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All they're using to do this is a dev menu I think though I'm not sure about it.

And yeah you will run into cheaters and hackers from time to time there's no way to avoid them since the devs don't give a single f*ck about it.

I'm done here, my point was to explain to you how to avoid this you obviously didn't listen so good luck in the game, pal.

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so youre defending the fact they cheated the game by allowing 2 hunters in a single invasion just on the fact that you played with them before? im not exactly surprised. whether you like it or not, having 2 hunters in a game isnt allowed by the games vanilla rules, sure if they had kept this between people who knew what was going on that would have been all fine, but they intentionally went into games against players looking for a fair game just to have an unfair advantage.

what about having 2 hunters in a single invasion is okay?

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Dude, do you think we are the devs? I've been asking them to fix their broken online mode for years. I stopped playing because they never did. @Keenan has a point. Unfortunately games, so long as they are around, will have bugs and hackers and it's up to the devs to fix and maintain their game. Techland is notorious for not doing just that. So while your waiting for them to release a patch, which they may very well never do, do yourself a favor and take others advice as to how to avoid hackers and get around bugs.

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Lmao, Keenan is only telling you how to avoid it, your complains here wouldn't matter since devs are not trying to fix cheating. I like playing against 2 hunters, alone, I know I won't win, but I find it fun. If it's gonna be fixed (which it most likely wouldn't be) I would be sad. I agree that they shouldn't invade random players, but it's a good challenge if you like it.

Ps. Keenan is a weeb.

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@CR-TeenyI'll chime in as someone who doesn't mod currently, and never hacked the game. I don't even use mod'd weapons in PVP period. I've been in a few of those 2 hunter rounds and only once did they ignore me about stopping. Every other time the players you've mentioned have been stellar coop players and did it to spice things up for a bit. 1ShotNoKill, Nubling etc, those are players I've enjoyed playing with for a while (normally I've not seen then mod'd during rounds I've played). 

Just saying there are some good players just having some fun. I've never really had much issue with people joining and doing that, normally I join their round and they are messing around, so try asking them instead of "reporting" especially if non-vac secured. Don't even waste time on non-vac secured. If you want no mods like that playing vac-secure gives you some footing at least. 

Good luck, just remember there are a few bad apples, but lots of really good players to enjoy it with.

@EricfernandezNot sure purpose of those post, as reporting in steam is one thing. Not sure devs are monitoring for banning players based on your input. Also, some of the issues you mention are not actual cheats, just annoying or part of the game. Spamming flares is perception many times, hiding when hit with a spit is a legit strategy if you can do it, etc. Not saying I wouldn't love a way to really track/report real cheaters or bad players, but not sure this thread will accomplish any of what you want

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@SpecterUnseen This was created as a way of monitoring the progress of the online mode for this game and hopefully to get enough momentum from people to get these problems noticed and fixed. No they do not monitor their site, clearly, and this was created years ago and is now largely unmonitored by myself and everyone else and mostly unused. I don't understand why you created an account to post a comment to an old thread telling me how useless posting comments and threads here is. 

See how I turned the tables? See!? Anyways, I was curious as to how they may have been doing this and what exactly was going on now, so I asked for more information and got a less than polite response not only to myself but also others who were trying to help. 

This thread is OLD when I originally posted flare spamming and the other issues were still very much a thing and may have been fixed since. But as I stopped playing the game and stopped keeping up with updates I don't know whether it was fixed since then or not.

I don't think the point you were trying to get across made it. Right now my perception of your comment is that it's a defense of the modders and hackers, as well as an attack towards me for reporting percieved problems that affect the community and opening the thread.

Am I right?

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Reporting players may be of no relevance to devs but it does help orient towards the kinds of usernames people like to join and/or avoid. And people keep switching names so the topic remains relevant for folks to not waste their gaming time, even if some of the concerns of @Ericfernandez have been met by devs in the meantime such as having decreased the number of camping spots (even if there still are a few left... heck, anybody that plays somewhat regularly will find new ones every week in game worlds of this size) and introduction of the time out system. 

The double hunter issue has been raised again here and like a moth to a streetlight: This should be a feature :D, at least for veterans who don't always care about wins and enjoy mixing up the game even if the opposing side is OP at times. This game has so many potential flavors, it is unfortunate to see everything locked down to the state of the current patch. Makes me wonder how awesome "DL - The Real Deal Patch" would look like: all the OP hunter stuff, super speed for hunter, GP spit, Itackle, double hunter invasion together with all OP survivor stuff of infinite grappling hook cooldown, old tackle, juiciest layout for combos... the works version. Full range of possibilities. As to the players running around and setting double hunter up for folks to try... they played decent/polite around me, so I can't relate to or comment on the complaints.

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No reason. I'm the editor.

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Hey guys nothing to see here.


No really, there's seriously nothing to see here.


Still nothing to see. Yo yo, I'm totally legit man.


Nothing fishy, no hack, no lie.


That feel can't even see the whole bar...


(btw he almost lost, had 1 life left, I pity the foo)



So that begs the question, what now, Techland? Am I supposed to fire up my own hacks to combat this? It would be trivial to find or write my own, but should I bother? I'm having fun playing the Night Hunter most of the time, balance issues aside. Then this clowncar of a moron shows up. Melee doesn't hurt him, only slams. Since I only just prestiged, I have nothing. I unlock a spit, it can kill him, pouncing can. But there's...that...UV!

Can't get away from it because he can stealth whenever he wants, and always keeps up with me. What a fun and exciting match. I think I'd rather bleach my arsehole with turpentine and light it on fire.

But...I just...O...o...

O lawdy, I just want to give the hummies some good ole horror night! Too bad at least 20% of people I encounter are suspicious and about 1 in 20 are like this. Kinda...ruins the mood. Especially those idiots using the exploits to backslide and sideslide and all other manners of stupidity. I mean, I know it's in the game but...holy hell in a handbasket, no please.

Anyways, hope someone laughed at this. I was salty for about...20 minutes and got over it. Have fun!



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I've got this fella who used fly hacks in front of me while I'm the zombie ban pl0x. I'll provide his steam link and evidence of him flying 


Steam Profile:

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I joined a game where a player had a huge jump boost, jumping extremely high up in the air. After a while of destroying him and his friend he decides to destroy all the nests using some sort of cheat. Literally 3 nests destroyed under a second. < Cheater's profile < His friend


I don't know if his friend was cheating or not, but I was trying to get a clip of the cheater using his jump boost and destroying all the last 3 nests instantly but my recording software wouldn't work

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PS4 player "ihaveNWORDPASS" without the quotation marks.


Player had destroyed 2 nests and had been killed by my NH 4 times, in Old Town. Right as I landed pounce attack for the 5th kill, on a rooftop, screen went black then Slums loading screen appeared.


My NH dropped into the Slums, but couldn't walk, run, spit, crouch, jump, melee, tendril, uv block, or look around. The HUD showed all 5 nests and 10 lives as full.

Player approached and ran around in front of me. The prompt for pounce appeared on the screen but wouldn't work.


Player ran off and started attacking nest, I still couldn't do anything so I just dropped out.


Could just be a bug/glitch but the same player seemed suspicious last night. They could dropkick me when I was mid-tendril four stories above them, reaching me from ground level in less than a second. They were also throwing out six flares in a row. It's been awhile since I played as human, but I don't remember either of those being possible.

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I would like to report two palyers. Here are their steam profiles.
The game was pretty sweaty, I was as a hunter. When they had 1 life left and I had 3 nest they just insta-killed all 3.

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