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Found 12 results

  1. Hey guys, I'm stuck on the greenhouse crops quest where you need to buy solid fertilizer and transfer it to the greenhouse. I have been trying to do as the quest says to stop by the sacks and hit RB+X but I cannot purchase it. Anyone have any advice? Which tank should I do it at? I have tried 2 different spots so far.
  2. I'm stuck once again you guys! Has anyone done the Biograss factory quest where you need to load the spima NR 1600 with manure? I'm probably doing something wrong because my tractor's attachment can't reach the top of the trailer. How do I load the manure onto the wagon? TIA
  3. thebobman

    Sabirs Hut Quest Glitch

    So I am doing the side quest to search for Sabir. I found his hut and I destroyed the only hive thing underneath his hut no problem. Once I got out of there and back to the hut to get the herbs, I couldn't jump into the hole underneath right away because there is very little space to stand up. I had to use the grappling hook to actually get in. Once I was in, all I could do was pick up a racecar trophy and open a chest. I can't do anything else inside this hut which is useless since I need to pick up some plants inside the hut somehow. Any help is appreciated. Update: I found the herbs. They are not in the hut, but rather in the hole that's under the hut in a bag inside a crate that needs to be broken. The hut remains to be unusable. Also, on the map it has a marker on it called custom place. I have no idea what that means.
  4. Freyleyes

    Stuck At Loading Screen

    Has there been any updates on the loading screen stuck error that allot of people are having? This is getting annoying now, I haven't been able to play for 3 days now. Has any one found a work-around on this? People are suggesting getting a copy from a torrent site and install it, then add it to steam, unfortunately my internet is to crappy to re download a 18GB file that might work. Kind Regards, Frey
  5. Zaza

    Jaffar Glitched

    Hi, In my game Jaffar is glitched at the point of Total security. Where i should be able to speak to him to start the quest, he just stares at me vaguely and calls to hanson to respond on his "Hey Answer Me" radio. I have heard that this is a coop glitch and that i had a pending reward in my friends game(only coop i did). But he never did any sidequests. So collecting the reward in his game to continue in my own game was not the solution. I am hoping techland is patching this for it robs me of the sidequest and all writings achievements. I am at the point where i have to confront rais. I have put my game aside entirely waiting for this patch. In the mean time if anyone has ideas on how to fix this, i would gladly try them. Zaza
  6. Hello. I'm new to the forums, and I'm posting to address an unfortunate bug my friend experienced in Dying Light on Xbox One. We've both completed most of the story missions together. Our percentage of completion both showed at 75%. Last night, after my friend completed a story mission, he attempted to join in a game with me. I was already waiting at "The Loft", when he finally spawned in. Yet I needed to back track and go to the main menu, which I did, leaving my friend alone in the game. When my friend left that session, he ended up getting spawned in "The Pit" with no way to get out, and his career percentage showing as 30%. Weirdly, he still has all of his levels, and his weapons. I know some people have experienced a similar glitch, saying to go to to the main menu, select play campaign, press X to go to Advanced, and select Restart From Quest/The Arena. I'm curious if any one has experience in doing this, will this correct his campaign completion to the correct percentage? Thank you for your time!
  7. So I really love Dying light, been playing it for hours. I have my agility at Rank 22 and my strength at 24. But my survivor Rank is stuck at 24 (max is 25) it says I have 474000 XP and nex level is in 475000 and I won't gain/lose any XP for that Rank... Please tell me they will patch this right away I wish to not start over... plus this whole fear of my characters stats, inventory, and storage resetting (As people are talking about) I am eager that they find a fix for all of this right away. Anyone else having this issue? Also this happened to me on Xbox One
  8. fitzwilkinson

    Survival Rank Stuck At 24

    I play on Steam on PC and my survival rank is stuck at 24, it will not max to 25. I simply gain 0 XP from ALL SOURCES in that category. I've seen other posts on this on both Steam forums and Techlands but no responses in either, nor in patch notes. This has been going on for a few days now, some back into January. Just looking for any updates, from anyone. In case I had missed something. Please and thanks.
  9. Rusty Penny

    Stuck At Level 24 Survivor

    Okay so recently I hit level 24 Survivor, i'm currently at 460,000 XP out of 475,000 and cannot gain anymore Survivor XP. I've died trying to lose them, and completed missions/got crates/survived the night trying to gain them and nothing. I've restarted the game, restarted my Xbox One, joined a friend's session, nothing. Please help?
  10. My game is stuck at a scene where I'm asked to pick up some firecrackers. No matter what I do they won't go in my inventory. I can't leave the room because there is a man blocking the door. Even after Quitting the game I'm given the same mission and the response is the same. I'm going to have to delete my save and start over from scratch. How annoying.
  11. imperious1

    Quest Won't Progress

    Alright so I have a problem, last night I exited the game while it was in the "press spacebar" to load next scene phase and my game loads with the mission objective completed and no way to get out of this mission zone, it is in a building with literally NO EXIT besides the main quest continuing and I cannot exit it, I'm completely stuck and I have no other saves I don't think. What do I do? Is there a way to reset the quests or perhaps exit this mission and re-do it? I'm like totally screwed here...I'm a good 30% into the story and losing all this progress would literally mean I'm DONE playing this game, no way I'm redoing all of that again.
  12. Ok well so far I've been impressed with the games performance and such, it looks like I've avoided any of the stuttering bugs and stuff but I have a pretty serious gamebreaking bug where it looks like animations are not playing properly. I mean, like so badly I get stuck in areas because doors are not opening. For example the first mission where you take the lift down to the ground floor, after loading the slums I spawned inside the lift and coudln't get out! After reloading the game and pressing continue, I was outside of the lift. After that I couldn't leave the front door. It was unlocked for me but didn't animate, so my character just ran into it for a few seconds and I was left trapped inside! Next thing I noticed is when I got to the doctor in the truck outside, I banged on the door and once again proceeded to run into it during a cutscene, and had a whole conversation wtih a doctor whilst running into a closed door. Pretty much this throughout to be honest, like opening the car bonnets to wire the traps was just my character miming the action but the bonnet remained closed. Whilst it's quite amusing I just got stuck again and pretty much gave up for now. I went back to the safe zone in the night, and the door wouldn't open. Again I missed a cutscene where apparently I saw a green zombie with blisters, but I was stuck outside and didn't actually see anything. Then it told me to sleep in the safe house, but I was still stuck outside. Anyone else have this issue or know a work around? I was streaming at the time so could provide a VOD if my description isn't clear enough. Here's an example: Cheers