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Okay, this post is meant to discuss Be The Zombie mode. I want to start by saying, this mode is dope. It definitely has the potential to start a new survival horror MMO genre. It has problems with match-making and balance though, and these flaws make an, otherwise great game mode, into an unplayable disaster. Now in my mind there are a few fixes.

1.) DO NOT SHOW LOBBIES THAT ARE ALREADY TAKEN: I spend more time trying to find a lobby that isn't full rather than playing the actual game. This is annoying, so if a lobby is full or already invaded, don't allow it to show up in find a match or try to connect you to it in Quick Find.

2.) Turn off invasion mode for players who do not use it: I can't count how many times I've been disconnected from a lobby by a player who does not want their lobby to be invaded, only to find myself reconnecting to the same lobby, or having it show up. Again, and again, and again in the find a match selection. After disconnecting so many times, just auto-turnoff their invasion settings, that way they don't show up as a match available for joining.

3.) Put in a penalty for players that consistently abort matches or just wait inside a safe zone for the duration of a match: Again, I can't count how many times I've joined a Lobby just to have the player abort the instant it starts or as soon as they die a couple times. If they want to quit out, fine, let them, but for the love of God, penalize them for it. Take away any XP they might have earned or decrease their XP for doing so. In addition to that, if it consistently happens then restrict their coop and multiplayer functions for a period of time to discourage quitting out of competitive play.

4.) reduce the range of the uv light or its use duration: with the UV being able to hit you from a mile away and seemingly having an unlimited battery supply, getting close to the enemy is not plausible, as they can spam the hell out of their survival senses and flash you the instant you're within twelve blocks of them. This is especially a problem when there is more than one player. This way they can have one person that keeps you several miles away while the rest go nest to nest without any problems. In addition to this, using spits on experienced players won't work very well as it takes a while to explode and the human is capable of spamming the dodge function, making it almost impossible to hit them with a spit to disable their UV light.

5.) Sweet baby Jesus it takes forever to respond, I counted a little over 15 seconds to respond, by that point the human could have destroyed a nest and then made it to the next one by the time you respond and are able to get to them. I understand the human needs an upper hand over the zombie, otherwise it won't be fun and nobody would enable invasions, but it's insane to allow them enough time to destroy 1/4th of the necessary nests in between the zombies spawns. Again, a problem because the human is able to destroy any chance of escape or attack through the use of the extraordinary range of the uv light, and then are able to kill you in 4 hits or less, depending on the weapon they have.

6.) put a time gap in between the humans (and zombies) use of senses: The human being able to constantly see you takes any sense of tension or challenge away from the game mode. The spit should only extend the time in which the human can't use their survival senses, not as the only way to disable their infinite usage of the sense.

7.) I'm not entirely sure how to solve this one, but the horde is ineffective, especially on old town because all the human needs to do is climb a ledge and wait it out, all the while using the uv light to keep you at bay. This destroys the purpose of the horde and enables experienced players to get on a ledge and spam their death from above ability. Again, not sure how it could be fixed, but it's a problem I run into CONSTANTLY while trying to use the horde to distract an enemy player.

These are some of the more major problems I've run into while trying to play this mode. This game kicks a** but there are some very serious imbalances in game, as well as connectivity and match making issues. And let's not forget the player abuse of the quit out options or their ability to refuse invasions, despite having the option on and showing up as an available lobby for invasion. I hope somehow this makes it to someone, because with some minor tweaking, this game mode option would be one of the best features of the game. Give the hunter a little more power and the human a little less. Not so much that the human is at such a disadvantage that no one wants to play, but the field needs to be balanced a little more because as of now, I spend more time looking for lobbies and getting continueslly blocked or aborted on. That or I'll get into a lobby with someone who doesn't know how to play the game yet and just get absolutely destroyed by invaders, OR I'll find a lobby with players that know the imbalances in the game too well and use it to easily murder the zombie. Some know these imbalances so well they don't even bother destroying the nests and just set up camp somewhere and farm the Hunters for experience and supplies.

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Most of these are known issues that have plagued the game since the beginning. I'll give my input on some of your points:


1.) This is most likely has to do with multiple hunters joining the same game through quick join than it does the game showing you false lobbies. The only way to prevent this is to refresh the list.


2.) This is entirely a user problem. I've run into people on other forums who are very particular about when they want to be invaded and get mad when someone invades them while they're "in middle of something" (even though they're the ones who turned it on and got sidetracked). The only way this would be fixed is if they made BtZ a standalone mode where everyone joins a lobby. That way people know exactly what they're getting into and can't blame distractions as a valid reason for quitting.


3.) There are safe zone and water timers in place. If they stay past the 2 minute timer than they automatically lose. The one drawback is this timer is easily bypassed with two or more players, one in water and one in a safe zone. I can't see them actually doing anything about ragequitters but at least you still get a rank up from the match if they quit.


4.) UV should be more manageable now with the nerf to start up cost. Best thing to do is bait them into wasting their charge by poking out of cover and taking a hit here and there. Once their low on their charge pop a UV block and get in close with one of your spits. Against multiple people I'd say use your UV block + horde spit and target the ones closer to the ground to make them scramble (your abilities recharge faster so you'll have more chances to do this). The only downside to all of this is the charge rate for the UV light. I haven't seen anything about increased cooldown so I assume that it still recharges faster than your energy does thus defeating the purpose of making them waste it in the first place.


5.) Respond time is less of an issue than it was before. When OHKs existed it was really a problem because one death = one nest destroyed. Now it's a lot more manageable and you still have a chance to defend after dying. My guess is they kept the same respawn time/distance because they need a way to punish the night hunter for dying since he has unlimited lives.


6.) There's a soft counter now to survivor sense via sense suppressor spit. Unfortunately it's a mutation level 1 skill so it's not immediately available. Once you do get it though it should make dealing with survivor sense a lot easier.


7.) Save the horde for when you have a UV block to go with it. Hit them with the horde, pop a UV block and punish their camping with ground pound. Once you're mutation level 2 you can do this risk free with toxic spit.


Overall the game is in a much better spot than it was starting off. These new abilities have the potential to really turn things around. The only problem is it's unlocked through a prestige system so it's going to take a lot of time and dedication before you can use the night hunters full potential.

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all your point are invalid patch has not fixed anything please post the specs of that specific fix i garentee u wont find anything between uv light  or spawns and yes spawns are so long it still garentees a nest kill survivor sense block is a joke does not last long enough for its cool down and one shot same for toxic spit not enough damage 1-2 dodges they are out of it again all these little distractions and not one solid fix to the humans just more bs for hunters as well as a new one shot bow

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I would post pictures but I don't know how. I sat for 3 hours and watched hunter after hunter get disconnected from a lobby that consistently showed up as a "best match." Just now I played a game in which the human camped in the tower for 7 minutes before I finally aborted. I spent 30 minutes trying to get into a lobby and was unable to connect to a single game. When I finally did, it was against players at far higher levels than mine. In addition to that the uv light lasts so long and reaches so far that it's impossible to escape once your energy is drained. Even the uv block won't protect you. Let's not forget the flares, so if you do happen to hit them with a UV block AND horde, they can easily just stay in the flare zone and gun down the horde until it runs out. FYI my uv block and horde duration are as high as the game will allow. Now in addition to this, you mention how you can use toxic spit and other things you unlock FAR into the game to attack the humans and prevent them from camping and constantly UV blasting you. I'm not quite sure how I'm supposed to level up if I don't have the skills to prevent such spamming and will only get it after I reach level 20 some, prestige, and then have to re-earn all of my skills, again. Also, I'd love to pop around corners and get UV blasted until they run out and then pounce them, but unfortunatly their UV battery generates FAR, faster and I can't emphasize FAR FASTER enough. Okay well that isn't so bad, just tendril yourself away and hide till they mess up somehow and then pop around the corner and pounce them. Well that doesn't work either because most of the time the human is chasing me all the while UV blasting me until I can't run, or jump, or tendril my way out of there, and from there they fly kick me a couple times (which is extremely hard to prevent, and I'm dead. Now that wouldn't be a problem if it didn't take a solid 15-20 seconds to respond. At that point a nest will, without uncertainty, be destroyed and they will be on their way to the next one, which is unfortunate for the hunter because when you spawn, you spawn as far from the nest as possible. Okay, well just don't die, blast them with spits and when you run out, wait a bit to blast them again. Well a bit is an understatement as it takes almost a minute to get your spits back, so at that point it's either, let the human kill you so you can get them back faster, or let them destroy nest after nest while you wait for your spits to regenerate. Oh and also, even if you do pounce them, if they happen to hit you AT ALL with the UV light, even during the pounce animation, you're screwed cause energy takes forever to regenerate, and it, ridiculously enough, throws you in such a way that you aren't facing the human anymore and they can, again, blast you with their UV, then fly kick you to death. I also found out that you can't really stand above them because some surfaces allow them to UV blast you threw it, then they grapple their way up and beat you senseless. Then their are lobbies that seem to be set up, almost to troll the hunters and they do that by keeping invasion mode on and then disconnect you the instant you try to connect, and, well, quick find is useless because it will connect you to the same lobby you got kicked from multitudes of times.

I'm not sure where these updates you're talking about are, but they certainly are not on the consoles. (I have a PS4) I actually had more luck connecting to lobbies and defeating the enemies BEFORE this update. I reached level 20 in a matter of a few hours over the course of a couple days. The update destroyed that save and basically put me back to level one. In addition to that, I've been stuck at level 11 for a solid two days because I either cannot connect to a lobby, or when I do I get my a** kicked so hard that I maybe, if I'm lucky, get a total of 200 experience a match. I'd have to play 10-15 or more matches in order to level up, which is not plausible because in order to get into a match I need to spam the X button while it's searching for matches and hope that maybe this time I'll either join a match that doesn't already have a hunter or get a lobby that doesn't disconnect you the very instant you start joining.

Log one- disconnected by Evil_X_Zz

Log two- Disconnected by Evil_X_Zz,

Log three- quick join, unable to join game.invasion

Log four hour 1- aborted by human. No XP gained

Log five- connection established. Player is several levels higher than me. Defeated. 200 XP for the round

Log six- disconnected by Evil_X_Zz

Log seven- disconnected by the-crow-man

Log eight hour 2- connection established. Aborted after player camped the tower for seven minutes

Log nine- quick join- game.invasion failed to connect

Log ten- connection established. Dropped due to Error (CE-34878-0)

As you can see I connected to 3 matches. One I got my a** handed to me, the other I had to abort, and then during the third and final one, the game shut down entirely. This mode at this point is unplayable. Leveling up isn't really plausible unless you already have a majority of the skills and are somehow able to connect to the game. This is something that needs to be fixed ASAP. I'm not sure where these updates disappeared too. I have a feeling they probably got to the PC but not the consoles, that or they either, didn't exist at all, or somehow downloaded, and then dissapeared.

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