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The Problems I Have With Be The Zombie Mode.

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Personally, I love the game mode itself, I like the fact that people are able to defend themselves when they get grabbed by the Hunter. I like the fact that as a hunter you can swing around like Spider-man. However, there are some-things that ruin this game mode for me that make it undesirable to play.


- UV light has too great a range.

- UV spit is useless, nothing is stopping them from just putting down a flare or going to a safehouse.

- Nothing stops a player from inviting people to help them out when they see that they are losing.

- Guns make it a quick kill when you're out of energy and you're trying to get away.

- Horde spit is useless.

- Tackle seems to be dodged all the time

- Nests are too close to eachother.


So, those are only a few complaints I have with the mode, here are my solutions to the problem.


- Make the UV flashlight have a shorter life period and/or make it so that the further away the target is, the slower the energy drain.

- Disable safehouses at some point in the game and/or make it so that when the UV spit does explode on them they cannot put down a flare.

- Disable mid-game invites.

- Disable guns (including bow).

- Replace explosive zombies with a few infected.

- Have some-form of cool down on both the tackle and the tackle dodge.

- Distance the nests so that the human has to travel a small bit to get to another.


I personally feel these changes could help balance the multiplayer in my opinion.

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