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Simple Questions About Developer Tools

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Hello Guys,
first my english is not very good, so forgive me please.

I have some experience with modding/editor from the game "Blitzkrieg2" but it´s some years ago. 
I want to start a big map with some questions and more but this editor is new for me.
So, I will write here if I´ve some questions and I hope you can help me! :-)
I´ll write more questions downstairs in the comments.

1. How can I change the water height? (I build a new terrain block with a flat river and I want to put water there now.
2. How can I change shadow while edit terrain? Its very dark and I cant see the dark side.
3. Why there are not all buildings under Assets - builings? I need a old wood house :(
4. How can I make more ground textures like stones? (For the river)
5. How to copy & paste a group of objects? (I put gras,flowers and more in a group for a forest. How can I copy n paste them?)

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