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Found 10 results

  1. Most of them are well known by now. I'm playing on PS4. 1. Glitched Trophies -"Now It's Safe" and "It's All In the Writing" are the glitched trophies I've encountered so far. Some people say that "Polyamory" and "Homo Homini Lupus Est" are also glitched. A lot of people are still wondering that "The Whole Story" trophy might be glitched as well since there's like maybe a few ones that might have it or none actually at this time. PS: It would be a big "BS" move if ever "The Whole Story" trophy/achievement requires the paid DLC missions. Here is a list of side quests that I've already compeleted, notify me if I missed some side quests: 2. I can't max out my survivor level which is level 25. -The exp meter is stuck at 471500/475000 exp and it doesn't go up beyond that. Both my agility and power levels have already been maxed out without problems. By the time I completed the story quests, I was below Survivor Level 24. Some people said that they can get to Survivor Level 25 as long they haven't finished the story quests to 100%. 3. There are times that zombies get glitched through a wall. - There's a rare chance that some zombies go through a wall like they had a momentary ghost mode. 4. Broken counters in the personal statistics under the Extras menu. - I've noticed 2 counters are not registering the progress I've made, one is for the Safe Zones and the other one is for the Quarantine Zones. Both of those stay at 0, I've already got the "Trespassing" trophy which require to complete the quarantine zones. 5. Teleports me into different areas/locations when continuing my game. - I noticed that every time I quit the game when I'm in Old Town so I can save my progress, the next time I continue to play the game it loads my character to the Slums instead of loading Old Town. I'm looking forward to a fix to the glitched trophies.
  2. Downloaded the latest patch hoping for the trophy's to be patched, but still have not received "It's All In The Writing Trophy" after collecting all text collectibles. Any help?
  3. timbo1234

    Polyamory Trophy Ps4

    Hi I need a third player to get this trophy msg me on PSN Boba__Fett_25
  4. Andrekreou

    Trespassing Trophy Glitch

    As the description says. I can't unlock trespassing trophy. I've captured all zones, I completed the game and I have used all the possible workarounds to make this pop but to no avail. What can be done??? I have the PS4 EU Disc version.
  5. Since I live in Australia, it's harder to find people to play with who just want to get things done. Going into Matchmaking is a nightmare because sometimes joining a 3 player game will prove not to be a 3 player game so it becomes pointless. When you do join a 3 player game, people drop out after 1 or 2 quests, never to be seen again. This is not a fun, challenging or practical trophy by any stretch of the imagination. Imagine being one trophy from platinum and having people drop out from a 4 player game for no good reason. You would swear your arse off because that's how damn frustrating it is to endure this. PSA: Create a New Game+ if you don't want to mess up your story progress. It's not that hard to figure out and ensures people can actually get this trophy/achievement without having retards dropping in and out. At this rate, 5 quests may as well be 20 with the inconsistency of playing with randoms. To Techland: You obviously had nfi (no f'ing idea) what you were doing when you made this trophy. Did you not think of the countless players who live in different timezones and are of different intelligence levels?. This has to be the worst example of an online trophy, period. If I can't get this soon enough (within a few days) I want you to do this one thing for me. NEVER make an online trophy/achievement ever again. As a trophy collector/hunter, developers like you need a good solid punch in the face for frustrating trophies like these. It's not fair on players and arbitrarily pads the game out making it take FOREVER.
  6. WelshWastelander

    Trophy Bugs Need To Be Repaired.

    Hey ladies and gentlemen, I'm new to the Techland forum. May I just say that I love Dying Light, it is one of the finest games I have played in a while. I am just curious as to when there will/may be a patch for the PS4 Digital version of Dying Light in the UK (EU) for the bugged/glitched trophies. I have tried a few times on NG+ and starting fresh. Completed this game 100% almost 4 times now and these trophies haven't popped for me. The Side quest trophy (completed but no trophy) The Safe zone trophy (completed but no trophy) The Rais' nen trophy (completed but no trophy) The Collectible trophy (completed but no trophy) The Quarantine zones trophy (completed but no trophy) I have the latest patch installed (1.01) I am just wondering if Techland have forgotten about the bugged trophies on PS4 or are they working on a patch to fix these problems? I have searched the internet and found very little information regarding this issue. Could someone please shed some light for me because I am not in the mood to play through again and not get the trophies again. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling on my PS4 but that didn't fix. Thank you for taking the time to read my topic.
  7. Anonymous420_1

    My "broken" Game Issues Ps4

    All fence traps have dissapeared from my game entirely. Im on ng+ and have maxed out all my levels. My fence traps and car bombs have dissapeared from the game. Also rendering the trophy requiring you to kill enemies with the fence trap Impossible to unlock. I made a new game, an afted you activate the car bombs fof the first time. When you complete the mission it al reverts and goes back to not working.. ie; fence traps and car bombs dissapeared As well as trespassing and its all I the writing are also broken trophys on my copy as I have even completdd the free Dlc quarantine zones along with the originals. With still no trophy progression I have completed all challenges and all side quests got 100% completion and still no trophy And to top it off The Last of Us easter egg is broke, the clicker when killed will not drop or let you loot the "Clicker blueprint" he only drops a pack of ciggs and $34. Or the clicker spawns as a normal zombie. Or the clicker spawns nothing at all have read many posts on the issues ive been having here and have voted on the poll. Now here is my mess.
  8. yo Big Mitch

    Help!? What's The Best Weapon?

    Through opinion what is ultimately the best weapon to craft and upgrade!?!? Would love some answers, I've saved up so much money and stuff on this game cause I don't want to waste anything on anything until I am sure on what is a good decision to spend it on. REPLY!
  9. alpha_striker

    Trophy Bug

    I have attempted to collect some trophies and i have found that there are several bugs. Trophies -The Whole Story Finish all side quest -It's All In the Writing Find all text collectibles (This one did not happen to me but to my 5 friends and reported in other forums) -Now It's Safe Capture all Safe Zones I got the trophy "Now It's Safe" when i was missing 3 more safe zones for some reason. For the trophy "It's All In the Writing" it says i have 99% when I have all of them. For the trophy "The Whole Story" there are websites that report more side quest that in my side quest completion and i have done all side quest. I hope this helps if any developer may see this or reported to them but please fix these because not having 100% completion in my trophies drives me crazy. Thank you for you time.
  10. Dear, Techland. You've made an excellent game, and it works amazingly well, for the most part! I'm just struggling to see why I should have to restart the game completely just to grab two trophies I've earned. Just let us know if a fix is coming, please.