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Can You Spot What's Wrong With This Clip

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Can some one tell the 2 things that are clearly just wrong here.

This should be the official trailer for the "be the zombie" gamemode, lol


The sad thing here is that its not only unbalance issues, the game has a shittone ammount of problems, like bugs, optimization issues (as all techland games apparently are console ports), game-breaking lag, exploits and so on. The unbalance thing is just the tip of the iceberg, this game is fun for casual games, but if you actually want to get a good match you better go play Counter Strike Global Offensive or something like that.


But yeah, game has great concept, good Singleplayer experience (as bugs, explots etc are not so annoying in singleplayer) but has a terrible multiplayer experience, as all those things that dont matter that much in singleplayer all come up in multiplayer, like hackers, item duplicators, etc.


They should make a reset on inventories so the item dupers have to be legal again or something as now its just stupid.


But still they wont do it, the game is pretty much dead anyways, why even update it.

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