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Admit It, Techland Did A Good Job At Btz

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Hey everybody (devs, mods and other players) after months of playing Btz, I have concluded that Techland. You've actually done a really good job at be the zombie, Despite all the negativity projected in this sub-forum The recent patch might not have fixed everything, but you've taken a step in the right direction, I have complained about survivor being OP and needing a nerf myself. and that still might be the case on some points. but as I just reached the rank of juggernaut. which basically means you win much more than you lose. and as long as that is the case. It is far fetched to say the game is unreasonably unbalanced. 


The humans have some unfair advantages (i.e bow, death from above, dodge spam & UV distance) but I think you guys will do a good job balancing things further

The new features added to the night hunter helps the gameplay some. and I think this multiplayer game mode, might get a "cult status" some day, I just want to be one of the few spreading positivity about the game and saying that you've done a great job on this mode, and I hope you will continue making it even better


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