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Techland Loses Me As A Customer

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Long story short. I needed to climb one more kilometre to get the "Mount Everest" trophy, which is also my last trophy for the platinum (PS4). They release a new patch and it wipes all of my statistics. This is the second time all of my stats have been wiped, so I decided to contact customer service. They basically said I needed to start from scratch and grind it out. Repetitively climbing almost nine kilometres in-game would take about six hours. Six hours of doing one thing over and over. Almost a full work day!


No thanks. Techland has lost me as a customer. I'm not one to make a big stink about things like this, I usually keep my comments to myself, but over the last few years we've seen some of the shoddiest and most broken games ever put out. I'm over this trend and a simple "sorry" doesn't cut it in this instance. I know other people are in a similar boat and I don't think it's right that the customer gets shafted.


Anyway, after a two week long conversation and sending them captured video of my game, this was their final response.


Techland response:


"Dear SynthR,

In that case, you would need to complete that particular trophy one more time. Once more, we are sorry for the inconvenience.


Best Regards

Grzegorz Krawczyk, TECHLAND



My Response:


"I appreciate the help over the past two weeks, but that response is unreal. You're asking me to grind out a trophy that will take at least six hours of doing the same repetitive action without offering any other form of compensation? I'm sorry, but I won't be supporting Techland in the future. Your company has released two patches that have ruined my Dying Light experience. That's a huge inconvenience and blunder on Techland's part, not mine.


Good night and good luck with future games."

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I couldn't agree more.  For every patch they put out to address issues, they break even more that was fine before, just overall terrible game design techniques.  Then they just leave the customers to have to deal with the fallout, they take no accountability on their end.  That and the shoddy DLC offerings that have been offered are no fun, just aggravating, half assed, glitchy attempts at money grubbing.


My money like Elivis has left the building...

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It's 2015. They should have a way to determine what you had accomplished in the game, and a way to restore it for you, pain free.


I'm nowhere near as deep into the game as you, but I've had technical issues and frustrations as well, and I'm seriously considering removing this game and getting a refund.

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