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Found 5 results

  1. therebill

    Official guide is wrong?

    I started playing Dying Light in December 2016. I have several hundred hours between the main game and The Following. I’ve recently decided to collect all of the statues, racing trophies, and flags. I know there’s no achievement for it, but I still want them all. I’ve used several online guides, videos, and even the official Dying Light guide book. I’m missing one Zombie Statue in the main campaign, and then one Racing Trophy, and 1 flag in The Following. I’ve collected everything else. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the game on my Xbox One X. I’ve contacted Techland and let them know that their own official guide by Prima is loaded with mistakes. Certain things are different in my game than what I’ve seen in online guides and videos. For example, the Zombie Statue on the Infamy Bridge that’s in the trunk of a car. In all guides and videos, the trunk is wide open. On my game, it’s barely open at all. There are many other things like this. Has the game changed since it was released? Have things been added or removed? How can it all be so wrong?
  2. Hey guys, I'm looking for a group of players to help collect 3 trophies (Polyamory, Lucky 7 and Harran Athletics)! Anyone else need help? I'm in the EST Timezone but if anyone is online, that's cool too! PSN: xINVIOLABLE
  3. Sean-E-Boy

    Urgent Co-Op Help Ps4!

    Hey guys i have beaten dying light and almost have all trophies for the ps4 version of dying light. I started a campaign + and i need help. I play coop with my cousin on dying light and we need 2 more players with mics who speak english on the ps4 to help us get the 4 player coop mission trophies. We are really good at the game and have exp boosting strategies incase your a low level. We dont care about what level you are because we can help you guys rank up and you just have to listen to us since we know what we are doing. If you are looking to have fun rank up quickly and get the 4 player coop trophies and become better just add my psn: Sean-E-Boy or my Cousins PSN SlimShea-T. Please help us! We are currently playing and will probably be playing most of the da since we live in Canada and there is a ton of snow today (snow day for school and our houses are snowed in) so we will be on all day. Send us friend requests and we will accept and send you a party invite asap
  4. rudabaker454

    Glitched Trophy Solutions

    Just wanted to let you guys know I got the safe house trophy to pop by starting a NG+. Started a fresh save at the last mission (extraction), and just cleared the first 3 safe zones I came to and it popped. I also got the This his Haraaaan trophy to pop after hours of kicking zombies off the Infamy Bridge, I realized as soon as I kicked them off they'd immediately respawn. So, I kind of had a hunch these respawn zombies didn't go towards the count, and said chupacabra it and decided to come back to this trophy later. So, today I decided I'll go to Old Town kick 10 zombies off roof tops, and if it doesn't pop it's glitched because I've kicked massive amount of zombies off rooftops/cliffs. After like 3 or 4 it popped, so I can only assume these respawn zombies were the culprits. So, guys I'm not saying these are 100% solutions but they worked for me. If you guys are struggling with these trophies maybe these will work for yinz.
  5. Sean-E-Boy

    Ps4 Coop

    Hey guys once again I post this. Me and my cousin want to get the trophy for playing 4 player coop on ps4. Add me Up Sean-E-Boy. Looking for urgent help thanks guy!