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Found 11 results

  1. Pete Donnelly

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    Gonna start fresh! Post your BTZ matches here!!! Or, if you're a Survivor, post your Invasion matches here!
  2. Pete Donnelly

    Btz Fixes In The Next Patch

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know of some BTZ fixes that will be included in the next patch: 1. Fixed issue where bombers deal less damage than they should 2. Fixed issue of Hunter spawning in safe zone 3. Fixed issue of Hunter being able to spawn a buggy 4. Fixed issue of Bombers not spawning in certain areas 5. Fixed issue where Volatile spawn is locked in a train car 6. Fixed issue allowing Hunter to instantly pounce after a spit 7. Fixed issue allowing Hunter to instantly cancel out of the start of UV Heal state 8. Fixed issue allowing Nests to be killed in 1 shot 9. Fixed issue causing Hunter to sometimes move backwards in tendril locomotion 10. Reduced and fine tuned rubberbanding values across all settings from 1v1 to 4v1 Thanks to everyone who helped bring some of these to our attention quickly! Cheers!
  3. Soulborn141

    Matchmaking balancing.

    So i'm a dying light player with roughly 200 hours on the game with little knowledge about the BTZ game mode or other known as the PvP side of the game. When i play as the NH, i'm either getting matched with people with over 1000 hours in the game, or someone that just bought the game and has maybe 10 hours max. And when i'm a survivor taking invasions, its the same concept. I'm never getting matched with people at my skill level. I'm getting sick and tired of the matchmaking with people over 1000 hours, and i just feel bad playing against people who have absolutely no idea whats going on. I mean, whats the point in having ranks if they aren't gonna be used in how you match with other players? Another problem i have while playing as the survivor is having a hunter join in multiple times after beating me to farm as much exp as possible, or just to be a total chupacabra and troll me. This mainly happens when i'm playing with multiple people, and it really gets on my nerves because sometimes i want to play with other people and learn how to deal with other types of play styles, rather than playing against someone with the same one over and over again. Techlands, if you see this post, please do something about it.
  4. Just a Gamer


    So I think one of the most annoying things in btz is the magnetism for Cars, Trash piles, etc. Whenever I jump for a DFA and there's a Car near by the car will pull me towards it and I'll miss but if I'm really unlucky, I would actually miss the Car or Trash Pile and die from fall damage. Like why do we not have an option to turn off Magnetism for cars and trash piles? I messes me up way more than it actually helps. So what I'm suggesting is you can put an option to turn off and on the Magnetism for Cars etc. Because the way it is right now, it kills the Survivors more than helps them.
  5. Danos66

    Unique Leveling Issue?

    I'm having an in-game leveling issue (XBox One version). I recently finished the main story. After the credits started rolling, an option appeared to "continue" (by pressing "A" on the XBox controller). After doing this, I found myself in the slums tower. I then looked at my skills and noticed that my survivor points had been reduced to zero. I was at level 17, but had no points. I then completed a side quest and was informed that I had been awarded a few thousand survivor points (don't remember the exact number). However, when I checked my skills, my survivor points were still at zero. As you can imagine, this is very disappointing. I was looking forward to progressing my character by completing side quests and challenges (most of which I had not finished before completing the main story). I've searched online, but have found no other instances of this particular problem. If anyone can speak to this issue, it would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  6. Hi, my name is Matthew. Before you read this I would like to record that I did thoroughly enjoy Dying Light. No other zombie game can compare. I don't care about your forum trolls putting in their two cents. Even for what it is worth, simply put... I don't care. With that being said, when are you going to fix your game? I assumed when the announcement of a "hard mode" coming to the game it would at least balance the 'Be The Zombie' multiplayer function. You all have a great platform to work on. It could be great. However right now, as the game stands. It's a game where you play it through once and you leave bored of it. Of course, it gets you going. You are excited to play it. It is a scary game. Then you start crafting weird weapons that could only come from the imagination of Pee-Wee Herman (yes, I threw that in there so you know I am not a cry baby kid who still plays with Play-Doh and Lego's). You soon find yourself king of Harran. This is fine, great or dandy if you want to end it there. This leaves me with the multiplayer aspect. It sucks. 'Be The Zombie' mode is undeniably unbalanced (this is the part where the forum trolls come in). To be completely honest, if you think you are an awesome one man army and you think you are the best survivor out there. Then you are only basking in the shadows of children. I am talking about those annoying Halo children. A game where they toss you a softball and you have to hit it. You know that softball is coming. Mommy tossed it. I have been on both sides of Harran; I prefer to be the zombie. Why? It's a challenge. I can play endless match after match as a survivor and win every time. That is not a game. It's kind of like watching your favorite sports team beat the worse team in the league. Yes, sometimes they get beat, but we all know it's just a morale booster game. It's a workout to play as the zombie. I have found my thumbs and fingers sore after playing several matches. I don't have any time to relax and smoke a little weed. Honestly, I think I wore out a controller because 'Be The Zombie' is that vigorous. As the survivor, all I need is my uv light and a rooftop. The UV light. Really? It's the same intensity no matter the effective distance. It wears down the Night Hunters shield so quickly it becomes a frustrating battle of hide and seek. You need to seriously re-think this over powered flashlight. It needs to either be nurfed where the survivors will only conserve it or give the Night Hunter more stamina time. Survivor sense? I don't think dolphins have this good of a locating ability. I have watched countless replays of people who spam the chupacabra out of this to the point it looks like a light show on their mini map. Why call him a Night Hunter if the survivor knows its location every second of the game? Gamma adjustment? I see this abused by everyone. Either most people need a crutch or they are too afraid of the dark. I have see videos where the Survivor sees better in the dark than the Night Hunter. You should have put a little bit more thought into it. This game is amazing when you can't see a damn thing. When you have it set properly, it's almost like being in the dark. However, you don't give a guide on how to set it properly. Become the hunted. Like myself, when I used to think kicking some Night Hunter butt was awesome. I went after the Night Hunter. I would leave one nest alive just so I could mess around longer. There is no fear factor. All I have to worry about is the Night Hunter, where it is and how to mess with it. Right now I am a level 41 Night Hunter with only 24 hours of playing time behind it. Once all of the skills are unlocked, that it. The rest of the Xp accumulated are just numbers. The Night Hunter does not get stronger. It just shows how much you have played. To be honest, the people that gloat about being great at defeating the Night Hunter have no value. Anyone can do it. It's really easy. Why did you, the ones that "put their heart and soul" into the game drop the ball this bad? This is where my rant ends. Hopefully you enjoyed it. I won't be back to respond because I know the man won't see it. I hope it at least this raises some points. Maybe that softball will start rolling. Thanks for your time, Matthew
  7. So I really love Dying light, been playing it for hours. I have my agility at Rank 22 and my strength at 24. But my survivor Rank is stuck at 24 (max is 25) it says I have 474000 XP and nex level is in 475000 and I won't gain/lose any XP for that Rank... Please tell me they will patch this right away I wish to not start over... plus this whole fear of my characters stats, inventory, and storage resetting (As people are talking about) I am eager that they find a fix for all of this right away. Anyone else having this issue? Also this happened to me on Xbox One
  8. Chaos_Deception

    Flares Ruin Be The Zombie

    Flares Ruin Be the Zombie. With the Abundance of Flare Spam. In part Due to the Item Duplication Glitch and also in part to how easily they are made. A Solo Survivor can use Flares in such a way that You have no way to win. When going against 2 or more Survivors using this Tactic. The Problem is compounded even more. Suggested fix: give the Hunter the Ability to Extinguish Flares or Allow the Hunter to Disable Survivors ability to spam with them. At least then, the Hunter would have a means to Win against this Tactic.
  9. Rusty Penny

    Stuck At Level 24 Survivor

    Okay so recently I hit level 24 Survivor, i'm currently at 460,000 XP out of 475,000 and cannot gain anymore Survivor XP. I've died trying to lose them, and completed missions/got crates/survived the night trying to gain them and nothing. I've restarted the game, restarted my Xbox One, joined a friend's session, nothing. Please help?
  10. I am playing Dying Light for the PS4 and I noticed that when unlocking the scout or survivor uniform, it says it unlocked one, but really unlocked the other. So when I unlocked the Scout uniform, it said I unlocked the survivor uniform.
  11. So What Survivor Are You? Gender: Male My Take at the Question: Type of Movement - Agile/Runner/Climber Melee Preferences - Long Swords/Blunt Light Weapons*hammers etc* Weaponry/Gun Choise - Sniper Rifles Max 3 Gadget Choise - Throwing Knifes/Fireworks/UV-Light Bulbs Prefered Stance/Job - Scout/Mailman/Scavenger Way At Night - Stealthy/Running *If you don't know if Hostile* Human Encounters - Non Lethal Weaponry/Recruitment *Try to bring them for the cause of good to help exterminate the Infected* *If Set up in a Team* Team Class - Ranged Support/Scout *Light footed fighter* Proffession - Fast Light Movement with Stealth Focus Length - 1.88 Meters *In real life* Prefered Clothes - Legs - Comfy Running Slackers + Belt Torso - Long armed Shirt/Light Balistic Vest Head - Cap or Bandana otherwise - None Feet - Steel toed Toe-Shoes Explorer: Alone/Team - Team Prefered Weapon Mod - High Voltage Enemy Focus - Heavy Slow Targets Fear - Indoor Areas Emotion - Sensitive/Forgiving/Stubborn So Who are you?