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Found 23 results

  1. Marta Kowalczyk

    PS4 Version 1.1.2 Patch Notes

    Pure Farming update 1.1.2 is now available on PS4. The patch for Xbox One will follow soon. We have focused heavily on fixes and improvements request by players. Here is the list of changes. New vehicles added: JCB Fastrac 8330 Special Edition and Mitsubishi L200 Monster Improved stability Tablet data accuracy fixes Small audio bug fixes (e.g. chicks now sound more like chicks) Fixed water particle effects in greenhouses Connection physics minor tweaks Tablet "Notification" tab bug fixes (sometimes fields would show incorrect crops) Fixed occasional visual bugs when building/upgrading buildings Fixed occasional button prompts appearing in the wrong situation Initial vehicle/device positions adjusted (sometimes they would be floating slightly) Better looking water particles for hand washer Fixed pad vibrating randomly while driving damaged vehicles Game says "Wrong Loader" instead of "Wrong Vehicle" when a loader and attachment are incompatible Occasional invisible fruit on orchard/plantations fixed Headers no longer rotate when detached with no fuel in combine Minimap targets were incorrectly displayed in rice sowing challenge Icon "Wrong Vehicle" no longer shown randomly on game load with specific machine layout on the map Fixed notifications sometimes overlapping one another Fixed ambient lighting sometimes changing abruptly Fixed issue where some tablet windows would not scroll Fixed occasional issues with dropping grain into Sipma NS1600 Improved how sunshine reflects on windows Bears warning in Montana map no longer shows "10 kms" but "10 miles" Fixed issue with Redlands Champion tire marks being invisible Fixed DB8 floating part Fixed issue with vehicles sometimes braking randomly Fixed open tablet option sometimes disappearing Farmer will no longer sometimes appear in a random spot when turning the drone on while in vehicle Fixed issues where buying Simpa Maja and Sipma Dromader shortly after one another does not show correct notification Visual polishing of foliage and terrain Visual tweaks to vehicle models More smoke during Jungle Fire challenge New minimap icons for pallets AI Workers are now paid every real life minute Timescale adjusted - lowest is true x1 (1 minute in game - 1 minute in life); highest is x600; default is x24 (previous x1) Travel time in between countries reduced from 6h to 2h Added option to sell all rabbits at once Level design collision fixes Minor translation fixes Post Process and fog tweaks Improvements to AI workers Front Loader controls inverted Fixed issue where Field of View (FOV) resets to default when controlling drone Enabled workers to turn reflectors on in vehicles Changed fodder palette position near barn 2 Decreased animation speed of transferring eggs/boxes from warehouses to machines Decreased font size on the credits Decreased font size on save game slots, and changed font type Set default starting timescale in Free Farming to x24 Improved concrete textures Improved tractor data changed to be more realistic. Adjusted speed reduction when engine is damaged Added ability to sell trailers with produce in them Improved how pedestrians walk in Japan Disabled gamepad vibration while the game is paused Fixed issue where vehicles would fly into the air while in a carwash Fixed issue with potatoes passing through the belt when loading from storage to trailer Enabled hired workers to be able to work with front loaders Changed the timer on Farming Challenges to use real time Fixed issue where objects would be suspended in the air on the Germany map Fixed issue with loading manure using a front loader bucket Removed an exploit with selling cherries in Japan Removed various issues inputs with using the tablet Removed an issue where DLC resources were visible in the UI when that DLC was not owned JCB Fastrac 4220 max. Speed increased to to 70 km/h Improved front loader controls Adjusted speed of front loader Added ability to see what weight of crops can be harvested from a field, or taken from a silo Increased capacity of potato storage Added option to change fuel consumption rate. The price of fuel scales accordingly Added dashboard lights to vehicles
  2. Kris0725PL

    Good Mode Xbox One X

    Witam, mam taką sugestie. Czy nie można by zarobić trochę pieniążków i sprzedawać dodatek good mode w grze? Sam bym taka opcje kupił gdyby była dostępna. Cena? Dajmy na to 10zl co wy na to? Może to by była rewolucja w mikro płatnościach w grze przemyslcie to. Pozdrawiam kris z wroclawia.
  3. I'm having the same problem, I've been trying to redeem the dockets since last year, I play on the xbox, I linked the xbox account on the site, I used the same email on all the sites for the dockets, but nothing has changed, the dockets site appears that I won, but when I enter the game there is nothing in the quartermaster my gametag on xbox:GABRIELHGB
  4. I am currently experiencing very bad pixelation when driving thru any water, and also almost all npc character faces are messed up with either bad texture pixelation or a strange green coloration. Also some objects such as bags and boxes and plants are pixelated/Green. I am currently playing the most up to date version of Dying Light the Following Enhanced Edition on Xbox One. Any suggestions on a fix is appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Brad2018

    Bugs on Xbox One

    Hi techland, first I really enjoy the game but however there are far too many bugs that are making the gameplay really bad, I will list the bugs that I have come across bellow. one last point to add as many of console players feel is the amount of money that we spent on the game is high and I understand that bugs in game are being sorted is why haven't the bugs been found in post development? . please consider the points that are below as it would reassure my purchase of this game. many thanks, Brad - tractors move slightly when parked and when farmer is still in tractor - grass texture has white dazzling line on top - AI missing areas on fields -Landini inside textured flickering same with McCormick trac - AI generally clumsy and crashes alot
  6. Hi, how do you turn on the radio in the vehicles xbox one console version? I can not seem to find how and if there even is radio.. Ther is no music in game at all.. is this correct? The PC version has radio. How can this feature not be on console ??
  7. Sattelschwein

    Performance on Xbox

    Pls. Make a Vetter Performance on Console. My XBOX One S is so laggy on playing.
  8. Dyinglightboi

    Map editor on console

    So I am a big fan of dying light yet my pc does not have enough power to run dying light and I don't know how to build pcs...that angers me because I LOVE the dev tools and I am sad they are not on console. I understand that you didn't make the game on consoles so it can't be realeased but all I want is a simple map creator like the ones from farcrys 3 and 4 please make this happen and lots of console users would be really happy and it would make dying light relevant again. Thank you for your time
  9. Hi. I read the changelog on the official website and wondered if Xbox has the same features or if there is more on PC. Example from latest patchnotes on PC: - Parkour Fever - ten parkour challenges with online leaderboards - Revamped Quarantine Zones - Additional national outfits + community designed t-shirt Do we have these changes on Xbox too? Or is it in the enhanced edtion/future updates? Or is the changelog for Xbox just outdated?
  10. Why is there no method to create and share own creations like in FarCry. Its totally easy and 100 % possible... They have the tools, they have the options but why arent they doing it?!
  11. I have all five quests lined up and ready to turn in, so if you'd like to get the achievement too send me a message on Xbox Live saying "poly" and I'll invite you. Everyone must stay until all five are turned in, then the achievement should pop. I'll be on most of the night (I'm on PST time). GT: Dark Reaper 9
  12. hey guys, when i try to play be the zpmbie, the searchng for game sits there for usually around 10 mins, then will either come up with no games found (which i dont mind) or it will join me into a game just to come up on the saide saying they polayers have all left and i cant connect to the session. anyuone else have this problem? my nets fine, my other games all work online so its definitely the game, and my nat setting and all that are in the proper places
  13. Title sums it up pretty much. Using elgato game capture HD device was trying to stream some dying light last night with a pal of mine through my PC instead of the native Xbox One twitch application streaming however his voice wouldn't go through both in the xbox one party chat (which it doesn't seem to do with anything) but mainly the problem is it wasn't appearing when we switched to in-game chat either. This has worked on the other games I have tried and appears specific to Dying Light. I do have a headphone hooked into my controller so as to hear the game and him and talk to him. Not sure if anyone else is having this problem or not but if anyone has some ideas as to how to fix it that would be great =D
  14. Sam Powers

    Matchmaking Not Available?

    Hey guys I was watching some youtube videos on DL and I noticed that on their pause screen in game, under "quick join" was an option that said "matchmaking." However I don't have that option on my pause screen. Is this not a feature on the xbox one? Thanks for any help
  15. Let me start out by saying how excited I was for this game, now? Not so much. I was playing and everything was going great. My console then decided to chupacabra out and lose connection, signed me out and the game sent me back to the home screen. I signed back in and reconnected to xbox live only to find out that my game progress (Story) had not been changed, but my ranks were set back to level one, meaning I lost all of my skills. I was a level 11 survivor, level 9 agility and level 9 power. All of that, gone. I also lost all of my inventory, my two pistols, my two rifles, my shotgun, the EXPCalibur, all gone. I may sound a little whiney, but this has infuriated me beyond belief. Techland was on the road to redeeming themselves for what happened with Dead Island and this happens. Please, tell me this is temporary and there is a way to get all of it back and it was just a glitch..otherwise, I don't think I will be keeping this game for very much longer..
  16. thebobman

    Controller Mapping

    Is there potentially going to be an update where I can map the controls to my preference? The jump could be switched with survivor sense and aiming can be switched with kick/special item. I'm playing with 360 controller on pc and some of the actions should have larger mapping options. Feel free to post what you think and raise awareness of limited controller configuration.
  17. I currently have 2 xboxs in my home, 1 for me and 1 for my partner, we normally buy 1 game on the digital store and share it to both xboxs and have not had a issue with any other coop or multiplayer game up to this day. Details: we both log onto xbox live and enter dying light, we have both beaten the game up to where coop is unlocked - We can not join each other -1 of us can join a friends coop game, the other is unable to join -the person who is unable to join immediately joins when the other person leaves friends game -Both my xboxs have moderate nat type, friend also has moderate nat type -have tried many modem restarts, router restarts, xbox hard resets with no progress
  18. Where the hell the savegame patch is for Xbox? Here's the thing. If you can confirm that PC is scheduled for a certain day, then proceed to only say that consoles will get it "soon" then that really is hardly soon isnt it? If you cant say when then your soon hardly means anything. Also wtf are my season pass outfits? Everywhere I read said 3 outfits would be included in season pass. Well, I purchased it, and the outfits are now stated to be locked to a "bundle only" on the marketplace. Pretty disappointed with not only being unable to play a game I just spent money on due to having to worry about a save wipe, and not being told a solid date on when to expect the damn fix. Season pass thing is painfully disappointing as well. Answers please.
  19. TomTheZambieSlayer

    Xbox One Black Screen. Please Help!

    I preloaded dying light onto my xbox one not long ago and I haven't been able to play the game since. The reason for this is because every time I 'press start' after the introduction video my game goes to a black screen and the screen doesn't go away... I really want to play this game and it's upset me that this bug has been effecting me for so long. I will try to get in touch with techland today but does anyone else know how to sort this out for now.
  20. Well i started this thread to ask the basic idea of. will splitscreen ever happen for dying light and if it will how will it be implemented? i was thinking since it is not coming with the original game then maybe it could come in a future update or dlc package. well techland and community. also i believe that splitscreen should be an option. then it wont take away from any other aspect of the game. maybe also have a super sandbox mode where you can make a map out of the area like gta V did. well i'll update this forum when i get more ideas. also will there be guns in this game? or just zombie whacking tools? EDIT: will guns be practical or craptical like dead rising?
  21. Hi. I have successfully registered my pre-order of Dying Light for the advance weapon dockets, but when i have attempted to link my xbox account on my PC i get this message: "There were some problems with fetching your data. Please try again in a few moments. If this problem persists please contact us". I have tried for 3 days now and get the same message. I have tried on different PCs and get the same message. Can anyone advise how to help me please? Thanks
  22. Hi. I have successfully registered my pre-order of Dying Light for the advance weapon dockets, but when i have attempted to link my xbox account on my PC i get this message: "There were some problems with fetching your data. Please try again in a few moments. If this problem persists please contact us". I have tried for 3 days now and get the same message. I have tried on different PCs and get the same message. Can anyone advise how to help me please? Thanks
  23. Witam całą załogę Techland'u. Pomijam niezadowolenie wywołane brakiem Dying Light na PS3 i XBOX'a 360 bo to do niczego nie prowadzi. Rozumiem - większe wymagania i tak dalej. Ale dlaczego ogłoszona została ta zmiana dopiero 3 mies. przed premierą gry? Kiedy już były pre-ordery, gameplay'e, zapowiedzi, wszystko. Wygląda to tak jakby wcześniej nie było robionych testów gry na poprzednią generację i dopiero teraz okazało się, że nagle *zink* - "jest problem, na tym to nie pójdzie". Zwłaszcza, że można było w takim wypadku zapowiedzieć Dying Light'a tylko na XONE, PS4 i PC, a nie chwalić się i robić nadzieję ludziom na kolejny, nowoczesny tytuł na poprzednią generację. Wtedy nie było by problemu, a ewentualnym dodatkiem stała by się możliwość "wypuszczenia" DL na PS3 i X360. Pozdrawiam