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Found 28 results

  1. ChronicPanda

    Fan Video Showcase

    So around 2 years ago, I've posted on the forums about building a world based on Dead Island in a voxel indie game "total miner". Recently I uploaded a video showcasing my world in it's current state before it undergoes some design changes; I felt like sharing this video to the techland community. I really want to attempt at building a fully fledged out voxel world based on Dying Light sometime in the future, but for now all my focus is on Dead Island. I still love Dying Light a lot so I decided to include a restored version of the tower which is still being worked on and briefly seen in my video. In fact I actually made a short fan video over dying light a year before it was released; I went blind trying to design the filming sets since we obviously haven't explored Harran yet lol. I don't remember if I shared the dying light video on the forums. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this video. I may actually plan on making another dying light fan video probably around the summer.
  2. So today I've found out the original Dead Island series is being revamped for next gen. I would like to ask a few questions to any techland members on here. Q1: It seems that Techland was involved with deep silver again to make this "definitive" edition. Is this true ? Q2: If you were actually involved, is this version of Dead Island running on Chrome engine 6 or an improved version of Chrome engine 5 ? I quite find it surprising that there's a new version of Dead Island coming out. Dead Island is one of my favorite games, due to the unique tropical setting and even though the story wasn't that great, I still enjoyed it very much. Dying light is also one of my favorites, I could say so much about why I like Dying light, but that would turn into a very long page lol. I would say one of my favorite things about Dying Light is the horror aspect, which other zombie games lack. UPDATE: So I found out Dead Island is ported to chrome 6 which is GREAT !!!!!!
  3. You guys and gals did well on Dying Light. Just wanted to say keep making games like this and I'll keep buying them as long as they are long, adventurous, coop, melee, and stealth based. Next zombie game you guys make I'm hoping for it to be on a massive map and see people doing things in safe zones instead of sitting around to make the world seem a little more lively such as Skyrim. Thanks again, and remember to put more blunt weapons in the game, I've been bumming bats off of random people in order to feel powerless after reaching level 25 in survival.
  4. Hello! I'm a relatively small YouTube channel! I just started a few days ago, and i'm not so sure about fair use laws yet; despite doing research. Generally I gathered it's always good to ask for permission if you're unsure! So, I'm hoping this would be the right place to ask, because i need permission to publish a review of Dying Light! So, Techland could i use the footage i captured of Dying Light in my review of the game? I know i need permission to monetize my videos! So that's why i'm asking! I appreciate you taking the time to read this, and i will respect whatever decision you choose to make!
  5. 100 Years of Zombie Evolution in Pop Culture | Time Lapse Video
  6. canyonbeary

    Suggested weapons

    I would like to suggest bringing in some of the same weapons that were used in the dead island games like the brass knuckles and the wolverine claws. So players fight more hand to hand thus making the game even cooler than it already is.
  7. In case anyone else is wondering about how to start the Drink 4 DLC Questline, here is a quick video explaining the main parts of it! Don't forget that it is in the main campaign and not the following. Good Night and Good Luck!
  8. So, I encountered a 2-party group of hackers in the Be the Zombie mode where these 2 little children who were immature little chupacabra who'd make such great comebacks as 'your mom' had INFINITE HEALTH and Unlimited Bullets (Presumed) and presumably Unlimited UV Light. It was painfully obnoxious and I recorded the two with solid evidence, and their Steam profiles and wanted to know if Techland deals with banning these obnoxious chupacabra-stains on multiplayer because these kids surely were acting full of themselves and how untouchable they were and how they 'Didn't care' if I reported them. The hilarious part was that I still beat them even when they had unlimited health because where slashing, body checking and ground slams didn't do damage to them, horde-zombies still knocked them down and pouncing still killed them and I managed to make them both rage quit..... (Pretty sad that 2 hackers lost, I'm not even max levelled as zombie)... So....does Techland actually respond to these kinds of threads, or no? Any email I should contact?
  9. Alright. Hey, Techland, if you're reading this. So, I can already see myself that this game is practically dead. There's only about 1k people playing this game right now, and nearly every other hub I go to it's at least that times five. Grand theft auto V almost breaches 50k. You guys aren't patching the game too much, and when you do, it's just little bug fixes for bugs I've never encountered. Every bug that happens nearly EVERY SINGLE SESSION is still there SINCE I BOUGHT THE GAME. None have been fixed, and I am not going to bother reporting them, as I doubt anything will be done about them. There is a good amount of content to the game, but the first DLC.. Bozak Horde.. it was awful. Me and every person I knew hated it. It was hard, boring, and not rewarding at all. Nobody I knew could solo it, either. For all the leaderboards, every global time for anything is always 0.000 seconds, so our scores don't matter either. I beat the game three times now, and I have an AMD GPU and CPU. I'm still getting absolutely terrible performance to this day, since day 1, and nothing has been done about it. It seems you guys only care about money, and that sucks, because this game is wonderful, It has so much potential even after everything already in it, and you aren't doing anything with it. You don't take the community's ideas either. Anybody agree?
  10. Jendruź2228

    Patch Directx12 Do Dying Light.

    Witam, mam pytanie. Czy Dying Light doczeka się patcha z obsługą DirectX12? A może już jest tylko ja o nim nie wiem? Ktoś ma jakieś informacje?
  11. NullExoZombies

    Fix This Hunter Game Too

    Jump, ground pound... Jump, ground pound.. Jump, ground pound... this is all an apex hunter (and others) needs to do to win every time... the drop kick misses both, btw its stupid that the only time the drop kick lands is if there's the slo motion animation.. its equally stupid that the only maneuver the player has versus the ground pound is to wait for the hunter to misfire then the player can exploit.. which is hardly the case if jump, ground pound is disovered but then the [single] player's screwed Thanks for the making the environoment's spikes useless against raging zombies.. which is another dumb feature.. somehow both the player and the hunter are both instantly killed when impaled....but not a regular zombie??? Is it because the zombie's rage somehow makes the zombie immune to the first impale on the spikes??? ..... it's dumb... it should be always 'rewarding' that the player manage to land a zombie on selected spikes as is the case during the regular game
  12. Hi, on 10 January this year I did the pre-order of Dying Light Edition Ultimate and my season pass does not work and when I try to download from the EC-37707 error and Techland said he would fix it in February, and I want my $ 30 right back because I want to play my game with the NEW DLC'S! WTF TECHLAND! Thanks, Woods.
  13. cameronthecooldude


    Please can you bring back the weapon duplication glitch where you throw your weapon and than drop it I think it would be much better with it
  14. cameronthecooldude


    Please can you bring back the weapon duplication glitch where you throw your weapon and than drop it I think it would be much better with it
  15. Hey guys, Techland just announced the winners for the #HuntByNight video contest! Guess who won? :3
  16. I don't usually take the time to do this, unless it is warranted, and this is... Thank-you for all the hard work, staff and family of Techland. Dying Light was not a disappointing purchase. My experience both solo, or playing with friends has been enjoyable. The visuals were breathtaking and the game-play smooth and fluid. I miss the days of playing C&C Renegade, a first person shooter with structured objectives focused on teamplay. Ender
  17. Blackburn123321

    Thankyou So Much Techland...

    Dear Techland, I just wanted to say Thankyou for your hard work and 100% Dedication towards the Dying light Community, you guys are just awesome!, here's is a list of things I wanted to thank you for. 1:- The latest Update patch (Which fixed SO many problems such as (Coop,BTZ,etc) for a lot of people, including me.) 2:- New Outfits, (Love them!) 3:- New Weapons, (Thankyou!!) 4:- Hardcore mode, (Now for this one I want to give you a special Thankyou!!! for making it 100% FREE For the community to play and enjoy!) 5:- Cooperating with and Responding to the community, (You guys do an outstanding job with hearing out our issues, suggestions and complaints here at the forums and I really wanted to thank you ALL at Techland for that) ~Thumbs up for appreciation to Techland!, and thankyou for reading.
  18. SlammedSloth

    Ultimate Bundle Steam Extra's

    So if you pre ordered on Steam you got the Punk Queen and if you pre ordered from somewhere else you're kind out of luck, all the weapons and skins will be available to everyone. The only weapon that will stay exclusive will be the Punk Queen. Thank you Steam.
  19. TheUnknown

    Important Question..

    Am I the only one having issues to where joining one friend is a problem. Me and this friend were able to play this co op since launch day, but since last week, Everytime I try to join his game, or he joins mine, after a couple seconds it kicks us out and says connection could not be established blah blah blah. Then while we're in a party on PS4, it cuts his mic out then says cannot voice chat because of NAT type issues..
  20. Hi there I just want to say please work more on the patches don't get them out too fast please work more on the patches cause right now not many thing got fixed If you guys just don't realese a patch in the next 2 weeks and then put out a big patch that fixes everything that would be awesome!
  21. Rhys

    Save Courrpted

    My save game got courrpted I am on ps4 Please help I was doing the missions we're SPOILER ALERT the mission that you kill tahir in after I killed tahir I was going to the stash then I turned off my ps4 when I came back my save got courrpted I heared after you sleep and quit the game your save gets courrpted so I guess that's what happend because the time was changing automatically so yeah PLZ help I really love this game I ve putted more then 30+ hours In it I don't want to replay all of it I guess I gonna play be the zombie until a patch is out to fix this issue or something
  22. birdsdaword

    Co-Op Crash!

    Please techland if you are out there and read this respond!! I am a huge fan of your games. I absolutely love playing them. But this is getting really f$%king old quick. I bought this game with the excitement of being able to slay zombies and to compete with my friends online. And so far I have been able to nothing but start the game over and over and over again. Every time I get in a lobby Iimmediately get kicked!!! 1. Why is this happening 2. When do you predict that it will be fixed!! You have a kick at destiny in the one cave, but yet you are having issues. How can you take a stab at an amazing game like that and still have people not able to play co-op!!!! And let me just say this before you say it "could be my internet" I have the top of the line service for one and for two I just hard wired my ps4 to my router and that still did not help. I was with a friend and within 4 minutes I got kicked! THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!
  23. I began downloading DL at around 6:30 this evening and it is now midnight. It's been stuck at 45% for the last half hour, and previously 40% an hour before. Strangely, before it got to 40%, it was at 14%, then it jumped to 37%. Skipping all the numbers in between. Thats not always bad, but only when you were stuck at 14% for 3 hours. Is there something wrong on my end, or what's going on? By the way, it's not my connection, because I've downloaded the likes of Destiny, Advanced Warfare, and Forza, and all in good amounts of time; this meaning, 30 minutes to an hour. Please help.
  24. AdvantagedNiqqa

    Read For A Very Nice Idea

    I think for winning on the be the zombie mode you should get like, a lot of exp and like maybe place wagers? I there should be a multiplayer option when before the zombie joins your game you should have an option on a wager like you could bet a weapon or maybe in game money? I like that idea, Grand theft auto 5 did it in games where you compete and it was amazing