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Droneboi Question 1 - Forcing Skills Onto Player

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Hey Yall


First One


I know from Rafal's FAQ on Steam that we can set the level of skills.


But what I would like to do is force certain skills on the player as he starts out, such as fall damage reduction and zombie head stomp.


Please help


Thanks in advance



Damn it I just found the answer.


Ok well I tried this just to enable the wall run and it didnt work, so any help or thought would be great


sub SkillsAgility() {Skill("WallRun");}
sub SkillsPower(){}
sub SkillsStatus(){}
sub Items_Common()
CraftedItem("Blue", "Melee_BaseballBatCGen", "");
Item("Medkit_HealthPackLarge", 5);
sub main() 
    Chapter(0) //--- Prologue ---
use Items_Common();
use SkillsStatus();
use SkillsAgility();
use SkillsPower();
Thanks Again
Drone Boi
Edited by DroneBoi

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