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Found 20 results

  1. I just want a legendary blueprint that I can use with blunt weapons. (Not including the bolter poison, which doesn't offer the same damage boost because it adds a strong poison effect) Maybe an orange blueprint with medium bleeding and impact? So I can finally have the satisfaction of launching a zombie pretty far away without feeling like I have to weaker blueprints to get more damage? I also noticed that the guru rewards don't have much variety in gold tiers. I'm hoping that you could add the legend level variants to the loot pool.
  2. Well, I think I have a possible continuation to the recent Dying Light expansion: "The Following". Be aware, I will mention BIG spoilers regarding one of the endings of "The Following", and the campaign. As we know, The Mother, the leader of "The Children of the Sun", infected Kyle Crane with a vial containing the Harran Virus in a liquid form. After defeating the mother, he turns into a "Sentient Volatile", just like her. It ends here, but my idea consists in this: After turning in a horrendous creature, Crane would try to seek shelter within the Countryside, having no sucess. He realizes how The Mother got along the crazy cult, and he steals a Acolyte's clothes, while being unnoticed by the various habitants of the Countryside. The Children of The Sun praise him, saying that he is some kind of "New Mother" for them, a new leader, a new prophet. Meanwhile, in the city of Harran, the people of the tower are falling apart by the infection, and the local nurse, Lena, is worried, believing Kyle dissapeared, with no traces left behind him. Brecken knows of this tragic news, and sends a runner (Or maybe, he will go), tasking him with the tracking of the now Infected Kyle Crane. The Children of The Sun advance with their new leader, and get more and more close to the people of the city thanks to the knowledge of Crane. He is another person, a shadow of what he used to be. So, that's it. Maybe the ending can consist of the knowledge of the pure strain of the Harran Virus found by The Mother. The player ends this story giving this sample to Doctor Camden, who, with the help of the protagonist, gets more close to a Cure. Hope you like this, sorry if you find some grammatical errors, and if you think this idea is good, or it needs something changed, let me know.
  3. DarkSting378

    Outfit customization in main game

    Having options to mix up your outfits with what you already have like upper body, lower body, gloves, feet and head (masks or characters such as the Harran fighters) would be amazing, and it would also motivate people to buy the new DLC bundles to get access to more customizing options and clothing pieces, that would make the game even more unique. Some pieces may not be compatible with others, but it would be cool to try. Imagine this: Dallan's head, headhunter glove, fresh clothes upper body, ultimate survivor lower body and feet. (Pieces like ultimate survivor's lower body would only accept the feet of other outfits in the same model, such as "Hunted" or "Harran Ranger" or you guys could create some adapted models to fit in more stuff) That would open a world of possibilities and attract a lot of fashionist players like me to the game This is still to be further discussed and analysed, and is not impossible nor way too hard to be implemented. The menus to create customization slots are already there.
  4. Exploding heads are a bit silly. Can we have the option to turn it off?
  5. Inaccuracy - -In the Russian localization of the game in the description on Akpil Kartoffel written that is intended for cleaning COFFEE and have potatoes Two days did not go to the game I was afraid that the potatoes will be lost on the field didn't know what to harvest is not yet considered a name for the unit Suggestion --To give the opportunity to improve the class of the field in-game currency or with prolonged use but not for possession pushing players to be active and not collecting --To give the opportunity to change the recommended culture for the field for in-game currency or just a few times in a row to land me the culture --Give the ability to change the size of the field by the amount of grass around the field and can combine neighboring fields improved to the maximum size and class having the same crop culture --Enter a sales opportunity for an unused field The following advice will anger the players To remove the ability to teleport between the canopies of goods only empty appliances and assemblies why do we need storage if you can quickly teleport from the field immediately close to the place of sale and back. It will force to buy big trailers to drive less with freight and not to jump on the map.
  6. xxhouse82xx

    Sniper Rifle Suggestion!!!

    First off I must congratulate you guys on an amazing game. I've never been one to play a platform survival game until now. This game is extraordinary and I really enjoy it. The one thing I would like added to this game which is vital in most other online survival games is a sniper rifle. There is nothing more fun than picking off zombies from over 300 yards. Please add this to the game!!! Thank you very much. Keep up the good work!!!!
  7. Modlio

    DLC suggest: Gunplay

    Anyone else think there should be increased deapth to the gunplay (not at he same deapth, but close to the same deapth as the swordplay)? Eg: Different gun mods (damage, fire, toxic, bleed, etc) and maybe something more intricate like a bayonet or silencer? I dunno, just feels like the gunplays not on the same level as the swordplay, which is a shame : )
  8. I have completed every quest in both the vanilla game and DLC so I'm talking about post-game here. I know this would require quite a lot of work (some voice recording and some programming), but it would be awesome to actually meet Ezgi in tower after you tell her father she's in there. Right now the original game and The Following are only connected in one direction. For example, Tolga and Fatim travel through the game chronologically. But there doesn't seem to be any way in which events of The Following can influence Harran. I understand why they are presented as separate gaming experiences, but IMHO connecting them in that particular or any other similar way would be awesome. Since we aren't prohibited to come back to Harran anyway. On the side note: 1. Scaling Demolishers in size to make superzombies makes no sense. Their helmets are as big a beach ball -___-" 2. Souvenirs in Crane's room are amazing.
  9. FaustoFimbres

    Wildlife Zombified

    I become a big fan of this game since I killed my very first zombie in the game, I bought season pass mainly because the ninja outfit and ever since that moment techland hadn´t stop surprised me with all the dlc content, and now with the big expansion of "the following" my hype is out of the charts, but when I watch the gameplay I noticed there is no wildlife even in the country side, imagine the following: You are in your boogie leaving all low zombies behind, and then a pack o 3-5 rotten wolves start chasing you at boogie speed! or listening the roar of a mighty zombie bear at 10ft away, mount caguars, spiders, crows that cant shred you at night if you are not in the boogie or in the light, I really hope to see some wildlife in the dlc to add more challenge, or at least another dllc of new enemies in the future, what do you guys think? (btw this is my very first post so if Im in the wrong place I would apreciate if someone copy and paste the suggestion in the right forum) thanks for your attention.
  10. FaustoFimbres

    Cool Passive Perk Nh

    Sometimes being a NH can be stressful against pro survivors, but dont you hate when even after they murder the chupacabra out of you YET they teabag your very soul? I mean in the gaming experience thats a big offense and should be punished, so the question is "HOW?", I present you the new cool passive perk: Last Resort Whats about?: Its a passive perk unlockeable at hunter lvl 2 that has a chance of 25% to make your body explode after 2 seconds calling runners at the point you died, so survivors are obliged to keep running after killing you so there is no time to make fun of your dead NH. I know is not that cool but it is at level 3: Karma Spit Unlockeable after Last Resort, NH lvl 3, this perk is the mother of cold vengeance after 2.5 seconds your death you have a chance of 30% to explote and cover your killer with UV spit AND calling up to 4 volatile. This perk is based of the survivors decision, if you are away of the body this perk wont harm you, BUT if you or any of your team mates dare to make fun of a mighty lvl 3 hunter, "surprise mf!" This perk could change the balance of a game in no time and can be useful against pro survivors, specially the bully ones, adds tension and challenge, NHs can make risk strategies with this perk, "well Im fucked better die near nest hopping my body explodes and call some backup". So what do you guys think? I know cheese names but what about the idea?
  11. When I was ranking up my human, I initially thought my above idea was how I thought it worked, but I was saddened to find out that ranks are just superficial and meaningless. You know how many of the same 8 gold weapons I've gotten? Easily over 200 of the same useless weapons that immediately get thrown out. Give players a reason to keep playing the mode after they've maxed out their rank and gotten all 8 weapons available in this mode. They could have a rarer chance to drop and I would love to start collecting them. Lockpicking vans on hardmode is VERY tedious and grindy. No one wants to do that and I'd most likely just get a weapon I've already gotten from friends. The only real way to get gold weapons is everyone dupes them and passes them around. I want to earn them by fighting night hunters! Also, I don't know this is a problem on any other platforms, but when I have connectivity problems trying to use matchmaking on PS4, my rank gets reset to prey. I've literally had to regain Ultimate Survivor 7 different times. Please fix that. I think it happens when I can't contact the Dying Light servers or PSN or something like that. Not really a tech guy but maybe your rank should be stored in your save data rather than on some server if that's how it works. I've never been reset on my Apex Predator so try to set the ranks to work like they do there.
  12. Personally, I love the game mode itself, I like the fact that people are able to defend themselves when they get grabbed by the Hunter. I like the fact that as a hunter you can swing around like Spider-man. However, there are some-things that ruin this game mode for me that make it undesirable to play. - UV light has too great a range. - UV spit is useless, nothing is stopping them from just putting down a flare or going to a safehouse. - Nothing stops a player from inviting people to help them out when they see that they are losing. - Guns make it a quick kill when you're out of energy and you're trying to get away. - Horde spit is useless. - Tackle seems to be dodged all the time - Nests are too close to eachother. So, those are only a few complaints I have with the mode, here are my solutions to the problem. - Make the UV flashlight have a shorter life period and/or make it so that the further away the target is, the slower the energy drain. - Disable safehouses at some point in the game and/or make it so that when the UV spit does explode on them they cannot put down a flare. - Disable mid-game invites. - Disable guns (including bow). - Replace explosive zombies with a few infected. - Have some-form of cool down on both the tackle and the tackle dodge. - Distance the nests so that the human has to travel a small bit to get to another. I personally feel these changes could help balance the multiplayer in my opinion.
  13. Doctor X

    Dear Techland

    Dear Techland, Really, I'm totally ok if JUST ONCE you DON'T have the objective guarded by one of those giant zombies with thousands of hit points. Seriously, I don't mind if you want to skip putting one there for once.
  14. Could the devs consider adding a simple filter to NH games, based on number of survivors. I`m personally not interested in 1v1 matches for example and this is what I get the most. 1 of 10 matches is interesting. 3-4 they sit in safe zones. If they don`t next few leave after a few deaths. Remaining rarely are a challenge. Today i wasted a few hours to get 2 maybe 3 descent 1 v 3 or 1 v 4 matches. So in this filter I would probably put - search for 3-4 survivors matches. I know there are some good matches around when I sit near a safe zone and type "come out coward" I can wait longer no problem but don`t want to waste my time playing 1v1
  15. TheUnknown

    Important Question..

    Am I the only one having issues to where joining one friend is a problem. Me and this friend were able to play this co op since launch day, but since last week, Everytime I try to join his game, or he joins mine, after a couple seconds it kicks us out and says connection could not be established blah blah blah. Then while we're in a party on PS4, it cuts his mic out then says cannot voice chat because of NAT type issues..
  16. Hi there Techland! Just wanted to drop by and offer my suggestion for mod implementation because 1.4.0 is not the right way to go if you want to keep modders playing. Obviously you're concerned with keeping a non modded gamer happy with the game as well, so allowing modded games to connect to non-modded is an obvious no-no. However, and this is where you guys messed up, most people modding aren't concerned with what mods others are running. We get off on new mods and hearing about what others are playing with. We love the idea of co-op modded gameplay. Currently your setup is causing a schism within online gameplay because any difference in file is causing us to not be able to connect to online games. My suggestion is that you allow modded games to connect to other modded games, period. I know you guys are all talking about this at the office so please bring up this suggestion at the next meeting and see what can be done. Thank you for this awesome game, and thank you for keeping modders in your thoughts. Sincerely, Joffie87 & Other Modders
  17. TheUnknown

    Important Question..

    Am I the only one having issues to where joining one friend is a problem. Me and this friend were able to play this co op since launch day, but since last week, Everytime I try to join his game, or he joins mine, after a couple seconds it kicks us out and says connection could not be established blah blah blah. Then while we're in a party on PS4, it cuts his mic out then says cannot voice chat because of NAT type issues..
  18. Hey guys, blown away by the game. Any plans to give us a PS GOLD sound mix to fully immerse in this awesome world! Love you guys!
  19. BathtubBarracuda

    "upgrading" The Tower [Suggestion]

    I loved Dying Light and still play and intend to play for quite awhile. But I want to sort of "upgrade" The Tower. You can do the quests but it isn't as filling as full-on adding upgrades. In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you could purchase upgrades to your house like Alchemy Lab, Master Bedroom, etc etc for a certain price (Ex: Bedroom for 2000 gold) I sort of feel like this could be incorporated into Dying Light, where you can use metal parts, household supplies, other normal items and unique items to add on upgrades, like Overall Cleanup, Upgraded Medical Bay, Upgraded Stores/Workshops, and stuff like that. You could also add random survivors that you save to the Tower and find them around the Tower and that would be sort of cool. This is sort of broad, but I've been wanting this ever since the game came out. It makes the player feel more unique if you can customize your home base. Maybe this could be a mod as well, I just sorta want it. Sorry for the short post.
  20. Okay, playing Dying Light co-op is great, with friends.. Quick Join works fine, but the amount of inactive players (people who disappear from their console), are annoying and frustrating when you're trying to active a mission. It's just a suggestion, but my idea was to make it at least half of the players in one session had to be at the waypoint for it to activate. I was in a game the other day, 3 of us where trying to get a mission finished, but 1 guy had gone for a smoke about 10 minutes ago. We was all at the waypoint, apart from this one guy - it was just annoying because we was getting attacked from behind, having to use our repairs on weapons, medkits and recourses, when we was at the waypoint, technically finished. But this one guy was at the tower, away from his console, so we was unable to advance. Thanks for reading and hopefully, developers will figure something out.