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Found 18 results

  1. ChronicPanda

    Fan Video Showcase

    So around 2 years ago, I've posted on the forums about building a world based on Dead Island in a voxel indie game "total miner". Recently I uploaded a video showcasing my world in it's current state before it undergoes some design changes; I felt like sharing this video to the techland community. I really want to attempt at building a fully fledged out voxel world based on Dying Light sometime in the future, but for now all my focus is on Dead Island. I still love Dying Light a lot so I decided to include a restored version of the tower which is still being worked on and briefly seen in my video. In fact I actually made a short fan video over dying light a year before it was released; I went blind trying to design the filming sets since we obviously haven't explored Harran yet lol. I don't remember if I shared the dying light video on the forums. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this video. I may actually plan on making another dying light fan video probably around the summer.
  2. So today I've found out the original Dead Island series is being revamped for next gen. I would like to ask a few questions to any techland members on here. Q1: It seems that Techland was involved with deep silver again to make this "definitive" edition. Is this true ? Q2: If you were actually involved, is this version of Dead Island running on Chrome engine 6 or an improved version of Chrome engine 5 ? I quite find it surprising that there's a new version of Dead Island coming out. Dead Island is one of my favorite games, due to the unique tropical setting and even though the story wasn't that great, I still enjoyed it very much. Dying light is also one of my favorites, I could say so much about why I like Dying light, but that would turn into a very long page lol. I would say one of my favorite things about Dying Light is the horror aspect, which other zombie games lack. UPDATE: So I found out Dead Island is ported to chrome 6 which is GREAT !!!!!!
  3. You guys and gals did well on Dying Light. Just wanted to say keep making games like this and I'll keep buying them as long as they are long, adventurous, coop, melee, and stealth based. Next zombie game you guys make I'm hoping for it to be on a massive map and see people doing things in safe zones instead of sitting around to make the world seem a little more lively such as Skyrim. Thanks again, and remember to put more blunt weapons in the game, I've been bumming bats off of random people in order to feel powerless after reaching level 25 in survival.
  4. Dear Techland, first of all, I love your game. I've hyped Dying Light like no other game for a few years. However, now you've finally released The Following and I love it aswell! I love to drive around and I've seen a few horrific scenes, places and zombies. When I saw then, I thought, wouldn't it be "nice" to see how everything started? I mean we've seen what happened after harran fuc*ed up. We've started the game during the apocalypse and that's why it's so... normal... I want to see how everything started. I want to see the horror on the roads, inside the homes, hospitals,... How did they begin the quarantine? How did the military fight against the undead threat? Please tell us the story of a freerunner during the outbreak! Maybe Harris Brecken would be a nice choice Thank you for this "great" apocalypse! Jaddow PS: I've posted this on reddit first, but a user told me, that you aren't active in that community, unfortunately!
  5. FaustoFimbres

    Wildlife Zombified

    I become a big fan of this game since I killed my very first zombie in the game, I bought season pass mainly because the ninja outfit and ever since that moment techland hadn´t stop surprised me with all the dlc content, and now with the big expansion of "the following" my hype is out of the charts, but when I watch the gameplay I noticed there is no wildlife even in the country side, imagine the following: You are in your boogie leaving all low zombies behind, and then a pack o 3-5 rotten wolves start chasing you at boogie speed! or listening the roar of a mighty zombie bear at 10ft away, mount caguars, spiders, crows that cant shred you at night if you are not in the boogie or in the light, I really hope to see some wildlife in the dlc to add more challenge, or at least another dllc of new enemies in the future, what do you guys think? (btw this is my very first post so if Im in the wrong place I would apreciate if someone copy and paste the suggestion in the right forum) thanks for your attention.
  6. Lamborghini1216

    Progress Saving

    Hi guys, was just wondering if it's possible to be able to save ones progress on a custom map, because I plan to make a pretty in depth map, that would maybe require saving or grinding to finish everything... Thanks
  7. As the title says if anyone is around now it would be great, probably better for me to join someone elses game as im near the end of the storyline
  8. Nautiboy187th

    Need Players

    Hey guys whats up I bought dying light like a week ago and i get bored playing by myself so im just looking for someone thats almost in the begining like me and is just looking to have a good time killing some zombies My gamertag for xbox one is : NAUTIBOY187TH and I have many other games we can play too
  9. I can't wait for Techland to release the modding tools for Dying Light. But in the meantime I already started modifying some of the AI Behaviour files to create a much more hostile enviroment and aggressive gameplay. I kinda got bored a little by how easy the normal "Biters" react in the game once I hit the higher levels. So while I was getting closer to the endgame content of dying light I started messing around with the AI and found a few ways to make the normal zombies (Biters) a lot more aggressive toward the player(s). Anyway, the result of modifying the AI is now a much harder game in my opinion, I also like fast zombies a little bit more and having that pressure of getting away from a situation where you start to feel to be overrun by zombies. Imagine World War Z or 28 Days later and you'll get the idea... with this mod all zombies will be: much faster climbing walls and obstacles alarm nearby zombies have a much higher and increased aggro range won't stop chasing you so easily and so on... changelog 0.03: removed virals added bandits with rifles / melee weapons more zombies less spawntime If you're up for a challenge, give it a try. Gameplay Super Aggressive Zombies Mod v0.03 Super Aggressive Zombies Mod v0.02 Download and Install Instructions latest version:
  10. Here my second montage for you guys!! Thx for all the likes in the first one!<3 ENJOY!
  11. RunnerSeth

    What Is Your Nemesis?

    What is your nemesis? (Bandits, Biters, Volatiles, Demolishers, etc.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Name your biggest threat in Dying Light
  12. I love the game but is it just me or are the human NPC's insanely overpowered? The devs decide to not give us a block option but instead a dodge ability that sometimes doesn't even work. The NPC's get to block and do so very very frequently along with dodging. I end up having to use 4-5 medkits an encounter because of this and if I don't stay in close proximity, they just spam throwing stars with their auto aim. Some people's solutions are "well just use fire." Well you don't always have the items to make molotovs. I don't know how not having a block button is a good idea but if we can't block, at least make human NPC's more manageable. I am also having a huge problem with the zombies. After the first few quests, the zombies start to charge at you. Every single time without fail when they do this they intiate a "bite instance" when I hit them in the head or kick them (other zombies it knocks them back or toward the direction I am swinging.) Anyone else having these issues? *Yes, I know how to play the game. I am not just pulling this stuff out of the air.
  13. SlammedSloth

    Steam Gamers?

    Well since there is and Xbox thread and a PS4 thread I thought might as well make one. No one seems to be talking about PC here, are there no other PC gamers? Or am I the only one? I'd love to meet some other PC gamers who are excited for Dying Light, nobody seems to be getting PC so if you are a PC gamer please respond.
  14. SlammedSloth

    Pre-Load Now Available!

    Just wanted to announce that the Steam Pre-Load is now available for those who were wondering! YEAH ONLY 2 DAYS AND SOMETHING HOURS! And it's 11.3 GB so make sure you've got space on your computer!
  15. SlammedSloth

    Anyone Know How To 3D Model?

    So anyone know how to 3D model and texture a weapon? I know this might sound a bit off topic but I tend to play a bit of Garry's Mod TTT and was wondering if by any chance would make an amazing model of this weapon: It would be super amazing spectacular and awesome all in one for a model. And if you want to take it a step further you can give it special effects such as Fire/Electical/Toxic/ Whatever else it comes out with. It would make an awesome T weapon, D weapon or Donator weapon. Just saying it would be sweet and would love for someone to upload this to the Steam Workshop
  16. SlammedSloth

    Dying Light Fan Forums

    So I was trying to find the forums earlier and couldn't find it for some reason so looked it up on google and found the fan forums lol
  17. SlammedSloth

    The Dying Light Zombie Types!

    So many people are wondering about the different monster (Zombie) types, so here's a link to a video answering their questions: Here.
  18. Just out of interest, is anyone thinking of getting dying light, i really want to pre order it, but i'd love some people to play the game with on co-op. on xbox 360