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Stable Fps But Lag?

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Hi survivors. I'll give a quick rundown of my issue. I used to have a chupacabra GPU (GT 450) got sick of low preformance in gaming. So I bought a new GPU. The GTX 960. very happy with the preformance on the card. However I experience choppy gameplay when I am playing dying light i.e stuttering 2 second freezes. Especially if I turn 180 degrees and the like. I was wondering if anyone has an idea why this occurs. here are the relevant specs 


MSI GTX 960 2 GB 

amd FX 8120 OC @ 4.1 


I am suspecting my amd cpu might be the culprit. however the fps is high it jsut stutters a lot, no matter what graphical settings (even lowered resolution to 720) and I run other high-end games stable. Far Cry 4 Assassins creed unity. 


Thanks for your tme

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