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OK guys, is it me or has this already been pointed out before. I just got back into the game after not playing for a while. I started on the second floor of the tower and noticed something shining in cranes room when I went in to put on my hard earned mr skeltl costume. After a closer examination, I noticed that I had snagged a piece of the meteorite that I went looking for earlier when I did the quest for the one guy that gave me that useless gadoid gun. With that in mind, I explored the room and discovered that many significant quest items and other items have appeared in my room that I have never noticed before. Even got the Ray McCall action figure working and the master sword on display right above.


I don't know if this has been noticed before or not, but I just realized it. Thought I should share whether it's news or not.

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This probably isn't new to most, but for me, I only noticed the meteorites. Only now I realize it's one of those "progression" rooms. It's details like this that make the game so good.


'Lotta cool stuff in there. Photos of the various enemy types, a map of the Slums, the exploding teddybear. Huh, this gives me more incentive to do the side quests now since I missed this the first time around.


Thanks OP.

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