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Found 40 results

  1. I have already made it past the point in the game where coop is unlocked. I've got the game set to "Friends Only" and my NAT is open. I've successfully joined my friend's game only once - and the other dozen times I've tried it takes me to a loading screen, I choose my save file, then it goes through another loading screen only to then tell me "this game session is no longer available". The same happens when he tries to join me. Our connections are good, we play together all the time - I even host a server for some games with my computer (but to be clear I have dying light on the xbox one). I've seen this issue in the forum last posted in February with NO ANSWER ( The coop is the only reason my friend bought me this game - if it cannot be fixed then I would like a refund.
  2. I have been reading that many people are having issues with joining friends games on the ps4, pc and xbox. I have also been having the same issue. Here is what I know since I have been experiencing this problem. I can only connect to my room mate in my home. I have his xbox on the dmz and mine has all the ports for xbox one static to my xbox and both show a open nat. Room mate can join others games, I can not whether he is in that game or not. Everyone has there multiplayer settings in game to friends invite as well. When I try to join someones game from the main screen of dying light nothing happens from party chat or invite through xbox. But when I have my Party chat snapped I can see everyone's status go from "dying light" to "in your game", but there I am seating there looking at the main screen with nothing happening. Eventually after opening and closing the game with many invites later, I finally some how manage to get the game to come up from the main screen for me to join there game. Once it starts to load the game, I then press A and bam "this game session is no longer available" keep in mine that during this hole time it is saying that I am connected with the "in your game" status. I have had friends port forward with open nat, hard booted my xbox, hard booted modem/router, everything under the sun to get this coop to work. It would be great if the devs would acknowledge that there is a problem and at least say they know of the issue and are working on the problem.
  3. Over the weekend we released two updates for consoles. Unfortunately, there are still some issues that we are working hard to fix. We’ll be releasing another update to address everything you’re reporting to us. In the meantime: - Please be sure to manually check for the latest update via your console’s home menu. The emergency update we released on Saturday may not have automatically downloaded. - While we are working on a solution to fix issues with existing save games, you may find that starting a new game works better for the time being. We are sorry for the inconvenience. We’re doing everything we can to make sure the game is to the standard it needs to be.
  4. Dying light is an amazing game, But there is some things that i've realised would make the game a lot better: *New Guns, Especially SNIPERS and RPGs *A REWARD for completing ALL SIDE QUESTS, like a special outfit or some crazy new weapons! I was really disappointed when i didn't receive anything for all my effort and time i spent on doing this! *A PvP gamemode unlocked after the main story where you can hold up in buildings and fight against, not only the infected but other players! E.g when you die you drop all your stuff and people can loot your body etc (Almost like the DayZ Standalone game on steam) I undersand this would be a lot of work for techland but i think it would make the game one million times better! *New map? This is something i wouldn't be to surprised about being a DLC. I think it would be amazing to have a little change in scenery for a little extra money! Slums and OT get pretty boring after a while! So a small, fun map with some bonus quests would be great! If Techland see this, i want you to know, Congratulations on what you have created and you should feel proud as heck to say you developed this game! The suggestions above are (like i said) suggestions that WILL bring more players to the game, and for me, the PvP gamemode would be amazing, as an xbox player, there isn't a game or gamemode on any console game like that (i dont think)! PS if the PvP gamemode does get created, please dont make it for PC only. I beg Thanks for reading, i really appreciate it!
  5. Eric Gaudel

    Big permanent crash

    Hello Could you tell me so about one has problems with Pure Farming on 2018 on Xbox one. I do not know why but I have to give up playing because without reason j have the hours which go off the rails(rave) I can pass from 5:59 am till 5:75 am then 5h448 ...... or 6h4112 In more j have well I not l bring in the number to have DLC Germany and have not at all
  6. DarkSeeker

    Xbox One Issues

    So I have been playing PF18 since launch. Below you will find the most common issues I have had the pleasure of dealing with. 1. Game crashes while playing in career mode. 2. Pressing X to get out of a tractor or B to remove a trailer does not always work, same with Y to turn on headlights. 3. Workers are retarded!!! 4. The smallest harvester will not turn the rear wheels when a hired worker is running the machine. 5. When releasing some equipment ie (the medium plow) it will still show up but you can drive through it and not ever use it again. You have to sell it and re buy it to use it. 6. When a hired worker that is in a harvester has a full tank of grain it will not always stop and wait for you to empty it, it will continue driving up and down the field as it would if it was still harvesting grain. You have to fire the worker and unload the harvester manually. 7. Hired workers will literally get stuck in a field. You hop in the tractor and it will barely move for about 15-30 seconds. I have seen this happen most often when plowing. It will show that the plow is up in the air, but the game thinks it is still in the ground so you have a hard time turning the tractor, and you can not lift the plow nor release it. As you can not sell equipment that is attached to something I have had to drive both the tractor and the plow into the water so that I could reset them. When I reset the tractor the tractor goes to my shed, but the plow will disappear from the map entirely. I can sell the plow and then buy a new one, but the plow is nowhere to be found after taking a swim is bizarre. Also after drowning the tractor I then have to pay upwards of $9000 to fix the tractor. At that point I just sell the tractor along with the plow. 8. Time in the game is way too fast, I hear that will be patched, so thank you for that. 9. Tractors go way too slow. In comparison to say Farm Sim 17 these tractors move like snails. That keeps me from using a lot of them. 10. You should be able to haul more than one type of item in the semi trailer. 11. When driving down the road straight with the semi and red semi trailer in tow, the trailer will not follow the truck straight. The rear of the trailer will always be slightly to the right. It drives me nuts. 12. When driving a tractor on pavement or dirt by it's self it looks fine. When towing a trailer behind a tractor the tractor and trailer will move side to side a little bit and it is maddening. 13. When plowing a field it will take a long time for straw to disappear, if at all. 14. We need a semi trailer for water. 15. Field stats will not always be correct. Same with stats of silo. I have seen both wheat and barley increase while dumping into the silo, but then later it will show correctly and show all barley. Odd bug. When you drive through a field and then exit the field sometimes the field stats will stay on the screen. 16. We need bigger equipment!!! 17. We need the ability to hire more than one worker per field like in FS17. One worker per field really slows down any job you are trying to complete.
  7. Hi, how do you turn on the radio in the vehicles xbox one console version? I can not seem to find how and if there even is radio.. Ther is no music in game at all.. is this correct? The PC version has radio. How can this feature not be on console ??
  8. Kris0725PL

    Good Mode Xbox One X

    Witam, mam taką sugestie. Czy nie można by zarobić trochę pieniążków i sprzedawać dodatek good mode w grze? Sam bym taka opcje kupił gdyby była dostępna. Cena? Dajmy na to 10zl co wy na to? Może to by była rewolucja w mikro płatnościach w grze przemyslcie to. Pozdrawiam kris z wroclawia.
  9. after being able to play with all 5 of my brothers...the game has for the past 3-4 days said "cant connect the session is no longer available" but we are all sharing same settings all in a chat but cant connect together please is anyone else recently experiencing this
  10. yo, just to get this outta the way, this is for dying light on xbox one, not ps4 or pc. if ya looking for ps4 or pc section ya gonna need to look elsewhere. sorry just last forum site i made a thread for this on had people from other systems spam posting on the thread leading to me not getting any help and the site deleting my thread. anyways on to business. yes i know my grammar and spelling could use some work, kinda in a rush to complete this post before my lunch break since im at work. anyhoo. i'm here today in search of new traders and slayers, a.k.a. people i can trade items and people i can kill some zombies with. understand i dont have the dlc, kicking myself cause i so want that compound bow. mind you all i plan to get the season pass asap its just gonna take awhile because being a soul provider to a household makes it difficult to get yourself nice things when every cent seems to go to the house and to others. grr rambling again. continuing, as i stated before i'm in search of traders and slayers. i shall post a list of items i'm in search of and if you happen to have a spare and are interested in trading or being the very rare, generous type, drop your xbox one gamertag in the thread or just add me, my gamertag is the same as my username here, akkadian2009. also, as i stated before, i am in search of slayers, people to kill zombies with. if ya interested well second verse same as the first. so drop them names so we can put them in a herse. i'll edit this more soon note* if you join my game lobby only to showcase your weapons or skills, a.k.a. rub my nose in your glory, gloaters, griefers, all round jerks, i'll give you the boot with a quickness. i need traders and slayers, not jerks. note** I'm usually online around midnight central standard time for usa as always this is akkadian2009, good night good luck.
  11. Sayoru

    Xbox One Need Help

    Can any experienced players help me with bozak horde please
  12. I'm just looking for people on the Xbox one to play dying light with. I'm not max on survivor skill or agility and I'm only level 2 legend. If you could help me level up that would be greatly appreciated. Also be sure to make your own post for others to see. Gt: IJBEME
  13. ativegamers

    And The Consoles?

    You are making multiple updates to the PC as a tool for developers and that update April 1. But what about the console? Most players are playing in the PS4 and Xbox One and we have no more updates. We have to wait months for DLC that comes with little content. If this keeps up who plays on the islands will no longer play the game. Dying Light was the best zombie game I've ever played, but unfortunately missing content for consoles. We have no updates for a long time, even buying the season pass. Why not Providing this creation tool for those who bought the season pass on the console? I know it's more complicated to put this tool and mods on consoles, but if they do so the game will die. More updates to the islands, please do not leave us the islands without constant updates, you are destroying the game as well. I hope you can solve this.
  14. Please make many advanced settings for the console versions of dying light I have one recommended setting its an FOV setting and maybe a weapon FOV setting too please make these settings because it seems like the FOV is so squished. Please update the game devs.
  15. Every 1 or 2 minutes I keep getting an in-game pop-up message saying ''You have unspent skill-points'' eventhough I don't have any unused points. This started yesterday when I reached the maximum driver rank in a co-op session in The Following on Xbox One. After that , I leveled up a rank in Legendary Levels but the problem still persists. I could only find a few people reporting this on other websites. UPDATE : Fixed. Got fast reply from Techland through a ticket , advised to unistall and re-install the game. After doing so , I loaded the campaign and still got the pop-up. I chose ''respec'' Legendary Levels so I could redistribute them again , leaving me with unspent skill points. Then I switched back to the Following and noticed I had 1 skill point back in Driver rank. Using that point again fixed the issue for me. I'm certain I did not have this skill point available anymore before doing this which leaves me to think the re-install progress might have fixed it but it wasn't immediately apparent because I loaded the campaign first , in which you don't see the Driver skill-tree.
  16. I only play on the PS4 myself, so I can only give examples about Dying Light button mapping on the Dualshock 4 controller. For example the square button on the Ps4 is used for a lot of things, looting, reviving, changing arrows. So there is a change you keep changing arrows when you actually try to loot, and you loot a zombies corpse on accident when you actually try to revive a teammate, etc. Some buttons on both controllers don't even have a function at the moment, and I understand the idea behind how the controllers are setup, but in the heat of battle it doesn't always work out.
  17. I'm playing online with my friends and I get disconnected from the match. Then I spawn in the bozak horde. I don't know why this happens. Most of the time the quest selected is something other than the bozak horde. This also happens when i'm trying to connect to a match and it says connection could not be established. Then boom. The bozak horde. It takes forever to grab all my stuff from the stash too, because I have so much stuff in there. I don't know if this happens to anyone else but it happens to me on the Xbox One. Could this possibly be fixed?
  18. need help with bozak horde on xbox one please gamertag is NinjahhXD thank you!
  19. I have all five quests lined up and ready to turn in, so if you'd like to get the achievement too send me a message on Xbox Live saying "poly" and I'll invite you. Everyone must stay until all five are turned in, then the achievement should pop. I'll be on most of the night (I'm on PST time). GT: Dark Reaper 9
  20. If anyone is new to dying light on Xbox one, message me on Xbox one if you want help on the game and please have a mic so that way to communicate and my Gamer tag is: invaderofglory
  21. I have now been playing this game on Xbox One since it's launch. My oh my what a great game this is! My only problem I am having is getting an answer. I have tried multiple times on Facebook asking the same question as below & I keep getting ignored. It is now very frustrating as every other person gets a response. Can you please answer it; Can you tell me when more DLC or new updates are coming to the Xbox One version? I have completed the game on every mode, completed every side mission, challenges, etc. & there is absolutely nothing more I can possibly do with this game. It is now soooo boring I am on the verge of selling it! Which I do not want to do, as it's the best game ever! If anyone can help with some links to more info or knows something, that would be great. TIA :-)
  22. XB1 GT: lll TALON lll (lowercase L's) Join my game if you want to trade - Australia (Eastern Time Zone)....I am on most evenings after 9:30pm By the way Techland (if you see this)...why is there no National Outfit for Australia? Hi Guys, my stash of Weapons is getting too big and I'm looking to Share. (for a limited time) So if you just want to rule and go OP from the start, or head into Hard Mode fully stacked...have a look. Below is what I have spare and available to trade at the moment (limited supply) I may need to be selective who I trade with. All of these are Orange Level Weapons with 5 full Repairs, all Maxed with 3 x King Upgrades. I have Modified/Blueprinted Versions and Clean (Un-modified versions) available of most. Weapon Specs are shown in following order: Damage, Durability, Handling, Blueprint WEAPON Cruel Flat-End Hammer (Modified) - 2965 / 84 /35 / Poison Blast Cruel Flat-End Hammer (Clean) - 2242 / 84 / 35 / None - Clean Dark Sickle (Modified) - 2207 / 72 / 168 / Bolter Poison Dark Sickle (Clean) - 1669 / 72 / 168 / None - Clean Emperor's Glow (Modified) - 2675 / 84 / 35 / Bolter Poison Emperor's Glow (Clean) - 2229 / 84 / 35 / None - Clean Exceptional Egyptian Khopesh (Modified) - 1939 / 84 / 104 / Strobe Knight Exceptional Egyptian Khopesh (Clean) - 1466 / 84 / 104 / None - Clean Ferocious Baseball Bat (Modified) - 2209 / 84 / 111 / Tru-Action Electric Baseball Ferocious Baseball Bat (Clean) - 1921 / 84 / 111 / None - Clean Ferocious Machete (Modified) - 1905 / 72 / 134 / All-In-One Ferocious Machete (Clean) - 1028 / 52 / 73 / None - Clean Ferocious Sledgehammer (Modified) - 3407 / 84 / 35 / God Hammer Ferocious Sledgehammer (Clean) - 2576 / 84 / 35 / None - Clean Premium Heavy Double-Bit Axe (Modified) - 2582 / 84 / 58 / God Hammer Premium Heavy Double-Bit Axe (Clean) - 1952 / 84 / 58 / None - Clean Premium Katana (Modified) - 2573 / 84 / 134 / Angel Sword Premium Katana (Clean) - 1945 / 84 / 134 / None - Clean Safety Blade (Modified) - 2553 / 72 / 134 / Angel Sword Skull Machete (Modified) - 2573 / 84 / 134 / Angel Sword Skull Machete (Clean) - 1951 / 84 / 134 / None - Clean Vicious Fireman's Axe (Modified) - 2581 / 84 / 58 / God Hammer Vicious Fireman's Axe (Clean) - 1951 / 84 / 58 / None - Clean Premium B.Stard Sword (Modified) - 1385 / 60 / 56 / Angel Sword (only 3 Repairs) Bone Splitter (Clean) - 1581 / 60 / 29 / None - Clean Deadly Baseball Bat (Clean) - 1203 / 60 / 60 / None - Clean EXPcalibur (Clean) - 323 (just for 5 minutes of fun) Plus I have Rais's Gun + all other available Pistols, Rifles & the Shotgun (all with full ammo) available. I also have all Blueprints, so can take build requests if I have enough spare parts. I will look to accept any of the following items as Trade for any of the above Weapons - - King or Clicker Upgrades - Electronics - Alcohol - Fluorescent Shrooms / Algae / Herbs (I'm not a gardener) - Clean & New Orange Weapons (or Gold if they exist) that are not on the above list. Happy Slicing !!
  23. As the title says if anyone is around now it would be great, probably better for me to join someone elses game as im near the end of the storyline
  24. I LEFT CAPS 0N

    Accidental Duplication?

    Okay, so I have been gone for a couple weeks and started playing this game again and found a weird glitch on Xbox One. When I used a Sacrificial Short Sword, I noticed it looks like I'm carrying two weapons in one hand. When I swing my weapon, it makes an impact noise and loses durability, but when I use my grappling hook on a ledge, most of the time it creates a duplicate weapon on that ledge. Has anyone else experienced this?!28449&authkey=!AInEUwtx-bzUDkw&ithint=video%2cmp4 Sorry for the potato quality.
  25. lt aldo raine

    Connection Issues Be The Zombie Mode

    so my game just up dated but i still can not connect to a game at all for be the zombie .... im talking like ive been sitting here on the computer for an hr and all it does is search ... then says "no matches found" ... really? really now ? i had no issues 2 weeks ago but now its not working at all .. lv 54 zombie .. might be taking the game back to the games store tomrrow ..