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Found 29 results

  1. Witam! Od kilku dni podczas próby uruchomienia gry na platformie Steam, pojawia mi się komunikat "Application error". Nie mam pojęcia czym to jest spowodowane, ponieważ wcześnie gra działała bez problemu. Mam nadzieję, że ktoś mi podsunie jakieś rozwiązanie, pomijając opcję reinstalacji gry, weryfikowania plików czy usuwania katalogu z zapisem (już to robiłem i nie przyniosło to żadnego efektu). Pozdrawiam i z góry dziękuję za pomoc. P.S. Dorzucam plik z diagnostyki DirectX, tak na wszelki wypadek. DxDiag.txt
  2. I30R6

    Just some questions

    Hi, Just three simple questions: Is the developer tool available for the GOG Version? Is it possible to copy the save files from my GOG version to the Steam Version if i buy it too? Is it possible to export the ingame Files (3D Meshes, Textures, etc) from the Developer Toolkit to use them inside another game engine like Unreal4? best regards I30R6
  3. Hi there, I'd like to buy the GOG version of Dying Light (for various reasons, one of them is to play the game whenever I want without internet) but I don't want to start from scratch. Is it possible to transfer my Steam savedata to the GOG version and if so, how? I appreciate your help and time.
  4. do anybody have this weird issue that wile VAC is turnt off youre getting kicked because youre or somebody have not been successfully authenticated ? well i have.. co-op has no problem at all i can play for hours but after a 3 guy joint it will take around 15 a 30 min before the first guy is getting kicked yes the first guy because when the 2 guys will play together after the 3 guy is kicked the 2e guy CAN be kicked also, some backgrond info all people has/have not been banned use no mods at all and never did it dont use cheats all use steam steam has been authenticated white e-mail all in same country some questions i dont know why are we kicked and always has something to do whit VAC? why is VAC causing it wile it is off!! ​why is it working for around a half hour and suddenly not anymore? after 2 weeks i found a fix for pc using Hamachi (lan on the internet) ​my question is are we 3 the only one because i cant find on the internet an a similarly problem do anybody have a different fix for it? do anybody have this problem? if so i can post the fix i used in around 2 days but i dont know if you can still play whit other people that have not used the same fix if you know let me please know if you haven't noticed i am not good at engles and used google a lot
  5. I just bought Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition for week ago and I've play The Following DLC for a while. But since game updated on 18 Feb, I can normally start the game but I can't play The Following DLC. Then I look on DLC on steam, it show that Dying Light - The Following is not installed.
  6. Okay, before anyone refers me to the technical advice given from Techland support, please note: I installed and re-installed the game under Steam completely tried the log-in, log-out of Steam tried the "-safemode" start tried the "missing *.dll" file too Next, here my PC specs: i5-4670K @ 3,5GHz 8GB DDR3 MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4GB WINDOWS 10 64Bit every component has the newest drivers installed too, I hope a player can help me figure out why the game does not start - the tech.supoport hasn´t answered since 2 days now :-( Oh, maybe its worth mentioning that I bought the Enhanced Version (so just one key installed, not main game first, then the DLC afterwards)
  7. wunwegwundarwun

    My #1 Steam Review

    Hey Everyone, I know many of you who own the game and love it don't read the reviews for DL (why would you?), but I have had great feedback on Steam for this review and would love to share it with you. Please enjoy! Cheers to all the great work on DL and I am excited to play and review The Following
  8. Witam, Chciałbym zakupić grę Dying Light: The Following Edycja Rozszerzona (PC) PL -,191276 Niestety jest to wersja pudełkowa. Wersja elektroniczna jest niedostępna, a ona mnie interesuje najbardziej. Czy tą wersję pudełkową można aktywować na steam? Pozdrawiam
  9. Getting steam workshop would allow easy mod placement and no fear of viruses.
  10. fitzwilkinson

    Survival Rank Stuck At 24

    I play on Steam on PC and my survival rank is stuck at 24, it will not max to 25. I simply gain 0 XP from ALL SOURCES in that category. I've seen other posts on this on both Steam forums and Techlands but no responses in either, nor in patch notes. This has been going on for a few days now, some back into January. Just looking for any updates, from anyone. In case I had missed something. Please and thanks.
  11. I've been playing Dying Light for about a week and purchased a Roccat Isku FX keyboard with my Alienware computer. I installed the keyboard and launched Dying Light and it crashes with an error "Dying Light has stopped working" Simply unplugging the keyboard fixes the issue but if I plug it back in after launching Dying Light it crashes again. The keyboard works great for everything else and only Dying Light gives it an issue. I suspect because of the Alienware FX implementation which is AWESOME in Dying Light on my PC! I have tried every USB port and even tried a USB hub. Dying Light crashes every time. Any help is greatly accepted! Thanks! -Jason-
  12. Tak jak w temacie. Ktoś chętny na pogranie w Coopie? Jestem świeżo po prologu, dlatego chciałbym zrobić 100% Steam: shodan_pl
  13. Mysterious11

    Pytanie Do Techlandu :)

    Witam , Posiadam Laptopa do gier ( Bez napędu ( Nie można wkładać płyt )) więc tu pojawia się pytanie: Czy gdy kupię edycję przedpremierową, będę potrzebował tego napędu , czy też nie (będzie jakiś kod do wpisania na steam ? :/) Planuję zakupić tę edycję w sklepie empik jeśli ma to jakieś znaczenie Pozdrawiam ekipę Techlandu , Good Night , Good luck
  14. canalesb

    Country Locked?

    Hello, bought the game yesterday. I live in Mexico so I got it through Steam. My question is if the multiplayer aspect of the game is locked to only people of your country. If so I think something should be done about it because I see 0-2 games at most. Theres like a total of 6 people playing multiplayer in Mexico and it's really stressful to not be able to play and I don't know why it would be intended. I've never had a problem like this with any other game, and I expected to be able to play with all of NA considering my version of the copy says NA.
  15. Hello, i have multiple problems with the steam version of dying light, My specs, graphic settings and temperatures are as follows: - Windows 7 Pro - i5 2500k @ 4.3Ghz - AMD 7970 3Gb -Omega 14.12 Driver - 8Gb DDR3 Corsair Vengeance - Resolution - 1920x1080 - Vsync - off - Texture Quality - High - Shadow Map Size - Medium - Foliage Quality - Medium - View Distance - Exactly Middle - Ambient Occlusion - Off - Nvidia HBAO+ - Off - Nvidia Depth of Field - Off - Motion Blur - Off - Antialiasing - Off Temps CPU 38 - 41 C GPU 43 - 57 C From monitoring my FPS/Temperatures/Usage i can tell you that the fps difference between my current settings and everything aside from the two Nvidia settings maxed out is around 6 - 8 fps I have set my graphics lower in order that i never drop beneath 35 fps and rarely drop beneath 40. My Fps does fluctuate from 128 to 37 but mostly sits between 75 to 37 Aside from the usual fluctuating of fps i also see texture popping and even worse, textures that have not loaded if i speed run through an area on occasion! Containers, roads, clothing, items and some buildings fail to load textures for up to 10 seconds which is just god awful to the eyes, blurry mess. The game also suffers from Audio looping and freezing, when loading the game up the main menu music will 8/10 times freeze and destroy my ears. When talking to NPCs and during cutscenes the sound will freeze and or loop whilst the video will continue to play uninterrupted, this will continue until after the cutscene i press Esc and then continue playing with normal sound, but then Lo and behold any cutscenes afterwards will be silent, and lip reading AI isn't a skill set i possess. I have tried to rectify my problems above by first verifying integrity, 100% Verified no change. Uninstalling game and reinstalling - No effect Unchecked all processors in Affinity and then rechecking, this gives me 5 Fps more and game has less dramatic drops. I have also had my save reverted back to around 12% completion even after i quit after an autosave. So as it seems i have very much drawn the short straw on this occasion, usually i manage to evade most problems gamers have with new games. I have since downloaded anothargh copy of the game which does not have any of the problems mentioned above, The FPS is far more stable, I can max it out with smooth FPS, No audio freezing/looping issues and no texture popping. So im baffled as to why the steam version does not work when others do. To conclude, aside from the issues that i have experienced i have enjoyed the game so far and look forward to the release of the highly anticipated patch. *Edit* I also found a building near the tower that you can't climb onto, you can jump onto the ledge of the roof but once you pull yourself up an invisible wall prevents you from moving any further on the roof, you simply fall off, When i get home i will find the exact building and post its location. *Edit Edit* Loading screens also take forever and then sometimes practically instant, this didn't happen the first few hours of the game but now its fairly common.
  16. Hi, how and where can i combine my steam account with the account from the dying light page here? To get docket weapons?
  17. SlammedSloth

    Steam Gamers?

    Well since there is and Xbox thread and a PS4 thread I thought might as well make one. No one seems to be talking about PC here, are there no other PC gamers? Or am I the only one? I'd love to meet some other PC gamers who are excited for Dying Light, nobody seems to be getting PC so if you are a PC gamer please respond.
  18. Looking For People interested into Team Play. Cerco persone che vogliano fare Team Play nel multiplayer!
  19. Had the game pre-downloaded on Steam two days ago. Avoided the 12:00 AM rush and decided to play right now in the morning 7:00 AM. Steam says the game needs YET ANOTHER download, queued for a long time, when it's finally downloading it's stuck at 99%. What's wrong with you people Techland? Can't you just let me play?
  20. Just wondering as it has no mention on the steam page...
  21. Hey! I'm needing to know if the physical PC version of Dying Light will be using Steam accounts to connect to. The reason as to why I'm wondering is because my internet is not the best, and if I'm going to just get it from Steam, it's going to take up my entire internet bandwidth for at least 24+ hours to download the 40GB game, literally. Yeah, it's that bad. But I love Steam, and how it interacts with games, and the easy connectivity it grants, plus updates and the like. So I was hoping to be able to purchase the physical copy, install it, and be able to register it with Steam. I would love an answer ASAP. Thanks!
  22. Szyko


    Hello Techland. I've been wondering why I'm required to have Steam to install and play this game. It bugs me since I'm one of those rare breeds of people that doesn't want to use steam for any game there is. Hate me all you want but I prefer games that doesn't require Steam, Uplay and Origin. Just a plain and simple game that you start without any other programs. I know it's too late to make it happen but I just want an answer why you did it, and did not use your own servers. I looked forward to this game but now that I need steam for it I don't know if I even want to buy it..
  23. SlammedSloth

    Steam Workshop

    Steam Workshop I am curious to know if there will be any plans in the future to add a Steam Workshop element. If not or you are considering it here are some reasons there should be a Workshop: The Steam Workshop offers so many features that the community can help with When a game has Workshop capabilities it helps keep the community alive with most games Many people would love to see all the awesome idea's people in the community would come up with and create Many people get bored of games quickly after they beat a game and don't want to just max out there character (I know there are plans for a DLC) but in the mean time players can download some add-on's from the workshop to mess around with such as Weapons Abilities New sections and maps to explore​ New characters New enemies New zombies Or maybe just some fun things to add and mess around! ​There are endless possibilities and reasons people would love to have a workshop, why not add one? Of course the game is coming out on the 27th and this just might be a little to late; but if you could add this on after the release people would love it! Please consider it. Thank you.
  24. I've seen companies selling the physical media on a lower price than the digital distribution on Steam. Usually one can register a game with Steam (with the product key) and it would work just as if you had bought it on Steam. However, it is not always guaranteed. Could you (Techland) please confirm weather I can register my physical media to Steam with the product key and from then on I will be able to play the game on Steam with the rest of the Steam user (single and multiplayer)? If that is not possible, can I still play with the rest of the PC users or with just the users who have the same physical media (e.g. there are different servers for Steam and non-Steam users)? I read in another discussion that cross-platform multiplayer is not going to happen, but I hope at least the PC users won't be separated. Well, maybe based on region. If I buy a game in a different country (still within the EU) can I register it with Steam / use it in another country (still within EU)? Thank you and looking forward to have the game.
  25. Hey guys, I'm a bit confused about things! I thought that pre-ordering the game on any platform gave you the 'Be the Zombie' DLC? But on the games website the advert only has the Steam logo, and only Steam seems to advertise the DLC? (Whereas and don't mention anything about 'Be the Zombie'??) so I'm wondering whether it's only Steam that seems to offer BTZ?