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Found 9 results

  1. When are we going to hear about his side of the story? Considering how close and passionate we all have been to the hunter. It needs certain character added to it! Can u guys at Techland come out with something good about the hunter's previous background and how he develops into the monster that we all care about? It can be told in many ways. One example is we the survivors need to collect scattered notes or voice recordings or both (of someone describing the event or the hunter's monologue prior to his transformation). Maybe u guys have better ideas but really, we need one good story for all the btz fans! Dang! who would thought that the NH was once so philosophical! (Just something from my imagination)
  2. Hello, how can I restart The following story without losing my character? I tried advanced settings, where I switched to restart from some mission (i had tried all missions) and in each start, it was 100%... Thank you
  3. Hello, I have many ideas to make Dying Light for everybody I hope. The Bounty challengies are boring me, therefore I want the developers to add quests and challengies with story and also maybe a another campaign. Next thing what i like to have in game is multiplayer with wave-attack zombies (all types zombies) for example: 10 players on the server on a small maps with their game character with their items in invetory and with their levels. On this server the player could exp themselfs, they could take items from this server and sell it to merchant in this server. What do you think about it? I think the Dying Light is very popular game and I very like it, but I think the challengies, for example bounty etc., is little effort to make this game excellent. This game was and still is big success and I want more in this game. Thank you.
  4. I have been playing this game since its release...let me apologize in advance to any "gamers" who are offended of my comments.I feel there are ways of playing a game I like and I don't disrespect the game .the ways I see it is like this.I have never spammed in any sort of way I have never entered a quarantine finished it and entered right back in to accumulate drops.I have never dupped a weapon or even picked up a dupped weapon.I have been dropped dupped overpowered weapons and instead left the "gamers" lobby instead. I have never left my game on in a "safe zone not safe zone" to boost up. I never even ran thru the story I took my time because I really like this game all the games I play I treat like this.Techland has put me in a bad position once you hit the high levels (I'm at 219 LEGIT) it's almost ridiculous the amount of boost 50 drops get you.DO YOU KNOW WHAT I HAVE TO DO TO GET 50 DROPS TECHLAND!thats 5 quarantine zones (if I'm playing alone) and a run thru of rais men drops (if they show up) and the drops that are always there.It becomes repetitive even when your not spamming! You have no choice but to get drops because that's the name of the game at this point so I'm literally getting on to do the same playthrough and trying my best to change it up AND STILL FARM SAVE LIVES AND SO ON So I'm not spamming.i will continue to respect the game by not cheating or spamming I NEVER GOOGLED WHERE THE STATUES OR FLAGS ARE AT I LITERALLY TRY TO FIND THEM ON MY OWN! but you got me running in circles.YOU COULD HAVE MADE A UPDATE IN SLUMS AND OLD TOWN WHERE THEY GET DROPS AGAIN INSTEAD OF CHANGING RAIS MEN INTO GRE CLOTHES AND GIVING THE GOON SOME HEIGHT AND A FEW EXTRA PIMPLES.I love the new gear but I told you before you waited so long to drop the DLC and it's somewhat disappointing.YOU GAVE THE SPAMMERS AND CHEATERS A SOLID DLC AND DIDNT GIVE THE PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY LIKE TO IMMERSE THEMSELVES IN THE GAME A all the "gamers" who will respond negatively save it this is for techland only!
  5. So I have been in this forum since day one (although my posts may not show this since I lurk more than post) and I have really been enjoying the new DLC content. But a long time ago, before the following was even announced (and maybe even an idea at the time), I made a thread talking about creating a new DLC that would let the player enter the world of Harran from a different characters point of view. The idea was similar to the Ryder White campaign in the original Dead Island. I made suggestions about making it about Jade, Brecken, Rais, or even Troy. A more active member of the community sided with my idea, but told me that these characters would be pointless since the game tells about their past, so they wouldn't be fun to experience. This poster actually suggested making a DLC starring Amir and showing his contributions to the Tower before he saves Cranes life at the cost of his. We never get to know a lot about this character other than that he was a former GRE operative who seemed to have a huge role amongst the Tower residents. That thread really got into the idea about playing as Amir and experiencing his backstory instead of just hearing about it. So, i guess with that being said, please don't leave us with the following and bug fixes. Please make at least one more DLC for the fans who care about the story more than the zombie killing. It can be short and linear for all I care (just like Ryder White. As fan of this game from so long ago, I feel this is the one DLC that would mean a lot to the community as well can be labeled "we listened and we gave our fans what they asked for".
  6. thebobman

    Story Glitch

    Okay, so I have recently started a new file in my game since I got bored of my maxed account with unlimited supplies. Anyways, while doing the new playthrough, I noticed an issue that has probably existed since the beginning of the games release that no one has come across, or maybe it could be new. Basically, as I was playing it, once I got to the point in the story where I had to loot a Bolter for Dr. Zere, I decided to do some sidequests before moving on in order to train my character a bit more. I took my time at it so I didn't do everything in one sitting. Since every time i would load up to work on the sidequests, the game would make a small glitch and change the main story objective between going out and getting the sample to actually turning it in to Dr. Zere. I found it strange and from other playthroughs that I have done, you get to keep your samples so the game doesn't look for you to have the item, but rather kill the Bolter and loot it (which I haven't done a single time in this file yet). I thought that since I haven't looted nor killed a bolter in this playthrough, it wouldn't let me actually turn in the sample until I get one. Wellllll, I was wrong. It's not a game breaking glitch or anything that bothers me, but I thought you guys should know since it is part of the main story none the least and might ruin the point of the first Bolter experience if the game skips over that part of the game for others.
  7. I've put in over 100 hours on the game and played through the entire story twice to double check. After the Pit, you find yourself with Brecken at the dock where the barge is. The cut scene points you to the next story line objective, Brecken hands you a radio, and shuts the door of the cargo container. Other than twice on the radio, he never appears in the game afterwards. Where did he go? He's not at the tower, when you go back to the dock later the barge is gone. Was this intentional? Brecken, Jade and her brother were such "important" characters that it warranted a feud between Brecken's "men" and Rias' yet he drops clean off the map (in a manner of speaking) and leaves a tower full of people? He couldn't have escaped on the barge; which brings me to my next point. The barge disappearing itself is a mystery. The waters are fenced in with buoys and they supposedly sink any ship trying to leave. Where did it go? I couldn't find anything in Old Town resembling it so I don't think it went there... Also, after Rias "relocates" to the museum, it looks like they pretty much packed up and left before letting the zombies have the base. But, in both locations after you infiltrate and chase him out, no antizin, all the containers are empty, there's nothing. When the story reaches the finale, there's no mention of future antizin drops, no mention of supply drops returning; just how is Crane and the survivors supposed to survive long enough to see the cure? IMO, despite the game being well made overall, there seems to be quite a few discrepancies that need to be tied up. Also, I sincerely hope there's more content to be delivered. Cuisine and Cargo took me 20 minutes to breeze through (including travel time to get to them.) As much as my Japanese blood loves slicing up zombies with a Katana, I'd like to have other options with the same amount of damage. And as much as I like co-op, having "additional content" that's purely co-op will be extremely disappointing.
  8. imperious1

    Quest Won't Progress

    Alright so I have a problem, last night I exited the game while it was in the "press spacebar" to load next scene phase and my game loads with the mission objective completed and no way to get out of this mission zone, it is in a building with literally NO EXIT besides the main quest continuing and I cannot exit it, I'm completely stuck and I have no other saves I don't think. What do I do? Is there a way to reset the quests or perhaps exit this mission and re-do it? I'm like totally screwed here...I'm a good 30% into the story and losing all this progress would literally mean I'm DONE playing this game, no way I'm redoing all of that again.
  9. AC-So-Cold

    Ps4 Co-Op, Let's Play!

    Hey guess I was trying to get a party together to play co-op when the game is release. If you are interested added me on PSN. PSN: AC-So-Cold