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Found 6 results

  1. YorMudders

    Poor Hunter...

    I have been playing this game since the release and I have been enjoying it ever since, especially Be the Zombie (I always play as the Zombie) And am having a lot of fun with it, but lately it's a bit falling of. I have been having a hard time winning matches as the hunter and some matches even feel unfair and "Unbalanced" to me. My question is.. Do you guys here on the forum have any tips for a Night Hunter? And what do you think about the balance of the game mode Be The Zombie?
  2. RaceyStorm3124

    The New Map Is A Deathtrap!

    Might as well change the game mode to: "Be the Bolter" Objective: Avoid the humans at all costs! Because the new map is a countryside and OF COURSE the open land is going to be bananas for us. We won't have any height advantage since there's minimal amount of buildings. Now the humans can handle us on the ground no problem. You know -- 3 hits, score! We're dead! Or, Run him over with the car while having the flamethrower on and the UV light on at the same time? I mean wow, just make us the runners from now on. I thought the point of the NightHunter was to obviously HUNT and be stealthy, but like someone said in his post "Stealth is a myth" to us due to survivor sense. Us Night Hunters have NO agility on flat land, we can't dodge left or right, we can't counter the enemies' Dropkicks or anything but they can counter us.. can we dodge them please too? The point of the Night Hunter SHOULD BE to be stealthy and have all 2 - 4 players on edge. No survivor sense, all of them have each others' backs and actually use some TEAMWORK to take us down. Not "There he is, you guys stay here with the nests, I'll spam uv light and kill him.". In other words, not freaking scaring off your "Worst Nightmare". Same thing, like the other guy said, if we're on a car, can we jump off to save ourselves? Or is it more of a "test your luck" pounce and just hope to hell the other players don't shoot you from their cars or jump out and beat you down? I'd like to know. Pete already said the nests have medium - hard levels of zombies depending on the location. But right now, it's like you're making it seem like the players have to worry more about what's guarding the nests other than the "Nightmare" that's Quote-on-Quote "Chasing" them. Why is BtZ mode a full-on assault mode? Shouldn't the mode be more "horror-like"? Especially to fit the description of the "DYING LIGHT" title -- supposed to be a horror game right? So WHY, in good lord is this "Night Bolter" so underpowered? Oh! And don't worry! I'm VERY skillful when it comes to using Ground Pounds! I use them extremely tactfully, and yes I do win sometimes but I HATE that the game mode is this way! And I know I'm not the only one to hate it. We're supposed to FEEL like a hunter. Stalking in the darkness, having our prey on their P's and Q's and having them literally be scared. But we're just a test to them, might at well remove the nests and put the 4 humans in buggies and the "Night Bolter" in a boxing ring to see who comes out on top. Because that's just how unbalanced/underpowered we are. Pete, IF you're reading this, could you tell us what changes you made to the NH? I am REALLY hyped for this dlc but.... Idk... All I have to say is.. in order to even the odds... the NH needs a major upgrade, and no I do not mean a new mutation where we get a "Disable vehicles for 10 seconds!". I mean an actual: (For the Night Hunter) -Able to dodge enemy attacks like they dodge ours -Able to hop off buggies when "pouncing" them(In case we're in danger) -Give us more agility -- meaning let us dodge left and right (like humans can) so we can dodge cars. And I don't mean a *barely* dodge, I mean a full-fledged got out of the way dodge. (Especially since cars are 1 hit kill) (For the Humans) -And reduce the UV Range! And not just a tiny tiny bit! I mean to a point where it's all close range action! *Only!* -Remove Survival Sense to add suspense and make players actually use tactical teamwork. -If 1v1 then the human can 3-hit kill, if 2v1 then humans 4-hit kill, if 3v1 then humans 5-hit kill, if 4v1 then humans 6-hit kill.(In that order please pete) -And.. of course, during the Night Hunter PvP mode (Only when there's more than 1 player) when the player uses a medkit, it slowly heals (Like in hard mode) so they don't just instantly heal and jump back into battle with like 3 of their buddies. They'll need to lay low. Making the players(and hunters) use strategy and tactics more. These changes could probably bring back some people you lost. Right now I know of 6 people, who stopped playing dying light because (obviously killing zombies get boring after about an hour or two)the PvP is sooo badly unbalanced. And these are only people I know of. Please try not to take this post personally, it's just makes me (and lots of others) so angry that this game mode could be great but it's just... bad right now... Looks like you have the nest stuff down-pack and done nicely, now what about our favorite monster? Later Pete!
  3. that's it, i give my opinion about the btz mod witch is a great innovation and a great add to the dying light game,honnestly. but there's some problemes with it, especially when you face good players(as the night hunter*nh) so i thought about an up for the nh where i think everyone can agree here's the problem, and down there's the figures the nh is basically too weak, a survivor can beat him by simply swing his weapon 3 time plus the drop kick, the death from above etc.., the nh have too hit a survivor more than 3 time and everyone knows that you can't win a 4v1 against good players here's the figures/ideas to rebalance the game: the nh spit cooldown*cd is damn too long, shorten it or ad more munitions or add special effects to the spits, i'll give some example the yellow one could attract more zombies, based on where you are on the mapor just regular infected and how many survivors you're fighting the purple one could darkenthe sight, disable any uv light 5 meters around the target, that would force the survivors too split once again the orange one could make survivors weaker/sick like when crain got his zombies transformation goin on, stamina lost recpvering slowly and sight gettong weird finally the green one could do aditional effect if you touch a survivor with your spit. touching a survivor with the toxic spit owuld create a toxic zone as usual but give to the human a debuf, like healing becoming useless, some damages per second since you reached your target chest with a caustic spit and this damage overtime would strike survivors near by, like 4/5 meters and if the target is take down with the spit on it, another toxic splash would appear under the survivor who's been taken down the healing debuff would last 10 sec and the damage on 5 sec, biconditional too 75 damages, it could deal less damages if your life isn't fully tucks or ad a general buff on the nh based on how many survivors you're fighting damages, HEALTH, speed, or an escape move, like eveerytime you take a hit you have a safe jump like the balverines in fable that put you in safety, it could occure every 30 sec or every 100 damages that you do, dunno or Disable the survivor sence make the zombie more discret, more able too hide his self and take a survivor by surprise, there's no way too surprise q good survivorm he'll awlays know where you are and where's gonna fall or Put more zombies around nest and specials one for the last ones like you could have heavy zombies at the 4th nest and bigger zombz for the last , or more or both, all of it would be based on how many survivors you have in the game and generally let all the zombies in the normal map, just remove the ones who are afraid from the UV light and are really powerful, i don't know their name in english it's"rapace" in french but reverso tells me that bird of prey is the translation... might ont be that or add another night hunter when you're against more than 2 survivors thanks for reading this people, that's all i wanted too tell you, ihope you'll give your opinion and that techland will do something about it, they can rebalance the game really easly they just have too change some data about life damages 'n chupacabra, too make a litle update and here we go no more 0/12 for the nh and 0 death for the survivors. youc an say what the chupacabra you want, when survivors are trained, they can counter you ad kill with so many choices that you have too change your gameplay too try too put down someone, it's sad. when you beguin against low survivor you laugh, you make theme stress and feel powerful, but you find a good dropkicker map chekker and the opposite come, you get stomped like a litle zombitch to techland: i want to have fun again, i don't want to be sitting looking the nest getting crushed and cannot do chupacabra, that's just sad lol, that's just killing this fabulous gameplay that you, techland offered to us in plus of the game, like ...DAMN i have alot of pleasure playing a mod that you created and it's like you never tried it, be the zombie against good players isn't fun anymore, it's no challenge. you spent time too create this mod, keep watching it, you just have some programmation data too change and make a quick update, that's not soo much work by comparaison too the huge mod you created... please make something, or i'll be wasted
  4. Hi, my name is Matthew. Before you read this I would like to record that I did thoroughly enjoy Dying Light. No other zombie game can compare. I don't care about your forum trolls putting in their two cents. Even for what it is worth, simply put... I don't care. With that being said, when are you going to fix your game? I assumed when the announcement of a "hard mode" coming to the game it would at least balance the 'Be The Zombie' multiplayer function. You all have a great platform to work on. It could be great. However right now, as the game stands. It's a game where you play it through once and you leave bored of it. Of course, it gets you going. You are excited to play it. It is a scary game. Then you start crafting weird weapons that could only come from the imagination of Pee-Wee Herman (yes, I threw that in there so you know I am not a cry baby kid who still plays with Play-Doh and Lego's). You soon find yourself king of Harran. This is fine, great or dandy if you want to end it there. This leaves me with the multiplayer aspect. It sucks. 'Be The Zombie' mode is undeniably unbalanced (this is the part where the forum trolls come in). To be completely honest, if you think you are an awesome one man army and you think you are the best survivor out there. Then you are only basking in the shadows of children. I am talking about those annoying Halo children. A game where they toss you a softball and you have to hit it. You know that softball is coming. Mommy tossed it. I have been on both sides of Harran; I prefer to be the zombie. Why? It's a challenge. I can play endless match after match as a survivor and win every time. That is not a game. It's kind of like watching your favorite sports team beat the worse team in the league. Yes, sometimes they get beat, but we all know it's just a morale booster game. It's a workout to play as the zombie. I have found my thumbs and fingers sore after playing several matches. I don't have any time to relax and smoke a little weed. Honestly, I think I wore out a controller because 'Be The Zombie' is that vigorous. As the survivor, all I need is my uv light and a rooftop. The UV light. Really? It's the same intensity no matter the effective distance. It wears down the Night Hunters shield so quickly it becomes a frustrating battle of hide and seek. You need to seriously re-think this over powered flashlight. It needs to either be nurfed where the survivors will only conserve it or give the Night Hunter more stamina time. Survivor sense? I don't think dolphins have this good of a locating ability. I have watched countless replays of people who spam the chupacabra out of this to the point it looks like a light show on their mini map. Why call him a Night Hunter if the survivor knows its location every second of the game? Gamma adjustment? I see this abused by everyone. Either most people need a crutch or they are too afraid of the dark. I have see videos where the Survivor sees better in the dark than the Night Hunter. You should have put a little bit more thought into it. This game is amazing when you can't see a damn thing. When you have it set properly, it's almost like being in the dark. However, you don't give a guide on how to set it properly. Become the hunted. Like myself, when I used to think kicking some Night Hunter butt was awesome. I went after the Night Hunter. I would leave one nest alive just so I could mess around longer. There is no fear factor. All I have to worry about is the Night Hunter, where it is and how to mess with it. Right now I am a level 41 Night Hunter with only 24 hours of playing time behind it. Once all of the skills are unlocked, that it. The rest of the Xp accumulated are just numbers. The Night Hunter does not get stronger. It just shows how much you have played. To be honest, the people that gloat about being great at defeating the Night Hunter have no value. Anyone can do it. It's really easy. Why did you, the ones that "put their heart and soul" into the game drop the ball this bad? This is where my rant ends. Hopefully you enjoyed it. I won't be back to respond because I know the man won't see it. I hope it at least this raises some points. Maybe that softball will start rolling. Thanks for your time, Matthew
  5. Chaos_Deception

    Flares Ruin Be The Zombie

    Flares Ruin Be the Zombie. With the Abundance of Flare Spam. In part Due to the Item Duplication Glitch and also in part to how easily they are made. A Solo Survivor can use Flares in such a way that You have no way to win. When going against 2 or more Survivors using this Tactic. The Problem is compounded even more. Suggested fix: give the Hunter the Ability to Extinguish Flares or Allow the Hunter to Disable Survivors ability to spam with them. At least then, the Hunter would have a means to Win against this Tactic.
  6. Let me say this first. I was the victim of the night hunter dozens of times, and my opinion was that the mode was balanced (granted I never used survivor sense because I didn't even know about it). After playing as the hunter for a while to get some perspective, my opinion has changed. Let me start with survivor sense... absolute stupidity on the person who added it to this mode. It's ridiculous when all 4 humans are looking directly at you for the entire match and theres nothing you can do about it. The idea of a hunter in any aspect is to be stealthy and avoid detection by your prey. In this mode, the hunter often times because the hunted simply by being flashed with a UV light for half a second. This is what I think needs to happen: Survivor sense needs to be either completely removed from this mode or be seriously reworked. It has no purpose other than to show the hunters exact location. It should have a cooldown of 20 seconds, and it should only show the direction that the hunter is in. On top of that, the duration of the effect (showing the direction of the hunter) should only last for 2 seconds tops. It's range should also be severely limited. The best thing to do would be to show the hunters map icon on the edge of the radar to show its direction. UV light... this is a big one. It's drain rate is far too slow. I've been in 10-15 second long chases (where I, the HUNTER, am being chased) where the humans have no issue keeping their UV light on me the entire time. It should last for 6-7 seconds on a full charge, and it should not start recharging for 5 seconds after the UV light is turned off. It's range also needs to be reduced dramatically. It's range coupled with survivor sense makes it impossible to pounce a player who is always staring in your direction with their UV light turned on. It needs at LEAST a 30-40% reduction in range. Spawning... good GOD... When a hunter dies, it literally spawns them 10-15 seconds away from the nearest nest (this is after the 10 second loading screen wait, of course). Also I can't tell you how many times I've went after a group of people, kill one of them, only to have him spawn 300 meters away within spitting distance of the nests. By the time I even get there, he's already gotten to the nests, destroyed them, and is waiting for me with his UV light pointed in my exact direction. If a survivor dies, for whatever reason, it should NOT spawn him closer to the nests. Spits... now before I go into this, be aware I'm only a level 7-8 hunter, so I do not have all the skills unlocked. Now, the length of time it takes spits to explode is ridiculous. You can land a spit 2 feet away from someone, and they can be 30 feet away before it goes off. If there is a skill that reduces that time, disregard this part. People hiding in unreachable places... here's a story from last night (TL;DR at the end). I joined a session of 4 people who were playing in Old Town. As soon as I joined, I see all 4 of them running for a few second and then they stopped. Upon reaching them, they're all 4 hiding inside of a safe house (whose only entrance was through a hole in the roof), inside of a closet with the door closed. The second I would get remotely near this hole, they would run out with UV lights blaring and chase me off. I tried spitting a horde spawn into the hole, but they would simply close the door. Same with the UV disruptor. So eventually I backed off, hoping they would leave and I could have a chance of killing them. They finally grew a pair (or so I had thought) and decided to come out. I started after them, only to be met with constant UV lights in my direction. Then they proceeded to run up onto a tower. This tower was extremely tall and in the middle of the open, meaning I couldn't get near them from any angle. I tried climbing up the side of the tower and spitting at them from below. Nope, UV light over the edge and off I went (they were throwing flares like mad men as well). there was absolutely nothing I could do. Horde spit? They're on a tower, so even if I did tag them it wouldn't matter. UV disruptor was useless, because they were already throwing flares and I hadn't even hit them yet. This continued for about 10 minutes. I had come to the realization that they were terrified of a video game, and were trying to get me to leave. I was not about to let them win so easily, so I stuck around. To my surprise, they actually came down. By that I mean they all ziplined at the same time, covering half the distance to the nests. By the time I reached them, they had already cleared out the nest and were hiding (again) in what looked like a small store, with the door closed. I managed to tag them a few times with horde spit (they opened the door occasionally to hit me with their UV lights) but they would simply close the door until it was over. Long story short, they hid in the room for a few minutes and then proceeded to clear out the nests one by one, as I sit helplessly on the rooftops as they constantly shone their UV lights directly at me at all times. I tried spitting, but it was old town... so hordes are useless, and they were throwing flares basically the entire time (even when they weren't hit with UV disruptor). TL;DR: Group of 4 players hides for 20 minutes, then cowardly clears each nest by hiding in any room they could find until I backed off a little (or they decided to come chase me, which is not hard considering the UV lights range). All the times that I had been hunted by the night hunter, I never used survivor sense, nor did anyone that I played with (that I'm aware of). It made the game a lot more fun and to me it seemed balanced. However, I have a few matches under my belt while using survivor sense, and I can tell you that it's unbalanced. I will not be playing the hunter any more until they balance this game mode. On a final note, if you people don't want a hunter to join your session (the people who immediately leave because they're scared, or alone) then please turn off your zombie invasion setting.