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How Can I Animate Objects?

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I am trying to make a map for dying light with moving platforms. I've been trying for a while, i think it's something to do with the 'movies' tab in 'window' but I can't figure out how to use it. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. :)

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Ok, i haven't figured out EVERYTHING, but I know how to move/rotate and scale objects which is stilll pretty useful


1. go to window - movies and create a new movie

2.there are 3 'windows' (not sure what else to call them) I think they originally start almost off screen at the bottom so you can drag them out. The first two are something to do with cameras
3.the last one is the actor 'window' I found that if you click on an object ingame and then right click in the actor window and click, add actors, it adds that object to the window.
4.It will then come up with 4 things. Animation,  position, rotation and scale.
to move/rotate/scale objects: 'animate mode' at the top of the page
6. drag the 'timeline' (thin green line) to a point in time.
7. either move, rotate or scale it and it will automatically make a key in the correct row depending on the changes you made, you can do all 3 at once
8. changes will occur inbetween each key.
9. To play movie, you have to activate it via quests. the quest thing is
,movie <<name>> (movie name)
Other things you can do is change the movie attributes
In the top left corner there is a little symbol called, 'show movie properties' in there you can things such as change the length of the movie or make it loop etc
I hope you found this helpful, if anyone else finds anything out about the movies, maybe we can use this as a place to post them.
Sorry its taken me so long to answer, I was working very hard on my submission and I completely forgot
Also, if anyone figures out how to animate the camera, that would be very useful to know.
Have a great day

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