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Found 12 results

  1. Pete Donnelly

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    Gonna start fresh! Post your BTZ matches here!!! Or, if you're a Survivor, post your Invasion matches here!
  2. Hi! I run a small YouTube channel and am interested in making Dying Light video. I was wondering what Techland policy of video creation is. Is it ok to create videos using your content? If so, are you ok with video makers putting ads in these videos?
  3. Hi all, Just a post to say that if you're still waiting for another tutorial, Rabid Squirrel ( has released a video tutorial: Make sure you check it out if you're still a bit iffy about some of the stuff the dev's have already covered or even animation. It'll really help you out, especially until the devs release another tutorial! Thanks, Sparkhead95
  4. I've recently finished my tribute video dedicated to Dying Light. It was fun and little bit troublesome experience but I did my best) That is my personal thank to Techland team for this great game. Sometimes we just need a nice place like Harran to kick some zombies asses Anyway , I hope that you'll enjoy my work. P.S. No commercial purposes took place
  5. Heya, I love the side quests in this game so i want to share my experiences I am new to video editing so hopefully you like this new video Also i would love to see what other people do for the side quests Here is a link to my youtube Hopefully i shall continue putting new videos out and clear up some old videos, let me know what you think and i look forward to seeing your vids too! Have fun!
  6. Today I'm bringing you guys a match that kept me on the edge of my seat from the first minute to the last. Honestly, I was getting a bit disheartened as the fight went on, since, as you'll see, it becomes relatively one-side one we get to the halfway point. And that's when Night Hunter mode kicks in. Like a proverbial Night Hunter potion, all your stats kick it into high gear. No longer are you the hunted, but the HUNTER. And damnit, you should be. Because once you enter Night Hunter mode, there's no turning back. I've had a good "clutch" match before, but this one goes to a whole 'nother level of cutting it close. Not going to lie - luck had a big part of it. But keeping the Human distracted and using abilities at the right time, even if they appear wasted, puts a lot of pressure on the fleshy meatbags trying to take you down. Never forget who the monster is. Don't be afraid to engage to disrupt a strategy. Not everyone thinks a mile a minute, and sometimes all it takes is a little push to knock someone off their game. Speaking of disruptions, the 5th death is now clear to me - not only did he die from the explosive barrel kill, but it very much counted, which accounts for his being unable to reach the Nests in time. The things that go on when I'm not paying attention! It's also very important to understand your opponents' weaknesses. You'll see, later in the match, I take advantage of the Human's desire to rush to see opportunities to get "free Pounces" when I would normally just get UV'd. A dodge and a UV Light can be used relatively simultaneously, but that doesn't mean it's EASY to do so. That's why distractions and pressure are so important. I might be a Night Hunter and he might be a seasoned government agent, but that doesn't mean there isn't a normal person on the other side of both our screens. Adrenaline affects us all. It's unfortunate that he felt he had to "Abort," which essentially means he pulled his plug/Internet in frustration. I'd be frustrated too, but unless someone is outright cheating, there's no reason to deny them the kill. Regardless, the Night Hunter doesn't get anything for winning, so it's an empty gesture. I still sent him a message of good will afterward to let him know there were no hard feelings. Regardless, the match ended in my victory, and I'll take it as such. Roar unto the night, bretheren. Tonight, we feast as if we were at death's door. For truly, we stood at the welcome mat and brushed the filth off our feet.
  7. Basically, the idea is to lure multiple Humans to their deaths by using a downed (reviveable) Human as live bait. By drawing the Human(s) close together with a common goal other than killing you, you open up the possibility to get multiple free kills. By using the Night Hunter's UV Spit at the moment a Human begins reviving his companion, you've essentially set up a bomb to go off the moment both Humans start to stand up. Since they are, essentially, in mid-animation recovery from the revive, there's little they can do to prevent - much less dodge - the exploding UV Spit. Once it has taken effect, you can leap down for a free, uninterrupted Pounce, followed by another via Leapfrog. Shockwave is useful, but not necessary. Both Humans should be unable to do anything in the time between getting up and your UV-assured Pounce. However, it does help, since it prevents them from moving for a short time. And, if they do manage to have enough time to begin an action, you can interrupt it. Keep in mind that you can hit "downed" players with Spits. If, for instance, you don't have a UV Spit but still want to delay a revive without entering a confrontation, you can use a Horde Spit to discourage other Humans from approaching their dead friend... unless they enjoy blowing up. That's about it! Let me know if you guys have ever used Humans as bait - it's quite fun.
  8. Airsickhydra

    Please Mr Techland Put A ...

    Dear Sirs within the Techland team. If you wouldn't mind please could you upload a video onto youtube with a few of your good selves playing the upcoming hard mode. Before the launch day I watched every piece of Techland footage that I could find. Just a little tease would be greatly appreciated and hopefully would help to build some hype. Anyone who agrees please give this a bump to get it to their attention. Happy Wednesday everyone AirsickHydrapants
  9. While waiting for Dying Light, I decided to find out what are people's favorite zombie games and what are their top 5 weapons in each game. Reasons would be appreciated too. Ties are ok too. Here are mine... * Resident Evil 3: Nemesis 1. Grenade Launcher (Because it holds different types of rounds and on of them is a freeze round, which happens to be the most effective on the main enemy, Nemesis, himself. 2. Magnum Revolver with .44 Magnum rounds. (This one is a very effective weapon.) 3. STI Eagle 6.0, Berretta 92FS Handgun, Benelli M3S Shotgun, and the dagger knife. (These help me dispose zombie with ease. The Benelli and Beretta are most lethal when their ammos are enhanced. The knife is so awesome when finishing enemies on the ground. The STI is like a very fast handgun that can make critical kills. 4. M66 Rocket Launcher and Mine Thrower (The best weapons used on the final boss.) 5. Demon of Sword of Paracelsus (The weapon that will make the final finish to the final boss and is a life saver. ) * Zombie Revenge (DAMN I MISS PLAYING THIS GAME!!! ) 1. Hand-to-hand combat and handgun. (I mean I'm always equipped with these even though I need to save the ammo for the handgun. These are the best in this game because all other weapons are dropped and cannot always be used in certain stages. Plus, I love how we can combo with punches, kicks, and grapples.) 2. Hatchet (A nice blade that can be thrown on an enemy.) 3. Drill (Oh these babies are just awesome when it comes for blood and gore.) 4. Shotgun and Machine Gun (These make the job faster even on bosses.) 5. Axe and Iron Pipe (Nice melee weapons to use when fighting enemies.)
  10. I accidently skipped the video after one long backstory quest and I feel screwed for life, since apparently a lot happened there. Any way to see it again, since my game obviously saved automatically ? Thanks for any answers !
  11. Radikal

    Dying Light Dojo Video

    Good night fellow runners, I create this short video about couple trick that make your live longer while surviving in Harran. It also serve as a solid proof that you don't need 2000 weapon damage to look cool and deadly. Click here and i hope you guys enjoy the video