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Found 12 results

  1. I don't know if anybody will help me, but if anyone could... I'd like to know if I am right by banking my skill points for when I need a certain skill, or if by doing that I am missing out on extra skill points (or levelling up faster) that could come with a new action? Those are the skills I already have: Survival Starter Kit; Backpacker; Boosters; Haggle; Crafting Expertise Dodge; Health Regen; Vault Stun; Kick stun If you feel like it you're welcome to suggest what else should I get that I don't already have
  2. Hey guys, just wanted to share a simple strategy for those of you who are still leveling up your Hunters via Mutations. Overall, I've found it's actually slightly more effective to simply avoid leveling up your Ground Pound to the point where it has increased distance. By keeping the range short, you can still Ground Pound Humans away from you, but you keep them at an optimal distance to follow your Ground Pound up with a Tackle. I'l post a video when I can, but it's overall effective, and the timing makes it difficult for Humans to Dodge out of the way in response, as they're still landing from the Ground Pound recoil. The distance is also beneficial for top-of-building encounters, as you don't want to Ground Pound Humans off of buildings - they can still respond and negate their damage (via the Roll command) as if they weren't under the effects of recoil. Tackle, on the other hand, does not afford them that luxury, and following up a short-range Ground Pound with a Tackle off a building has resulted in death 100% of the times I've tested it so far. No matter how much it's upgraded, Ground Pound still does full damage, and the GP damage + Tackle damage + fall damage (when it works) has yet to not finish a Survivor off. The strategy obviously accels in 1 Vs. 1, but it offers assistance in higher numbers as well as an ability to safely Tackle a Human out of the picture (always upgrade your Tackle to max range), allowing you to deal with the other Humans or escape with minimal loss of effectiveness Vs. just Ground Pounding everyone around you 20 feet back. As previously mentioned, this works exceptionally well on buildings, as you can very easily chain into a Tackle off a Ground Pound that might normally knock a person off a building for 0 fall damage, resulting in a high chance of netting the kill and less players bothering you at the same time. Not upgrading doesn't negatively affect your ability to Ground Pound Flares or the distance at which your Ground Pound hits Human players in your proximity - it only keeps them closer after they do it and allows for quick chaining. Thoughts? Questions? Feel free to comment/post videos if it's not working as effectively for you as it is on my end - I got pretty lazy with Mutations and could only do this because my Hunter wasn't full on skills yet for a long time.
  3. So for some unknown reason this patch has taken away my ability to join public matches. I have tried for 2 days now and have not been able to connect to one single match. It's already bad enough that I have to reset all my skills every mutation level but now I don't have the means of doing so unless I invade a friends game. Which got me thinking, maybe I could mooch some exp from someone via a string of tackles? It would be ideal to have a group of 5 to set up 4v1 so that we could get experience faster. So if anyone here is willing to work together maybe we could unlock these new skills and mutations and see how it affects gameplay. Anyone interested?
  4. Hey Yall First One I know from Rafal's FAQ on Steam that we can set the level of skills. But what I would like to do is force certain skills on the player as he starts out, such as fall damage reduction and zombie head stomp. Please help Thanks in advance DroneBoi Damn it I just found the answer. Ok well I tried this just to enable the wall run and it didnt work, so any help or thought would be great sub SkillsAgility() {Skill("WallRun");} sub SkillsPower(){} sub SkillsStatus(){} sub Items_Common() { CraftedItem("Blue", "Melee_BaseballBatCGen", ""); Item("Medkit_HealthPackLarge", 5); } sub main() { Chapter(0) //--- Prologue --- { LevelFighter(1); LevelRunner(1); LevelStatus(1); use Items_Common(); use SkillsStatus(); use SkillsAgility(); use SkillsPower(); } } Thanks Again Drone Boi
  5. efierro

    Skill Levels Reset?

    I completed the game and had my Power and Survival Skills maxed out and my Agility to lvl 20 but when I started a New Game+ it seems like some, not all, of my survival skills were reset. For instance, I used to be able to use materials efficiently and create 5 Molotov Cocktails at a time and now it has reverted me back to the original 2 at a time. The same goes for the flares, grenades, and bombs. However the game still shows that i am maxed out on my Survivor and Power Skills. Is this a normal occurrance or is there something wrong?
  6. Arizona Willie

    Skill Levels

    My Power Skill level is at 24 although my others are not that high. I have all the skills purchased on the Power skill set and was wondering if that is as high as it goes. Seems kinda strange that we wouldn't gain any more skills than that, especially when I'm only about 22% through the game and I'm already maxed out on one skill.
  7. Where Is The Wall Running?

    Wait A Second!

    Sooooooo... Where did the wall running go???? It was featured in a snippet of one of the gameplay trailers, so where is it? I love the game, let me just say that. But I was looking forward to this feature so, so, so, so, so much. It would add incredibly manuverability, and just refresh the game so much for players. Wall running was to be the paramount feature for me, and it was stripped. Gone. Never to be spoken of again. This mechanic would be especially magnificent in Old Town. Please, please, PLEASE restore this element to the game and I vow to buy every sequel forever and always. ALSO: Implementing a Field-of-View slider into the Xbox One version of the game would make me very happy, as I would be able to fully appreciate all of the beautiful animations your dev team masterfully constructed! I have seen gameplay comparissons to PC, and I MUST HAVE THE FOV SLIDER!!!!! Thank you for your time guys!
  8. Reposting here : Alright I'm on version 1.03 on PS4 & I've finally got hit with this bug too. I was aware of it & even went to talk to an NPC before logging off for the night. Went to play this morning & boom, it's all gone. 53 percent into the story. Lost all my weapons, my skills were all at level 13, now zero. Lost all blueprints, supplies, 50 medkits & over 130k in cash. Completely game breaking. There has to be a way for Techland to compensate us who have has this happen & allow us to get our characters back to where they were, get all the lost blueprints & gear back & our weapons & money. Or at least 50-100K to buy back what we lost from shops...
  9. HEEEEY!!! I start playing DYING LIGHT again (almost 15hrs of gameplay) and there's nothing of my inventory and my storage, not even my skills... NOTHING!!! My story is 22% completed and I HAVE NOTHING!!! What Happened??? PLEASE HELP!!!
  10. I know that like me you lost all your stuff and there are a lot of post about it. But i do not think it's normal to buy 80€ a game and losing everything after 20h of game. Besides I finished the solo but my progress is blocked from the beginning to 11% I have not the dlc that are included with de season pass. The worst part about it is that de CM does not respond. I do not understand we're thousands to complain and yes I impressions they behave as if everytghing was ok. We could at least know whether or not we will retrive our stuff. Because '' save game issues '' do not mean things. And excuse my French
  11. Hello everyone! I was wondering if there was a way that I could unspend skill points? I spent points on drop kick but absolutely do not like there is no option to alternate between the default and the new one. I really liked the standard and am a little sad that I can't do it anymore. Any help would be highly appreciated!
  12. ZombieFreak2

    Earning Skills

    I noticed in the e3 stage demo that every time the player climbed an object he was rewarded with 10AP(Agility Points). The developers have said how the leveling up and earning skills is based on what you do, so if you climb you can earn Agility Points to earn more Agility skills and if you kill zombies you earn Strength Points to unlock more strength abilities. I believe this is a really good system as I'll be mainly running so then I'll only get to upgrade my running... However Is there something that has been put in place to remove point grinding such as someone finding a building that he will earn a lot of Agility Points when he climbs it and then just repeatedly climbing it and jumping off to earn points quickly and level up quickly. Is there maybe a system being used that will gradually reduce the amount of points earned from a single ability until you only earn about 1AP for example.