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Daily Night Hunter Activities

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For any one who doesn't see any thing wrong with the clips here's a list:


Clip 1: I tried to tackle the guy but for some mysterious reason it completely was just cancelled out by his taclke.


Clip 2: I ground pounded next to the guy but since my nest was in the way it never reached him even though I was in radius to land one.


Clip 3: I some times swear to god the range on melee weapons is ridiculous to the point where this dude wasn't even facing me and the end of his sword some how hit my body.


Clip 4: Since day one that this game came out I've always wondered why my ground pound couldn't connect to a guy that was like inches above my head to stop a rain from above.


Clip 5: Jesus Christ I don't know if any other platform has this same problem of people glitching through walls but good lord why should this even be possible in not one area but multiple areas to glitch through the walls and floor.

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Yep, still taking similar damages on PC.  I was killed once when the survivor was on a floor below me and swung at the ceiling.  The weapon reaches through the ceiling to hit me.


DFAs come from heights only slightly higher than level with the NH.

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