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Found 11 results

  1. ZeroFcksGiven


    Sup with that Chinese fella spamming Techland forum??? Mod: PM Me if you see something like this and I will gladly remove it.
  2. Please remove this obvious spam/troll on this forum. If someone is writing in chinese nobody can understand. Maybe we should keep this forum in english please. C'mon admins!
  3. cr1m3

    Spammers in subforums

    Those spammers found a way to infect the techland subforums, damnation!!!
  4. Hello Forum and Techland. It look like the Mobile Versions of the Forums has been compromised by a hostile redirect. Platforms Affected: ANDROID, IOS. Thank You all.
  5. Reece

    Explosive Arrow

    Since The Bozak Horde DLC came out it introduced the Bow, it was something countless players have adored. However, since players unlocked the crafting recipe for Explosive Arrows, they started abusing its power and caused havoc to the Night Hunter. It does 50 damage with each explosion, whenever I as a Night Hunter ran out of stamina people took out their bow with explosive arrows and killed me in less then 3 seconds. Can you do something about this? Either remove explosive arrows from Be The Zombie or nerf the arrow (damage, how long it takes to explode, or a bigger crafting recipe to stop duping)
  6. Reece

    Dodging System

    The dodging skill is the first skill survivors unlock in Dying Light, however it's the most useful skill in Be The Zombie mode. If you're ever in a 1v1 situation the survivor will spam this whenever you get near him and if you spit, ground pound, and tackle. Even worse it has no cooldown I literally saw survivors dancing with it. But all the things I listed above is almost all the Night Hunter's skills only pounce can be dodged by UV light. Something that can be spammed infinite amount of times and dodges most of the Hunter's skills need to be dealt with.
  7. Hello Community. It seems the Bot Spam on Our Forums is less frequent than it has been in recent Months. But Occasionally we still have New Members Posting Content that is Unrelated to Dying Light or Gaming in General. If You see a Post that looks like it doesn't belong on the Forum. Please Flag it for Review, as it makes Offending Posts more Visible to the Moderators and Admin Team. Thank You for Your Time and Vigilance.
  8. Hey guys, I had some gameplay I wanted to bring to everyone's attention, mainly the Devs. I've encountered warping Humans once before in BtZ, but I've never encountered a dedicated team of it to this extent. The video was over 20 minutes long, so I needed to cut it up now and then between scenes where nothing goes on besides my deaths and me flying around Spiderman-style. To offset this, I've written up a play-by-play to point out exactly where each occurrence of cheating occurs. You can use this to jump from instance to instance. Each Human player uses a cheat/exploit at least once during the match, namely the warping. 0:30 – Massive duped Airstrike spam. A fun way to start off the match. 2:10 – Ham_Ninja dies to his own Airstrike. 2:28 – Ham_Ninja spawns away from the others. At 2:30, he warps back into the building. 2:55 – Ham_Ninja is Pounced. Strange animation plays after the Pounce resolves. No name appears at first, but the kill registers. 3:01 – Ham_Ninja's death registers twice on the same kill (watch the lives above). “You Pounced…†finally shows up below. 3:30 – Ham_Ninja is Pounced. Kill registers, but no “You Pounced…†message is shown again. 3:45 – Ham_Ninja's death is reversed. The Humans actually gain a life back. Ham_Ninja was immediately warped to the other upon death. 4:00 – Ham_Ninja is Pounced. Strange animation, no message. Death reverses again at 4:17, and Ham_Ninja is once again warped back to the other Humans. 4:30 – Ham_Ninja and Flaminjalapeno are both Pounced. Both deaths register, but are reversed around 4:45 and mid-death, respectively. 4:44 – Ham_Ninja warps back into the building so quickly he comes out immediately after I Pounce Flaminjalapeno. He then uses EXPcalibur glitch to OHKO. Flaminjalapeno also warped back into the building upon death. 5:35 – Ham_Ninja Pounced. Death registers and FINALLY stays, but he glitches out of the death and is actually standing up immediately afterward. Warps downstairs, comes back up and uses EXPcalibur glitch to OHKO. 6:05 – lues21 is Pounced. Death takes a short time to “register†twice, “You Pounced…†message does not show up until the second ping. 6:39 – lues21 spawns, immediately warps back to the others. 6:50 – lues21 uses EXPcalibur glitch to OHKO. 7:44 – Airstrike spam. 8:26 – Flares are not destroyed by UV Spit (could have just been the angle) 8:45 – Nickvetro419 is Ground Pounded. Body disappears, but the kill is not registered. Nickvetro419 then warps to the others. At this point, everyone has officially warped at least once. 9:30 – Flaminjalapeno is hit with the Horde Spit. At 9:39, he warps back to the others to avoid dying to the exploders. 10:08 – Flares are not destroyed by Ground Pound. No angle here – it's an enclosed room. 10:16 - Nickvetro419 dies, lues21 uses EXPcalibur glitch to OHKO so he can revive him. 11:20 – Flaminjalapeno is Pounced. No message. He warps back to the others, and his death is reversed at 11:35. 11:43 – lues21 and Flaminjalapeno are both Pounced. Kills register and are not reversed! Must've taken them by surpise. 12:45 – Ham_Ninja is Pounced, and lues21 blows up Flaminjalapeno with his Airstrike (Heh). The game SHOULD be over, and the music even stops at 12:56. However, one of the deaths is reversed, and the game continues. Astounding. 14:23 – Ham_Ninja leaves the game, causing a final kill to register and ending the match. Victory! So that's about it. I figured this was as good a place as any to drop off this video, especially considering the scope of the cheats employed. Since the patch will be dropped soon, the last thing we need are new, pretty blatant cheats to replace the old exploits. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say it would be great if this could be looked into, and the players in question removed from the equation. For the sake of legitimate Night Hunters/Humans, we don't need them encouraging others or continuing this charade against fellow Hunters. All it will do is encourage further nerfs on the Humans side, a consequence I'm sure Humans players don't want to continue going through. Thanks for reading!
  9. Okay, so I know that we have some sort of control over bot accounts and spammers on the forums, but I swear it's getting worse everyday. I stop by this forum at least once a day on a regular basis to see what's new, but as of today, I have finally gotten tired of the spammers. Literally, the first two pages of threads have been just spam. I report a spam account as soon as I see it and I feel like all I do on these forums is actually submit reports more than actually read the normal threads. I guess what I am asking for is harsher and stricter control over threads. Maybe making filters for thread titles and content that would red flag it before it even shows up so that it doesn't need to be reported in the first place. Making certain degree of red flags could result in automatic account bans because of how obvious it is. Another thing I would recommend is implementing a system that reads new threads and if two or three seem to match by at least 70% or more, all the threads get banned with the user. Once again this would result in less spamming in the threads and less reports to deal with. The last idea I would recommend is giving slight mod powers to active members that are on here often to ban threads/accounts without needing reports. Not that I am trying to convince you guys to let me be one such person that would be able to do that, sometimes I do wish I could do it myself instead of having to file a report every time with the amount of time I spend here.
  10. Hey, this is a message towards the site developers as well as mods of the site, please add a report user button somewhere (unless im not seeing it) There are way too many spammers on this site creating new threads that are completely unrelated and I would appreciate a way to get rid of these people. Thanks!
  11. Chaos_Deception

    Flares Ruin Be The Zombie

    Flares Ruin Be the Zombie. With the Abundance of Flare Spam. In part Due to the Item Duplication Glitch and also in part to how easily they are made. A Solo Survivor can use Flares in such a way that You have no way to win. When going against 2 or more Survivors using this Tactic. The Problem is compounded even more. Suggested fix: give the Hunter the Ability to Extinguish Flares or Allow the Hunter to Disable Survivors ability to spam with them. At least then, the Hunter would have a means to Win against this Tactic.