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Found 7 results

  1. Papa2kXX

    Recover Save?

    I was playing The Following last night, but then today I decided I wanted to start that part fresh so I delete that save...What I didnt realize was that it also deleted my main campaign when I did that. Is it possible to recover and if so, what do I need to do? Is there anyone else with this issue...I am really mad about the whole thing because I completed the game fully already like 8 straight days of work I put into this game...What can I do? I didn't know that it would delete my previous campaign because it sat in a different menu than the main campaign...-___-...THIS REALLY SUCKS
  2. Nautiboy187th

    Need Players

    Hey guys whats up I bought dying light like a week ago and i get bored playing by myself so im just looking for someone thats almost in the begining like me and is just looking to have a good time killing some zombies My gamertag for xbox one is : NAUTIBOY187TH and I have many other games we can play too
  3. dss

    Speed Run?

    im looking for at least one person to help complete a speedrun of the dying light campaign with me! im on the xbox one.
  4. I have completed all of the side quests, and I am not able to get "The Whole Story." This is really frustrating because you already released a patch -.- I also am not able to get the "Now it's Safe" achievement either :/ please fix this! Im stuck at 79% on the whole story, and on the now it's safe achievement I'm stuck at 94%
  5. Title sums it up pretty much. Using elgato game capture HD device was trying to stream some dying light last night with a pal of mine through my PC instead of the native Xbox One twitch application streaming however his voice wouldn't go through both in the xbox one party chat (which it doesn't seem to do with anything) but mainly the problem is it wasn't appearing when we switched to in-game chat either. This has worked on the other games I have tried and appears specific to Dying Light. I do have a headphone hooked into my controller so as to hear the game and him and talk to him. Not sure if anyone else is having this problem or not but if anyone has some ideas as to how to fix it that would be great =D

    Lost Items After Tahir Fight.

    After fighting Tahir and getting to my stash, I tried getting my inventory back, but nearly all of my items are gone. Items that were originally in my inventory and that were in my stash including my guns, 30 medkits, about 20 molotovs, my UV flashlight, Expcalibur, Korek Machetes were affected and I'm down to $0 (when I originally had over $25k). There were more items that I lost, but those were the more important ones. I've been playing on Xbox One and I've experienced very few glitches, but wow. This glitch or whatever it is takes the cake. Anyone else experiencing this on Xbox One?
  7. I noticed everyone was having the issue with the skill/item/etc loss for PS4 and PC. I did't see anyone mentioned Xbox One. It is also happening on there for me! Is anyone else having this issue. Someone mentioned a patch, does anyone know when that is going to be released and also will it recover our progress and inventory?!