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Found 10 results

  1. Hey guys. Have a problem here I have a trouble when i want to equip any weapon in game. First i was thinking that's the problem when i learning Inventory skill(which gave me +4 inventory slots for weapon). But nope. When i wanna equip any kind of weapon the game is crashed. What it could be ? Does someone know ? What i need to do.
  2. I would like to make the following suggestions:Combination weapon1) Blaser BBF97 Standard 2) Hybrid Innogun 3) Disposable rocket launcher M72 LAW
  3. Is there anyone out there who has one of these? I've recently started playing again after about 10 months (game save data was corrupted and refused to play again) Anyway. I've been playing for like a week straight and tried everything so far. Anyone out there have one and would trade me for one? or give me one? Thank you!
  4. Hello Dying Light Developers !! *First, please sorry me about my english it can be approximative and simple for you but, it's just i'm a little Frenchy ^^ thx u for that. ---> So, i've a little problem, problem who can be really bad to perfectly made and finish my custom map : - I can't find the good way to add objects to CLIPBOARD. I explan you more about it --> I simply want to add a chupacabra weapon to NPC but, if I well anderstand my problem, I need for that, to add this object, this weapon, to clipboard first... you follow me ? xD gniii... # I don't know how to add it to clipboard, i really test all what I can with my actuals competences... and remember this really great Developer Tools, is so hard to use for a French person, because all words (some are really specifics too) are in english. I like english but its difficult I'm sure its very simple to do, but I block on this step. Thanks you very much to help me about that. For moment, waiting an answer, I can continue with the others things to do, but to complete my map, I need to know that ^^ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- !! EDIT : I just found the solution ^^ Ctrl+C to copy item to Clipboard. I was so easy, that's why I don't think this option before xD SOLVED.
  5. Proximity

    Firearms Damage Issue?

    I am quite surprised I haven't found yet any posts about this on this forum, but... I've been wondering for a while why does the damage from any of the firearms of the game seems to be lowering as I get further in the game. If I remember correctly, in the first missions of the game when you encounter enemies using a firearm, you can get from them rifles with over 250 damage. Nor, as I advanced, ALL what I get seems to be basically capped firearms with the minimal amount of damage that you can get on them. It's weird because it seems to be only affecting firearms... What makes it even worse is that any of the firearms, including shotguns, handguns and rifles, even if you buy them from shops, you're gonna get the same minimal amount of damage, REGARDLESS OF THEIR QUALITY INDICATOR... Which means the blue shotgun will do the exact same job as the orange one which would be supposed to be at least twice as effective if you take the melee weapon's example. I also have seen many post around the net and on steam explaining the same problem... Is the team aware of the problem? Is there gonna be some kind of hotfix for this or something?
  6. Hallo Leute, ich öffne diese Sektion dass man Waffen und Items handeln und tauschen kann. Hello guys, today I'm gonna opening this topic to trade weapons and Items. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Schreibt einfach hier rein was ihr wollt und vielleicht hat es ja jemand. Just write here what you search any maybe somebody got it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And sorry for my english. PS: ich suche noch ab und zu Mitspieler, bei Interesse einfach melden (ID = AlphaStorm100)
  7. Dear Dev's, Is there any chance that you could provide information about Dying Light loot table for chests, specific mobs (example: Demolisher) and events? Before I maxed out my character I was founding far more weapons, even Demolisher was dropping 2 weapons or 1 + upgrade (now he is dropping cash, one upgrade or nothing). Would be nice to see it. Thanks And now question. Did anybody got Legendary weapon from gold/legendary/very hard or whatever chest*? Personally I never found legendary weapon from drop (I don't count axe from Rais arena Demolisher, because I lost it after I got my previous equipment back). Most drop I get is just Rare weapon + some Pouch bags and best what I found is "King" weapon upgrade. But after 3rd fully upgraded Angel Sword I can't find reason to open chests at all now. All because best drop comes from shop. I'm not a coffee lover (fastest way to get cash) but it's to easy to earn money and purchase Legendary weapon. As example farming Jewel boxes and cash on bridge (at day time or even better wipe all at night), or any other location where Police vans are located, or even better farm Bolter's to have some fun at night and wait for special shop offer $$$. Sometimes I just would like to find one Legendary weapon from random drop or chest... * You can find ~5 very hard Exceptional or Legendary chests in Old Town, map centre.
  8. dargor5

    Holster Weapon Mod

    For the modders out there if anyone has thought of this please uploaded to the nexus. I know theres already a mod that lets you fight with fists so this must be possible. Who thought that running with a machete in hand was safe anyway?
  9. Snikende Gnagsår

    Sniper Rifle?

    Anyone know if there are any Sniper Rifles ingame? Currently i have found 3x Military Rifles 5x Police Rifles 1x American 9mm 2x German 9mm I can just imagion sitting on a rooftop and picking off Volatile/Bolters one after another at night
  10. punisher-pl

    Pre-Order Weapon Not Showing

    Hello, I pre-order the game for some time now. I got weapon dockets but didnt get punkqueen weapon. I got to quartermaster and I didnt get the weapon only basic weapon. Do I get it latter on? Please let me know. Thank you