How To Use Triggers And Sounds.

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Hello i have been forking on a map and i cannot seem to figure out a few things. If anyone could make a tutorial video or explain how its done please do so. 


I want to use a switch to activate a sound like an alarm to draw in waves of infected but i cannot figure out how to get the sound to auto loop after the switch is triggered and how to spawn infected to seek out my location after activation.



I made a video that will explain a little more of what i want to do.


Any help would be appreciated, thanks! :3

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It is described in the workshop FAQ


"How do I select an individual object of a group?"




Your map seems great!

It make me think to walking dead at the begining when you get down

The street and you see the police car in fire.

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Sweet! Thanks for the help! 


I will release a demo version in the steam workshop when i get the hoard mode kinda working.


My plan is to have a timer count down if possible after switch activation and waves of infected storm the building after so many minutes. 

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Deconstruction and recounstruction from scratch is good method to learn. Try as cr1m3 said.


About waves - try it with this. When you will be ready with waves add:

,use <<Use trigger to start waves>> PhysicalSwitchDI trigger_name -state=on

before ,kill phase. To attach sound to trigger:

  1. Place Sound Emitter
  2. Choose alarm sound in m_SoundName fileld in Attributes window
  3. Uncheck m_LEnableState
  4. Next select your tigger
  5. Click on m_Targets field
  6. Hold CTRL in viewport, click RMB on Sound Emitter and choose Add to m_Targets.

To disable siren after waves use:

,set <<Disable siren>> PhysicalSwitchDI trigger_name -state=off

Now your Siren is ready to launch waves. Don't forget to set m_ForcedTargetType to Player in Spawners.


By the way - awesome map!

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