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Techland Make Ur Game Balanced For chupacabra Once!wtffff

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Do your really ignore all these post of the same thing saying this is annoying the uv light yet to be touched 3 weeks after ur chupacabra so called dlc the bows still one shot MP DEstroying machine HUmans still op they still have insta 1 hit kills and 1 hit kill moves this is retarded make ur game balanced its chupacabra stupid ur pc community is dying its filled with cheaters in almost every single game yet u say theres no proof but have videos of videos of videos and other people telling you that these people indo fact cheat hack change your game to something that insures them to win so wtf??? why are u so stupid why are u like an abusive gf thats pretty to look at but ur just a nasty mess inside this is insane i really hope when steam issues a refund system i get my money back on this and buy fallout 4

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Maybe your just not a good hunter, some hunters like Touka, kimchi, toxik, boobafinno... (list goes on) can handle the dlc bow.


To break the bow down for you:

- It is fairly difficult to get a direct hit

- If not used correctly you just end up killing team-mates, yourself, or causing yourself to die by being knocked down

- 1 direct hit doesn't always mean instant k.o

- 1 explosive arrow causes 3 explosions, each explosion is split 1-metre radius, and deals approximately 1/3 hp.


Therefore, unless you're standing still, or moving forward in a straight line at someone firing arrows at will die in 1 hit, or sometimes 2.


So, it is not op. You're just either missing your slams which now you get penalized for, or your running in straight lines.


Also, i doubt there are many cheaters -- in-fact there's only a small minority of them, perhaps your just butt-hurt and think anyone who beats you is a cheater.


Anyone who is 1 hitting nests with the bow is a cheater -- because bow is the least efficient weapon at nests. i'll also like to point out, whilst im posting this, that there are 3-4 cannisters usually around the nests, and using them and killing nests in 1 hit isn't cheating. I've had a few hunters think im 1 hitting nests with the bow, when in-fact its explosion from cannister.

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Xia it's kinda hard when you have no UV blocks and can only limp.

Then level up your hunter, its like saying nerf hunters because newb humans cant beat them....ofc they can't, because they're new, and don't know how to counter it. Same applies for hunters, want to counter bow, level up, or be a good hunter.

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Then level up your hunter, its like saying nerf hunters because newb humans cant beat them....ofc they can't, because they're new, and don't know how to counter it. Same applies for hunters, want to counter bow, level up, or be a good hunter.

im pretty sure your quoting console player you dont know the fustration of the pc community right now hacks are very common and this bow with an aimbot is just nasty you cant win dont mix ur console worlds with pc they are two different thing we will not always have the some problems aka ps4 xbox pc they will all have their individual down sides and ups dont blame the world that i play in on my im already maxed rank apex predator so im pretty sure im not bad because this game fairly boring beside the horrible unblanced issues that are constantly flooding this game i mean christ the uv light still not nerfed from what they wanted it to be from the patch "DLC" bozak horde thing it was supost to cost more to activate and range was reduced

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Then level up your hunter, its like saying nerf hunters because newb humans cant beat them....ofc they can't, because they're new, and don't know how to counter it. Same applies for hunters, want to counter bow, level up, or be a good hunter.


I'm sorry but the balancing issues goes much deeper than simply the bow. and of course I can agree to some points, for a new hunter/ survivor. the opposing enemy might seem impossible, because they simply aren't good enough to handle the techniques and playstyles the experienced players are using.  


And the same does NOT apply to hunters against humans. The humans are OP, or else there wouldn't be just NH players frequenting the BtZ forum repeatedly requesting balancing changes. There have been several exclusive survivor players on this forum wanting to give the night hunter a buff. because they didn't have fun with the challenge the current night hunter gave them. 


The night hunters struggle against experienced players is simply not fair! We have a very limited arsenal of skills we can use to defeat the survivor. Which of course can do the job IF you play absolutely perfectly all the time, one misstep from the NH and you're either dead or have at least a 30 second wait before you can do the same attack again. For the NH getting ONE kill is a long power struggle consisting of outsmarting the survivor completely. and even if you manage to do that, one missed ground pound and you're instantly dead. it requires so much more finesse and strategy for a night hunter to take down a survivor it's rediculous. especially considering we have to make every skill and ability count. because of the long reload times of spits. 


Survivors however, requires much less finesse, against a fist fight survivors are guaranteed to win. if the night hunter manages to chip off most of the survivors damage, the survivor can dodge spam away and use medkit. if there are 2-4 survivors. the BOW is OP as kurczak there is nothing more to say to you, unless you have played as a night hunter yourself, and met a good survivor. I urge you to try it though, maybe it will change your perspective on things ;) as a person who has done both, I can tell you the way MP plays now survivor is OP

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I play on the PC, and met my fair share of cheaters. In fact i've beaten hunters who've have speedhacks, never tire and unlimited health. Players like touka and boobafinno are harder than those type of players.


I've played NH, and about 1000+ games as survivor. So ofc ive met both good survivors and good hunters. And i can tell you, from my experience, there are about 7-8 hunters out there who can actually deal with the bow, let alone 4v1 situations relatively easily.


Survivors do have it slightly easier than hunters. I'm not contesting that.


You can nerf the bow, but if its going to take more than 2 arrows to kill NH, its not even going to be worth it.


As for "aimbots" - i've only seen one. You sure you're not just facing a good survivor? I've been called an aimbot multiple times and i don't. As boobafinno calls it, "Robin hoods". I've played about 600 games with the bow vs. hunters, so i'm pretty efficient with it now. However, I find myself not using it as much anymore.


Regarding Night hunters....mutation 3 max level you have a lot riding for you. Just remember that the majority of hunters out there are facing survivors who are max arguably if a non-max level hunter is facing max level survivors its only natural you'll lose or it will be challenging.

At max level hunters have so much riding for them such as:

- horde spit, still buggy and almost certainly gets a kill

- uv spit, again, guaranteed kill in most situations, however arguably in 3v1 / 4v1 games can be tough.

- normal zombies / goons at nests - these can stop flares, arrows, attacks, and generally just be a pest.

- poison spit - this is pretty op if you're trying to revive a team-mate. guaranteed kill?

- spam smash and tackle - really hard in 1v1 / 2v1 situations to counter. depends on how good hunter is

- uv block ,  survival sense spit.

Now, i do agree hunters need a boost, but dunno what sort of boost, maybe more claw damage for a start, uv spit to last longer.

Maybe make a new game-type where you survivors cant use survival sense, and their uv runs out faster. This can encourage a more sneaky gamestyle for hunters.

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sorry but ur quotes are all based on the human players bieng bad idk what ur talking about half the time sound like ur just spitting out ur butt ur pos stop posting

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Most hunters win their games, every hunter I've asked "do you win majority of your games" they reply so.


So, on paper, we have hunters winning majority of their games. Yet cry about survivors being op.


Conclusion? either facing bad humans, or survivors not op as they thought.


...and I don't think you even read my posts correctly, I'm actually indirectly agreeing with you that humans are op, and bow is op to a certain degree


But you're too blinded by hate to see that.


If I'm talking out my butt, then please as least reply with a post that doesn't look like it's written by a rage 12 year old, and back up your responses and invalidate my points.


Also, what is your name in-game dasorrow.


EDIT: just posted some ideas for be the zombie


Be the zombie ideas:

- Ammo for hard difficulty invasions in shops

- Force hard difficulty in invasions

- Improve claw damage

- Reduce UV durability

- Increase Hunter hp by 50-100

- Option to remove survivor senses to make more challenging

- Decrease %chance for gold weapons, its too high.

- More ranks after Ultimate survivor  /  Apex predator

- Outfit rewards for achieving various ranks at Be the Zombie (encourage more players)

- a UTAN system which kicks anyone using cheat engine

- Maximum flares thrown in Invasion to 15-20. (stop flare spamming)

- Fix AI for Horde, spawn underneath you, buggy, sometimes spawn on roofs and in safe zones

- Leaderboards for be the zombie



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Hi! first of all, here im frylander but my steam name is Touka, i state this as i have been mentioned in the post.


Now i will mention that i'm mostly a hunter player, i got to appex predator at the beggining of the game at launch with level 60, then after patch im now at mutation stage 3 and level, like 28 or something, so yeah i do play quite a lot hunter.


Also, i do play survivor too from time to time in hard, so i know how both ways go, kinda.



So this is what i have to say about the balance in this game.


First, ill say that yes, survivors are OP, us hunters winning most games doesnt mean the game is balanced, it only means that a bad hunter beats a bad survivor.


Then again, the problem here is that the skill required to play hunter its quite higher than the skill needed to properly play survivor, which is incredibly lower in my opinion. Specially having in mind that you at least ended the campaign, starting from a nice base.


After that, we zombies now level up much slower having to level up the skill tree 3 times in order to get 3 sily new skills to balance things a bit more, but still that is not enough in my opinion


So, what i try to say here is that, being hunter and playing against good survivors was just stupidly unbalanced, the game felt like a massacre towards me which is just pointless, survivors can focus only on killing nests while us hunters have to give the first step and advance to kill humans



That being said, if we try and kill the survivor, he has 9 lives remaining, while if we lose and die, the survivor usually kills a whole nest, meaning that us dying 1 time equals to losing 2 lives


Another point is, survivors playing in normal. Those survivors can heal hp from 100 to 200 very quickly, making therefore melee just pointless, and if they dodge all the rest and spam flares, etc is just almost impossible to try anything.


Meanwhile, if we fail a single ground slam, we are just dead, specially with the new OP bow that is out there and everyone seems to have.


What all that means is that, as i said, a hunter needs to be highly more skilled in order to perform well and succeed in winning, while the survivors can take lots more of mistakes with no repercution at all.



So after my explanation of what i think its unbalanced, i proceed to give ideas on how it could be more balanced.



As i argued with xiao, a good starting point would be forcing players to play on hard, therefore removing instant heals and making yet again melee worth trying.


Other things would be giving them more resources like the hunter has, maybe having a unlimmited ammount of flares that have a cooldown, meaning that you can have 3 at the same time for instance, and each time you throw one, it has to recharge just like a spit would do.


This way we wouldnt see massive flare spam like in 4 players coop games in which old town becomes flareland.


i think limiting dodge to 4 times may be too much, as a hunter myself i dont think any survivor can survive with only that, but limiting the flare ammount that they can provide forcing them to manage their resources in a more wiseful way is a better way to balance things out, as its more aproximate to what the hunter plays like.


There are probably more ideas that i just dont remember just now, but what is clear for me is that survivors are higly op right now (even though is only noticeable against good players), so i really hope for you to have this balanced, because i really like the pvp idea of the game (that is the only reason im still playing it), and i wouldnt like to quit it because of unbalance issues.


So yeah, that is pretty much my opinion though, from the perspective of being both hunter and survivor.


Hope for a reply on the matter




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