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Is it actually possible to create dialog while an npc is doing an animation? if so can i please request a tutorial please? The main idea is to have the option npcs talk before giving you the quest.


Thank you! 

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I would like to ask a problem I am facing with a simple quest where you only need to go to a Spawnpoint.

The problem is that when I compile, it says "Cinematics used in paralell quest!" and don't really know what does means and how to fix it.

However the validation of the compilation is ok and no errors are given.

Then when I go to the game there are no quest in the map or either in the inventory.



1-First of all I deleted the "Kill_and_run" xml and psxl files quest example from quest/map folder and I don't know now if that's causing any problem.

2-Spawnpoint in the game is named Quest_01_G and class is Spawnpoint.
3- Text_steam_workshop.scr contains:


!String(s, s)

// Example map texts
String("Quest_01_Name", "Finding a refuge.")
String("Quest_01_Type_Name", "Urbanization Demo.")
String("Quest_01_Description", "You need to find a safe place!.")
String("Quest_01_Type_Description", "Last Quest.")
String ("Quest_01_Name_Go", "Go to a safe place!")
String("Quest_01_Final", "Feel free!")

the quest inside the editor structure:



QuestDefinition -level=example
    quest Quest_01 
        ,goto <<Go back>> SpawnPoint Quest_01_G -distance=5 -obj=&Quest_01_Final&
    quest Quest_01_Final -parent=Quest_01 -final=true 
        ,wait <<Wait 5 Seconds>> 5
        ,semaphore <<No credits>>

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