group.


So I guess my question is really to the developers on this one:

  • If your assets are grouped do they make your mission file bigger?

I suppose that is a little vague... let's try an example to explain my question better:

  • If I place trees all over my map, and then place them all in a group called "TreeGroup001.eds". Then say there are 1000 trees in that group, would the mission file be smaller or the same size if I removed them from "TreeGroup001.eds" and placed them in group "Main"?


Thanks in Advance,



PS: I am not quite sure if I have explained myself correctly, so if you would like me to elaborate I would be happy to.

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It's doesn't really matter whether meshes are in groups or not. Files still must remember where all trees are. More over - when you create group you create new file and in map file you must have reference to that group so the total size of all files could be bigger.

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